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Is Zoe Lev Jewelry Good Quality and Worth It?

Zoe Lev Jewelry review

Zoe Lev jewelry is made of 14K gold in either yellow, rose or white color usually paved with ethically sourced natural diamonds. 14-karat gold is quite costly but one of the most durable materials for rings and other types of jewelry, the quality of Zoe Lev products is unquestionably good.

Today Zoe Lev offers quality high-end necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, charm necklaces, and charm lockets for every modern woman. We recommend checking this brand out. Paying a bit extra for high-quality authentic jewelry pieces, in the case of Zoe Lev products, worth a try.

To boot, we don’t think that Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, Alessandra Ambrosio, Serena Williams, Rita Ora, and Ariel Charnas, Khloe Kardashian, and Emily Ratajkowski would ever wear something out of a good quality range!

Is Zoe Lev Worth It?

Does Zoe Lev Have Sales & Promotions?


Zoe Lev

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When it comes to sales and discounts, this review has found that Zoe Lev doesn’t rush to lower the price of its products and rarely offers promo codes.

Of course, sometimes, loyal customers can be entitled to some exclusive discounts up to 40% off.

To not disappoint any of you, the brand actually has all-year-long free shipping for orders over $300 within the US. Plus, no one has canceled Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

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Zoe Lev Necklaces

Zoe Lev Necklaces

Keeping things simple, Zoe Lev’s collection of necklaces includes simplistic and at the same time timeless designs.

Made of 14K gold with natural diamonds, Zoe Lev necklaces are usually available in yellow, white, and rose gold colors.

Apropos of styles, Zoe Lev offers an extensive choice of chokers, chains, tennis necklaces, and necklaces with diamonds & stones.

If you want something with a personal touch, then Zoe Lev’s personalized necklace is right for you. From initials to full nameplates and tags; Zoe Lev’s collection got you covered.

If you want to go a bit more creative with your necklace, consider checking out the Charm collection. You can choose one of the golden chains and decorate it with a nameplate or different types of pendants: hearts, wings, leaves, stars, initials, Evil eyes, engraved pendants, and zodiac signs.

Fans of charm lockets can also go crazy with their fantasy. Zoe Lev offers to fill in the locket with a wide selection of tiny golden figures or pure diamonds.

In case you’ve decided to buy a Zoe Lev necklace, be ready to spend between $190 and $9.900.

Popular Zoe Lev Necklaces

  •  Diamond Initial
  • Diamond Asymmetrical Initial
  • Charm
  • Large Bezel Diamond

Zoe Lev Bracelets

Zoe Lev Bracelets

Zoe Lev bracelets are available in different styles including chains, bracelets with diamond and stones, beads, fortune bracelets, protection, and personalized bracelets.

While most of the bracelets come in 14-karat rose, yellow or white cold, the fortune collection is designed in a combination of either red, black, or navy blue with a 14K gold small pave diamond bar.

If one bracelet from Zoe Lev doesn’t feel enough, have a look at the bead collection. You can choose as many bead bracelets as you want and wear them all together at the same time. Simple yet sophisticated, these bracelets can be paired with a 5mm or 2mm wide bead necklace.

In terms of price, everyone can find something as the budget allows. The cheapest Zoe Lev bracelet sells for $65, while the most expensive one – for $3.400.

Popular Zoe Lev Bracelets

  • Gold Bead
  • Evil Eye
  • Anchor Chain
  • Red String
  • Lev Fortune

Zoe Lev Rings

Zoe Lev Rings

To be honest, you can’t actually count how many diverse rings Zoe Lev collection features.

In the best brand’s traditions, the majority of them are made of solid 14K rose, yellow or white gold, or gold combined with small natural diamonds.

From personalized rings with the first letter of your name or even with a miniature nameplate to eternity and stacking bands, protection rings, and rings with diamonds and stones – all beautiful in their own way!

You can purchase any ring from Zoe Lev collection within the $70 – $1300 price range.

Zoe Lev Earrings

Zoe Lev Earrings

If you enjoy experimenting with your ear style and got several piercings done, Zoe Lev’s collection of earrings will have your back.

With a wide selection of hoops & huggies, cuffs & crawlers, studs, drops, singles, and personalized earrings, Zoe Lev brand is definitely on the luxury fashion front.

All earrings are available in rose, yellow or white 14K gold with or without diamonds. Some models feature beautiful emerald, moonstone, or opal stones.

If you decide to invest in the same pair of earrings Chloe Kardashian wears, be ready to pay somewhere between $95 for singles and $2.200 for large hoops with diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Zoe Lev jewelry?

The first place to look for Zoe Lev jewelry is the brand’s official website. There you will definitely find the widest range of their products. Besides zoelev.com, selected brand items are available in Bloomingdale’s, Amazon, Etsy, Neiman Marcus, Maisonette, Brian & Nick, and Lyst.

Where is Zoe Lev located?

Zoe Lev brand is located in Los Angeles, CA, and sells its jewelry online on zoelev.com or locally across the US in luxury store chains Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.


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