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Pros & Cons Based on Customer Reviews


  • Vintage Boho products are of excellent quality and are durable, according to many customer reviews
  • The custom design of Louis Vuitton handbags with leather details and accessories give them a unique boho appearance
  • Guarantees the authenticity of all its products, which are vintage pre-owned LV bags repurposed using premium leather and other details
  • Customer support is known to be responsive and helpful; customers can expect to receive prompt and efficient assistance with any issues they encounter
  • Offers discounts and promotions – including a referral program that rewards customers for inviting friends to shop at the site


  • While the Vintage Boho bags are more affordable than brand-new LV handbags, they still come with a higher price tag than some customers may be comfortable with.
  • Their collection has a limited range, which may not meet the needs of certain shoppers who are looking for a wider selection
  • The exclusivity of their products means that some items may sell out quickly, leaving some customers disappointed
  • It is not affiliated with Louis
  • Vuitton in any way, which may be a concern for some customers

Top Review

Haley Bree: “The bag came with the little charm on it, and then I got the black and the brown fringe. You can get a bunch of different types of fringe – but this is one I picked. And the purse I wanted was actually sold out!

This wasn’t my first choice, but all their stuff from the flash sale sells out really quickly. The quality of this fringe is really good; it’s very thick, and there are two layers – so they do it there, and then they do it under there – so it’s a very thick-looking.

It doesn’t look sparse, and I love the little crystals they put on their bags. It’s like 12 inches long; It’s really good quality!

The canvas on the Louis Vuitton looks pretty much new. It’s a little bit bent but other than that; it’s in really good condition, and then their straps are hand woven, I actually wish this strap was black to match the black here and the black here, not tan, but that’s okay. This is actually really big.

I got this at the flash sale. I believe I got it for 530, I think, and there was a 10 USD off coupon that I used – but I think that it was 530 dollars with the coupon. They do tons of updates on there.

The flash sales are definitely the time to get the best deal if you’re looking at one of these.”

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