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Store Name: Wayfair

Store Description: Wayfair maintains leading positions in the furniture and home goods retail business. Since they’re working with thousands and millions of suppliers, they can make sure that their catalog is one of the biggest among the US stores. Shopping with Wayfair is like visiting thousands of store just using your laptop and surfing one website. Those who want to furnish and decorate the whole house in one place will be happy with the offered variety of home products available at Wayfair.

Price range: high-end, low-end, and mid-end

Telephone: 877-929-3247


If you’re looking for good quality furniture at an affordable price, Wayfair is a great option. With a wide variety of furniture to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs and budget. Delivery service is also reliable, so you can be confident that your purchase will arrive on time.



  • They work with every type of budget
  • Widest range of products available among home goods retailers
  • They work with millions of distributors ensuring you have access to everything you need
  • Lots of sales and special discounts


  • It’s hard to perform quality control when you sell more than 10 mln products
  • Their site is not easy to navigate, the interface is complicated when it comes to checking out and product option selection
  • They have shipping restrictions to some states (see shipping details)

Is Wayfair a legit company?

Yes. Wayfair is a legitimate company that has been in business since 2002. The company sells home goods, furniture, and appliances online and has several features to help shoppers visualize products in their home. Wayfair is a reputable company with safe practices surrounding shopping, shipping, and consumer privacy.

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Editorial rating

Product quality★★★★ (4)
Wayfair offers lots of high-quality products, but make sure you review the brand and distributor carefully to receive what you expect. Since Wayfair is a store that offers more than 10 mln products, it may be hard for them to perform a quality check of every product they sell as a retailer. The average user review confirms that the quality of the offered products is good.
Delivery★★★★ (4)
Please note that they do not ship to P.O. boxes and military APOs. Usually, it takes 2-4 days for the product to be delivered depending on the state you live in. This is considered a reasonable turn-around period.
Value for money★★★★★ (5)
It depends on the niche you’re shopping for. Since they offer products fitting any budget, some of them can seem pricey but have great value. Some cheap alternatives may seem shady to you, but their affordability compensates that.
Website ease of use★★★ (3)
We found the Wayfair website not convenient enough for an average user. The user interface is not very friendly, choosing a product option is a messy process, and you always have lots of information on the screen. Sometimes your eyes will get tired from the number of interface elements placed on the screen.
Product information★★★★ (4)
Since they have millions of products, sometimes you won’t find vital information on specific items in the store. However, the most popular items include everything you may need as a client.
Product images★★★★★ (5)
Usually, Wayfair items have around 8-10 high-resolution images available in the product gallery.
Product options★★★★ (4)
Wayfair is not a store that offers you fully-customizable furniture. If you want a custom-designed piece, your best bet will be Joybird. You can find a Joybird review on our website as well. However, most of the furniture pieces and decor elements have a few colors or material options available to choose from.
Support★★★★ (4)
They offer phone support and email customer service help.
  • Mon – Fri: 8AM – midnight
  • Sat: 8AM – 8PM
  • Sun: 9AM – 6PM
All times Eastern You can reach them at service@wayfair.com. Unfortunately, they do not offer live chat support.
Warranty★★★ (3)
Some products simply do not have any warranty information. Considering the number of in-stock items, it makes sense. However, it’s very inconvenient. You’ll have to contact their support center to confirm the warranty info most of the time.
Returns & Refunds★★★★ (4)
Wayfair accepts returns within 30 days of delivery if you’re not happy with your product. The product should be returned in the original packaging and original condition. They have a few returns restrictions: products like clearance items, gift cards, personalized items, and all items with the ‘non-refundable’ label cannot be accepted back. Once you return a product, you can get a refund to your original payment method or use the refund as store credit on Wayfair for your future purchases.
Discounts/coupons★★★★★ (5)
They have a special daily sales section that allows you to save big on home goods shopping. It’s a massive advantage among other stores.
Payment options★★★★ (4)
You can pay with your Credit Card, PayPal, or apply your Wayfair Credit Card.


