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Rating 3.8

Customer Satisfaction: 7.7/10

Category: Clothing & Accessories Stores

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  • The quality of the products offered by Huckberry is high, making them ideal for all types of outdoor activities
  • Huckberry has an array of unique designs and styles to choose from.
  • Whether you’re looking for something casual or more sophisticated, they have it all
  • With a wide selection of clothing, camping gear, home goods, and other items – there’s something for everyone who enjoys the outdoors at Huckberry
  • Many products offered by Huckberry are made from sustainable materials that help reduce environmental impact while still providing high-performance gear


  • Some items may cost more than what shoppers can find elsewhere due to their higher quality or specialized design elements
  • While their online selection is vast, there are limited items available in stores
  • Due to the limited production run on some items, it may be difficult to get your hands on certain pieces due to their popularity or low supply levels for specific sizes or colorways

Top Review

The Iron Snail:“I already have a Gore-Tex jacket. It is actually very water-resistant.

A lot of people will say if you’re out in just an absolute downpour – it will soak through but I’ve done plenty of shower tests and it’s been good; so far it is very water resistant and this fabric is both made and waxed in New Jersey – the actual wax fabric.

It is a seven-ounce Martexin waxed sailcloth, made with an Oxford weave.

It’s made out of 100 polyester and people in this genre of clothing or style and paying these prices usually like to go all natural Fabrics or a wool Rich Blend which would be at least 50 wool.

In this case, I think they’re using polyester because it’s the closest synthetic equivalent to wool that’s why I think they’re using it also it probably lowers the price which is why you can get a lined wax jacket for 265 dollars as opposed to like 400 or more.

It fits me generally well. I would say go true to size and you’ll be totally fine. It’s also made so that way you can toss something under it and be fine.

Eventually, after you wear your jacket for a season maybe two maybe three depending on how often you wear it you’ll need to re-wax it because your jacket will slowly lose water-resistant deficiency water resistance.

So you need to get some wax and reapply it, which is sometimes a huge pain.”


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