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We did a detailed analysis of Ryderwear reviews on YouTube, Trustpilot, Reddit, examining all the advantages and disadvantages of the company. 

Below you will find answers to the most frequent questions: Is Ryderwear legit? What do users say about their experience? How long does Ryderwear’s shipping take, and how much does it cost?

Overview of Ryderwear

Ryderwear is a legitimate Australian activewear brand that creates comfortable and durable clothing pieces for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Ryderwear’s items offer an average level of quality, with some buyers finding the waistband seam of their shorts and leggings unappealing. Nevertheless, they are still great to buy. [1]

Tip: Always buy a top slightly larger than your size. For example, if your size is 37 inches, order a large one because if you order a medium, it will hug your ribcage a bit too much. [2]

Ryderwear offers multiple shipping options. Express shipping  takes around 3-7 business days. But sometimes you can wait around 3 weeks for the shipping.

Priority shipping is $9.95 (free for purchases over $120). It usually takes 4-10 working days. The company also requires extra 1-3 business days to prepare and dispatch orders.

Ryderwear gives customers up to 60 days to return their purchases. They can get a refund or store credit. Returns are free if shoppers choose store credit. If they want a refund, Ryderwear customers will have to pay $5.95 for the shipping label. Refunds typically take up to 14 business days.

Ryderwear Customer Reviews

Kathryn Mueller:

“Ryderwear’s leggings are quite thin though and definitely a very light compression, so they don’t really remind me of like a gym shark seamless legging or anything that has a lot of compression. They’re very high-waisted, I don’t love to have to roll down my leggings but even with these like if I roll them down a little bit. They’re just like super stretchy.

I’m not really sure it actually enhances the glutes but because these are so stretchy and very form-fitting, they are very flattering on your glutes I’d say medium-high on the booty scale, they have a little bit of texture as well, so you might get a little bit of cellulite coverage.”

Kris Gethin:

“The reason why I wear Ryderwear shoes it’s because of the support that I get from them. The support around the ankles is very important for me, because I got very skinny ankles. You can wear them outside for fashionable purposes, but I’m usually just wearing them in the gym.”

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Ryderwear’s Top Picks

Scrunch Bum Leggings

The Scrunch Bum collection by Ryderwear is fitness leggings with a high-waisted design and the accentuated scrunch bum detail that makes them look flattering on everyone.

Using quality four-way stretch fabric, these leggings accentuate the curves and give support where it’s needed. They are suited for yoga, pilates, gym, and dance classes. Sizes range from XS to XL. There’s also an impressive variety of colors to choose from, ensuring that there’s a perfect option for any shopper.

With an average rating of 4.5 stars, the Scrunch Bum leggings are among the most popular items by Ryderwear.

Lifting Shoes

Weightlifting shoes by Ryderwear are made of quality lightweight fabrics (both leather and faux options available), ensuring a comfortable fit. The interior is padded to make sure even longer workouts don’t lead to discomfort. These lifting shoes also provide extra support around the ankles. This means increased comfort and safety.

Lifting shoes by Ryderwear are available in both men’s and women’s styles. The sizes run from US5 to US15. There are also multiple color and design options, from classic black to bright, bold colors. The average rating of lighting shoes by Ryderwear is 4.5 stars, proving that they live up to expectations.

Freestyle Seamless

The Freestyle Seamless collection by Ryderwear is comfortable workout clothes designed for optimal ease of movement. Each item is made using the company’s seamless technology, ensuring a comfortable fit regardless of the activity.

These workout clothes use breathable fabrics to keep Ryderwear customers cool during workouts. Increased breathability also means that the items from the Freestyle Seamless collection take less time to get dry (good news for people who hate getting too sweaty).

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Ryderwear’s sports shorts are suited for various activities, from yoga to more intense workouts like CrossFit. These high-waisted shorts have a flattering fit, enhancing the curves and supporting the tummy. They are also lightweight and feel super soft against the body.

The shorts by Ryderwear are available in a wide range of colors, from minimalist black to eye-catching designs. They are available in sizes from XS to XL. Using the quality four-way stretch fabric, shorts by Ryderwear can adjust to one’s curves, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit without feeling restricting.

Ryderwear vs Gymshark

Both Ryderwear and Gymshark offer good quality, using thick, stretchy fabrics that feel pretty durable.

That being said, Rydewear pieces tend to be slightly thinner. This makes them more breathable but less supportive, while Gymshark clothes feel more snug.

Shoppers also note that clothing by Ryderwear often looks more flattering. Gymshark items tend to run a little small and can end up rolling up or pressed too much into the skin.

As far as the prices go, Ryderwear and Gymshark are in similar categories. That being said, some shoppers agree that it’s better to get Rederwear pieces when they are on sale, as some of the items are too pricey for the quality.

Ryderwear vs Otomix

Otomix is famous for its lifting shoes that have an old-school design and can boast of excellent quality. That being said, many shoppers note that shoes by Otomix may lack padding on the inside. Ryderwear’s lifting shoes, however, are nicely padded and more suited for longer workouts.

As for sports clothes, Ryderwear has a wider variety to offer. Additionally, many shoppers note that Otomix’s clothing looks too old-fashioned. Ryderwear’s sports clothes, however, look more flattering, giving many shoppers a big confidence boost. 


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