We recommend/not recommend you if

Why is Wayfair so cheap?

There are a number of reasons why Wayfair is able to offer such competitive prices on their furniture and home goods. Firstly, because they are an online-only retailer they don’t have the same overhead costs as traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Secondly, Wayfair doesn’t actually stock any products themselves but rather works with thousands of furniture companies.

Reviews of the best-selling sofas at Wayfair

Ibiza 56.3” Flared Arm Loveseat

“This sofa is a great choice for those who prefer a firmer sitting experience. After a few months of use, it may become slightly softer, but it still looks great in my living room. I have a blanket over it to protect it from my kids, but I’ll eventually get a cover for it.”

“When I first got this sofa, it was easy enough for me to assemble on my own and nothing about the process seemed too complicated. Over two years later though after having had some problems with cushions losing their fullness quickly as well as feeling narrow-like there’s a back further forward than what is comfortable, not only do these issues still exist but they’ve become more apparent”

Polaris 83.85” Sofa

“This sofa is the perfect compliment for our family room. It’s a creamy winter white, which is what we were hoping for. The Boucle is forgiving and it makes it look more high end expensive in our opinion. It has a fairly deep seating, but if you remove the back cushions it’s perfect for lounging.”

Perdue 81.5” Square Arm Sleeper

“If you’re in the market for a new futon, this couch a is a great option to consider but this sofa is extremely firm, so if that’s not your thing, you might want to look into something else. It’s also very easy to assemble I was able to put it together myself in about an hour and a half.”

“I’m really happy with my Perdue sofa. It’s been six months since I bought it and it’s still in great condition. It’s a bit firmer than I would like, but it’s still comfortable enough for naps. The mustard yellow color is beautiful and vibrant. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase”

