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Customer Satisfaction: 6.2/10

Category: Clothing & Accessories Stores

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Pros & Cons Based on Customer Reviews


  • Easy to use website, with a clear product search and filter options
  • Wide selection of products with new additions all the time
  • Free 1-3 Day ground shipping, Free 2 Day Amazon Prime shipping for US customers
  • Reliable payment options
  • Great customer service team available via phone, email, or live chat to help with any issues or queries you might have
  • Many items are Amazon Prime eligible
  • Reliable refund service (7 days)
  • Great discounts and sales
  • Offers gift cards from $25 to $2500
  • Easy returns within 30 days (Returns within 15 days or less with no additional cost)


  • Prices are higher than average due to their designer curation process
  • Shopbop does not offer physical stores in most locations
  • Shipping times can take longer than desired
  • Shopbop doesn’t provide products exchanges

Top Review

Have Clothes, Will Travel: “Shopbop is owned by Amazon which means that you can hook up your amazon prime membership and get the same benefits for shipping as you would with amazon.

The order that I’m going to be showing you today is the first order that I’ve ever placed with Shopbop. I got Cult Gaia sandals. I love them.

They have this invisible heel which is super trippy to look at love it but this is so disappointing somebody had to have had these shoes before me or at least I hope that was the case.

These straps are already fraying right here. There are also toe indents in these shoes because somebody had worn them enough to make a tow indent which is very disappointing.

I’m going to exchange them for the exact same pair. Shopbop doesn’t actually let you do exchanges what they want you to do is just return your item and then buy whatever that you wanted it to exchange it for but I had bought these sandals on sale.

If I were to buy them again now I would have to pay full price for them which I didn’t want to do. So I sent an email to Shopbop customer service to let them know my issue and they got back to me within a few hours and they were super apologetic.

They sent me a replacement pair right then. I was just another random customer; it was a very good customer service experience and I was really impressed with it.

Also, something to note about Shopbop returns if you don’t return it within 15 days they will charge you an extra 10 off of your return.

I am super happy with my replacement sandals. I can’t wait to get some more use out of them this summer. I am super impressed with how Shopbop customer service handled this.

Situation despite getting off to a bit of a bumpy start their customer service did make up for it I was very happy with how well they handled the situation and how quickly they handled the situation as well.

Because of this, I am willing to try shopping with Shopbop again in the future.”

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