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What Is Vancaro: Is It a Legit Company?

Vancaro review

Vancaro is a company that creates beautiful jewelry for both women and men. Focusing mostly on rings and necklaces, Vancaro wants to help shoppers commemorate special events and relationships without having to spend thousands of dollars. The company carries affordable silver pieces that look like more luxurious metals. So, there’s a suitable option for everyone looking to save a bit more on quality jewelry.

Vancaro was founded in 2008 by Lynlin Vancaro and her husband. The couple wanted to create elegant and stylish pieces to help others convey their love. Each Vancaro ring and necklace has a creative design and uses the most exquisite craftsmanship. Therefore, shoppers can be sure that they will receive a unique piece that can boast of exceptional quality.

Vancaro has over 2 million followers on Facebook and thousands of happy reviews online. Needless to say, it’s a legit brand that’s safe to buy from.

Vancaro Customer Reviews & Ratings


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Hesitant shoppers can relax, as there are thousands of Vancaro reviews online, proving that this company is worth purchasing from. Vancaro has a 4.9-star rating on Reseller Ratings and a 4.7 rating on TrustPilot.

Countless shoppers praise Vancaro’s quality, noting that the company’s jewelry is beautifully made and offers excellent value for money –

“I ordered my wife the moon and the stars, amazing quality, truly beautiful, I have ordered many pieces and was never displeased” (source)


“Everything I have ever bought from Vancaro has been excellent quality and I love every piece.”

Many clients also appreciate Vancaro’s customer service, which makes many shoppers come back for more jewelry pieces –

“I accidentally ordered 2 of the same ring and I quickly notified the company, and they fixed the error the next day and issued a refund. They were very quick to respond and were very helpful. Also, they gave updates for every step of the process, even shipping updates, which other companies oftentimes just leave up to the shipping company.”

As for the complaints, most of them revolve around shipping issues and delays. That being said, many delivery companies face delays these days, which isn’t necessarily Vancaro’s fault.

Vancaro Promotions, Discounts & Coupon Codes

Vancaro regularly has holiday sales (the closest one is Valentine’s Day sale), so shoppers often have a chance to save more.

The company also has a big Clearance section with discounts of up to 79%. The items in this segment change frequently, so shoppers might want to check Vancaro’s website from time to time to find exactly what they need (and for a good price).

Vancaro Wedding Ring Set

Vancaro Wedding Ring Set review

Vancaro’s engagement rings are among the company’s absolute best sellers. This particular set is a perfect option for those who prefer elegant, classic designs. The look of these rings is timeless, so they will never go out of fashion.

The engagement ring is combined with the princess cut white cubic zirconia, featuring two white zirconia stones at the sides. The rings feature high polish and, consequently, look more expensive than they really are. This set by Vancaro uses top-quality 925 sterling silver, offering excellent value for money without sacrificing the stylish, expensive looks.

Black Skull Engagement Ring

Black Skull Engagement Ring review

For shoppers looking for something unusual to highlight their unique style, there’s the Black Skull ring. This engagement ring uses international-standard 925 sterling silver plated with black to achieve its out-and-outer design. The ring also has a red heart-shaped zirconia stone at the top, plus a constellation of white zirconia at the side. The smaller stones are arranged in the shape of a lotus, as a symbol of new beginnings, hope, and divine beauty.

Customers appreciate the attention to detail in this ring, noting that every little component is perfectly made – “Everything about the ring is stunning and done really well. I get complimented on it daily.”

Shoppers also note that the Black Skull engagement rings hold up rather well with regular wear – “The ring is great quality. I don’t take my rings off and it has held up great!” (source)

Vancaro Necklaces

vacnaro necklaces

Vancaro offers over 100 necklaces, so there’s certainly a suitable design for everyone. The company includes necklaces for men and women, although there are significantly more female designs. Customers can choose among various styles, including hearts, skulls, animalistic designs, nature motives, letters, vintage pieces, and more. There are also special collections like Nightmare Before Christmas for ultimate fans.

While the number of available designs can be somewhat overwhelming, Vancaro makes shopping as smooth as possible. Customers can filter through the necklaces based on gender, preferred style, color, shape, stone type, occasion, and more. Most necklaces are made using copper, but there are also models featuring 925 sterling silver, titanium steel, and tungsten steel.

Vancaro Men’s Rings

Vancaro Men’s Rings

There are over 20 rings for men on Vancaro’s official website. Even though the number of items might seem somewhat limited (especially compared to women’s rings), this section covers a variety of styles and designs. Chances are, there’s a perfect ring for any man.

They are made with titanium steel and 925 sterling silver. The most popular colors are gold and black, but shoppers can also find silver rings and multi-colored models.

Customers note that Vancaro men’s rings look like experience jewelry in real life (despite their attractive price) and hold up well with time –

“Looks indistinguishable from a real gold ring. Very happy with the purchase”


“My job requires frequent use of my hands. So far it has passed the test. Will definitely recommend it to anyone.

Vancaro Shipping

The company ships across the US and around the world, but only to a select few countries. Vancaro offers free Super Saver shipping on all orders less than 1 kg. It typically takes around 8-12 working days.

There’s also a faster method – Express Shipping – that takes about 5-8 business days. However, this delivery method is not available for all international orders. Customers will see the list of countries upon check-out. International clients need to remember that they will be responsible for the customs fees.

Vancaro will provide shipping updates along the way, so shoppers don’t have to track their orders on the shipping company’s website.

Vancaro Return Policy

Customers can change their minds and cancel regular orders, but only within 2 hours from making a purchase. They will not have to pay any restocking fees in this case. Shoppers need to go to the order page and choose “Cancel order”. The confirmation will be sent to their email.
After 2 hours, shoppers will have to pay a small restocking fee when canceling the order.

Vancaro also allows its customers to return jewelry that wasn’t engraved within 30 days from the delivery date. The pieces must be in their original condition, unused and unscratched. Shoppers should also use the original packaging. Vancaro customers can choose between a full refund, store credit, and an exchange. However, they will have to pay shipping and handling fees.

If there’s a manufacturing defect, damage caused during delivery, or order errors (wrong size or color, for example), customers must contact the company within 3 days after the delivery date.
To apply for a return, customers need to contact Vancaro at

Vancaro’s The Most Popular Jewelries

  • skull ring
  • rose ring
  • promise rings
  • princess ring
  • batman rings
  • angel wing ring

Verdict: Is Vancaro Worth It?

The combination of quality and affordability makes Vancaro worth buying. Additionally, the company offers a wide variety of products and an impressive level of customization, making sure that every customer can find exactly what they need. Needless to say, such an approach makes Vancaro worth every penny.


Where to buy Vancaro rings?

Vancaro rings are available on the company’s official website, Amazon, and Poshmark.

Where is Vancaro located?

The company is headquartered in California, USA.

Where is Vancaro jewelry made?

Vancaro’s jewelry is designed and made in the US, but the company also has production in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand.

How good of quality is Vancaro jewelry?

Vancaro jewelry is well-made and has high ratings online. Of course, sometimes customers receive defective items (as it always happens with such a huge number of orders). However, such occurrences are relatively rare, and Vancaro can boast of exceptional product quality in most cases.

How to return Vancaro jewelry?

Customers have 30 days to apply for a return. All they have to do is contact Vancaro at

Who makes Vancaro rings?

Vancaro rings are designed and made in the US, but there are also manufacturing sites in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Is Vancaro real silver?

Yes, Vancaro uses 925 sterling silver to make rings and other jewelry.


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