Customer reviews

Based on 434 reviews
Alan Hotchy
Alan Hotchy
15:31 14 Nov 21
Well I did not physically visit a store I did order furniture from them and for the price on incredibly pleased
Saleena piano
Saleena piano
22:38 07 Oct 21
I am shocked and saddened by all these bad reviews. My experience has been nothing but positive, and the customer service reps bend over backwards to help you. Once there was a minute problem with a coffee table; they told me to give it away and they will credit me, which they did. The products are generally of good quality, arrive in timely fashion; I'm able to easily return things for free if I don't like it, or it doesn't go with my decor, but am generally pleased with most of the items I buy. I would highly recommend this site for medium priced good quality household items
Traveler Bill
Traveler Bill
20:51 19 Aug 21
THIS IS NOT A RETAIL LOCATION. Really like shopping at Wayfare and their excellent online service, but be aware that this location is not the location of a consumer store. Based on its presence in Google maps we went way far out of our way to look at things we are considering ordering online only to find nothing here.
Marisol Márquez
Marisol Márquez
03:17 14 Jul 21
You can always find quality treasures on Wayfair.ca at a reasonable price. And if ever you aren't satisfied, Wayfair.ca has a great return policy that is easily managed. Here is one of the items I've purchased.Labarbera 51" H x 15.7" W Cube BookcaseHeight and width was perfect for the spot I needed to fill. It's two shelves allows for some decor, like books as was my option, with a closed cabinet to put items away that don't need to be displayed.The disappointing factor is that the cabinet isn't truly white. Plus the stickers provided to cover the screws are a different tone of white, so they aren't really hidden or disguised. And the door of the closed cabinet is actually brown and not grey as was told to me by Ceska O when I specifically reached out to confirm before placing my order.Completely false advertising on the part of Wayfair. Now that it's all built and put in its place, I don't have the patience to dismantle it and return it, which is probably what Wayfair was counting on.So, if you want a white bookcase with grey spayed legs and a grey cabinet door, this is not the product for you.
Jacqueline Block
Jacqueline Block
12:55 30 Apr 21
Love my new brushed stainless steel Mikell 3 piece "coffee table & end table" set. It arrived securely packed, assembled and it looks gorgeous. All pieces are heavy and well made. The 2 end tables look great with my light grey, huge, deep seated, modern sofa. I get so many compliments on this design. Love!!!!
Jacqueline Block
Jacqueline Block
11:41 28 Apr 21
Love my new brushed stainless steel 3 piece "coffee table & end table" set. It arrived securely packed, assembled and it looks gorgeous. All pieces are heavy and well made. The 2 end tables look great with my light grey, huge, deep seated, modern sofa. I get so many compliments on this design. Love!!!!
Adan Hendrie
Adan Hendrie
00:31 03 Mar 21
After trying to get missing parts for a gazebo, I counted 10 incidents where Wayfair said one thing and did the opposite, deliberately delaying the parts each time, a huge red flag. Buyers, be careful. They definitely do not live up to their standards and reputation.Follow-up: issue was resolved at the executive level. They were understanding and we came to an agreement where I kept the incomplete gazebo and got partial credit.
Salvatore Castiglia
Salvatore Castiglia
12:32 19 May 20
I received a leather recliner chair which was defective..Ashly S., from New York, was my customer service representative and let me tell you she was the BEST! servicer rep. I've ever had in my life ....not only did she help me with my refund , she also helped guide me through the process of receiving and answering a link she sent. I will order from Wayfair again & again , and strongly recommend to others to do do the same.
Carly Olynyk
Carly Olynyk
20:23 31 Jan 20
I've ordered half a dozen pieces of furniture from Wayfair and each time I have had an excellent experience. Their customer service is outstanding and refreshing to deal with. Wayfair makes their customers feel cared for. Well done and I will be purchasing from you again in the future.
Jim Carneal
Jim Carneal
14:33 07 Jan 20
Item was not received by quoted delivery date and numerous calls to customer service involved wrong information and not receiving promises callbacks. In addition unable to track second carton of shipment for days. Still not sure item will arrive in time for grandkids Christmas . Unbelievable they had no way to track? Finally they found item and both cartons were together on same pallet. Customer service did grant a good partial refund on the purchase so they finally did a good job of satisfying the customer.
Mariana Rakiteansky
Mariana Rakiteansky
12:03 30 Oct 19
A BIG showt out to Amber C. for outstanding costumer service! Amber quickly replied and fixed my order without any fuss. As an outcome I didnt need to return my item and will definitely buy again. Thank you Amber C!
Shah J.
Shah J.
12:27 18 Sep 19
I am not sure what is up with all these bad reviews. We order things from Wayfair and they show up very quickly, usually within a few days. (Couches,...
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee
16:21 24 Jul 19
Product hasn't arrived yet, but would buy again based on customer service.Durety & Darren in customer service are a gem! They were absolutely satisfying to deal with! It is my first time experience dealing with Wayfair. I decided to buy a reclining sofa from them. However, once I went back to the website, there was a minor price difference from the day before. Not only did Durety price match and adjust it for me but Darren also honored a first time customer coupon of 10%. Both of them have saved me money and I am completely satisfied with Wayfair thus far. This is a prime example of outstanding customer service to customers.
Angela G.
Angela G.
14:36 11 Jul 19
Am currently building my new office and needed some furniture asap.I looked around and found this beautiful desk, decently prized and a good size. I...
14:06 13 Jun 19
I was able to visit the offices on a recent trip, and the thing that struck me the most (aside from the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and the multiple clean, well-stocked kitchens), were the corporate messages on the walls. It is one thing to have a kitchenette in an office setting, it's another thing to put the kind of thought and care into the lives of the people who actually work in those offices. I come from a corporate world where saying you don't understand something, you forgot, make a mistake, or say no, is not just frowned upon, it colors everything you do forevermore. Not at Wayfair. Their approach is carefully and thoughtfully conscious that there are human beings working...and that humans making a mistake or forgetting does not render them useless. I would gladly work with people who believe, "it's okay to have off-days" instead of the mindless automaton yes-men expected in most corporate settings.
M Smith
M Smith
21:05 07 Mar 19
Wayfair is FANTASTIC. i don't usually write reviews, but Wayfair is a great company to do business with. I have been buying from them for many years. Their products are superior, their prices are very competitive, and they have wonderful customer service. The free shipping is "a game changer", and also, if you just change your mind, you can return the item for free. I have found things on Wayfair that were nowhere else on the internet or if they were, Wayfair had a cheaper price. For 2018 Christmas, I bought a fantastic white artificial Christmas tree that I didn't see anywhere else on line. It was even better than the photo. I highly recommend them!
Elizabeth Vitale
Elizabeth Vitale
22:55 13 Feb 19
I absolutely love Wayfair. Customer Service is excellent. Product variety is fun to wander through. I feel like part of the Wayfair family. Delivery is quite fast. I check Wayfair often for sales and special items. My Wayfair apartment is colorful and warm. I suggest everyone become a Wayfair shopper.
Elizabeth Vitale
Elizabeth Vitale
22:55 13 Feb 19
I absolutely love Wayfair. Customer Service is excellent. Product variety is fun to wander through. I feel like part of the Wayfair family. Delivery is quite fast. I check Wayfair often for sales and special items. My Wayfair apartment is colorful and warm. I suggest everyone become a Wayfair shopper.
Nitin Garg
Nitin Garg
15:34 07 Jul 18
Great place to work. Lots of good people to work with.

Product range

You can find everything starting from rugs, pillows, and decor elements to kid’s storage units and even renovation supplies. One of the Wayfair store benefits is that they not just provide you with the furniture and home goods, they also give you access to renovation materials like wall tiles, flooring, bathroom fixtures, etc. Basically, you can perform home maintenance and apply interior design changes using just one website.

They have more than 10 mln products available on the website it’s your gateway to the biggest home goods suppliers. You may find high-end, low-end, and mid-end products all on Wayfair. This store covers all available niches of affordability.

What makes this store good

A huge number of available products

We believe it’s safe to assume that Wayfair can be named the biggest retailer of home goods in the US. Having access to millions of products is crucial while furniture hunting and Wayfair will help you with that.

Good sales and discounts

As big retailers usually do, Wayfair runs lots and lots of promotions. They offer 75% discounts for the 4-th of July, special discounts for signing up on their website or subscribing to their newsletter. They also have a special sales section where you can see all the discounted products. As a Wayfair’s client, you can simply hunt for the best price and save big on home goods.

Wayfair Store

Affordable for anyone

Wayfair is for everyone. They offer products from low-end, high-end, and mid-end markets. This means that no matter the budget, you’ll always find something right for you and your home.

Free shipping for orders over $49

They have a low minimum order amount, so most of the time you won’t have to care about the shipping costs.


The prices vary due to the wide distributor and product selection. We want to highlight the prices for the most popular items:

  • Sofas starting with $150
  • Beds starting with $86
  • Coffee tables starting with $26
  • Doormats starting with $5
  • Wall mirrors starting with $25
  • Chandeliers starting with $20
  • Dining tables starting with $86

If you are looking for home furnishings, check out our reviews of other popular furniture brands:


1Do I need to sign up to make a purchase?

You don’t need to sign up in order to check out. However, you should consider getting an account with Wayfair since they have an affordable exclusive membership offers that includes lots of free services like 1-day shipping, 25% discount on design services, etc.

2Can I track my order after the purchase?

You can look up your order number and check the tracking number after the purchase.

3Do they provide tracking numbers for the shipped packages?

You’ll find the tracking number in your order account and the email box.

4What delivery services do they use?

They use the UPS and FedEx services to ship small items and specialized freight carriers to ship large products.

5Do they have location restrictions?

They state that additional shipping restrictions can be applied to those living in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

6Do they offer gift cards?

They offer beautifully designed gift card (and you can actually choose a design you like) and send them by email to the recipient. The maximum gift card amount is $500, but you can always contact their support center to check for a larger amount of card.

About author

Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
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