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Is Hammitt a Luxury and Good Brand?

Hammitt review

Hammitt was founded in 2008. Since then, the company has been driven by the idea of creating top-quality, luxurious bags and accessories to help its customers express their unique styles and feel their best while doing so.

Hammitt’s customers enjoy not only beautiful leather handbags, wallets, and purses. They also benefit from a safe shopping experience. Hammitt is a legitimate company that has over 36K followers on Facebook, more than 140K followers on Instagram, and thousands of happy customers. The company also has a lifetime warranty on hardware and zippers, proving that Hammitt truly stands behind its products. Needless to say, this brand is worth the money.

Why Are Hammitt Bags So Expensive?

Hammitt Bags

There are several reasons why Hammitt bags and other accessories belong to a pricier category. First of all, the company uses only top-notch leather and hardware. Its bags and purses are extremely durable. By investing in one bag, shoppers can be sure that it will serve them for years to come. Naturally, quality always costs more.

It’s also worth mentioning that Hammitt always follows current trends and ensures customers get only stylish, season-appropriate pieces. Hammitt regularly comes up with new collections that feature all the latest trends. Plus, the company can boast of an impressive range of products. This means every shopper has a chance to find exactly what they need.

Prices are also dictated by demand, and Hammitt has no problems with that. These bags and purses are very popular, thanks to their design and quality. At the same time, Hammitt cannot make too many items due to the material quality and exquisite craftsmanship. In other words, shoppers want Hammitt bags but there aren’t enough models for everyone. That’s why the company can set higher prices – to be able to make more bags and satisfy the growing demand.

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Despite a higher than average price tag, Hammitt does offer a few ways for shoppers to save on their purchases.

First of all, customers can get access to exclusive sales by subscribing to the company’s email newsletter.

Additionally, Hammitt often offers complimentary gifts with some products, which shows how attentive to details this brand is.

But the most exciting service is the Rivett Club. By becoming a member, Hammitt customers can earn points with every purchase and then redeem those points and receive rewards (attractive discounts, early access to sales, exclusive shopping events, etc.). Shoppers can also get points for writing reviews, signing up for a text newsletter, following the company on Instagram, and more. Customers will also receive extra points on their birthdays.

Hammitt clients can also participate in a Friend Referral program. Every new customer will get 400 points after placing their first order of $150+. And Hammitt customers will get 400 points for each successful referral.

Hammitt Customer Reviews & Ratings

Hammitt Customer Reviews

There are hundreds of Hammitt reviews all across the web and on the company’s official website. Most items by Hammitt have a very high rating (4-5 stars), proving that the company strives to achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Now, countless shoppers say that purses and bags by Hammitt look incredibly stylish, well-made, and expensive in real life:

“I’m not easily impressed, but when I removed it from the protective bag I said out loud “This is gorgeous!” The leather is soft and supple and the construction is top-notch. The style is fabulous, too!” (source)


“This bag feels like luxury! I love the hardware on it and the leather is super soft.” 

Many customers are also extremely happy with Hammitt’s customer service:

“The customer service and quality of products you will receive when you do business and give your money to this company are greater than any other company I’ve ever dealt with. I would recommend this company to anyone anywhere! And I will definitely be buying from them again in the future!”

It’s also worth noting that readers can find a few complaints among Hammitt reviews. Most unhappy customers say that they were disappointed with the size of the products they have ordered. For some, the medium size was too small, while the large option was overly big. However, this issue is fully subjective and depends on each shopper’s personal preferences.

Quick Links

Tote Bags

Hammitt Tote Bags review

Tote bags by Hammitt combine fashion and practicality. These bags are spacious enough to hold everything one might need (and a bit more). At the same time, they look beautiful and trendy.

These tote bags are made using genuine leather. Prices start at $395. It’s also worth noting that Hammitt offers a wide range of options suited for almost any style. This collection includes various shapes and colors, both classy shades and trendy, bold designs.

Of course, customers often praise the quality of the tote bags by Hammitt (both the leather and the hardware):

“I love the soft and luxe leather on this bag! The gunmetal hardware makes it look so classy and chic. I wore it to a friend’s wedding this past weekend and had multiple compliments.”

Handbags & Clutches

Hammitt Handbags review

Hammitt carries a wide selection of clutches and stylish evening bags. Many of them are available in multiple sizes to meet different shoppers’ needs. Prices start at $195.

Many models come with a set of two handles, allowing for improved versatility in use. It’s also worth mentioning that this category covers multiple styles and designs. Each clutch is unique and can easily spruce up one’s outfit. Most models also have extra pockets and compartments inside, making it super easy for Hammitt customers to keep their belongings organized.

Customers praise the construction and the quality of these clutches, which proves that guys at Hammitt put extra care into their products:

“This is a dream come true bag for me. It is beautiful and lightweight yet holds everything I need.”

Leather Crossbody Bags

Hammitt Leather Crossbody Bags review

Guys at Hammitt realize that there’s hardly anything more convenient than a crossbody bag. That’s why this brand offers an impressive selection and various designs to help every shopper find exactly what they want. Prices start at $195.

Crossbody bags by Hammitt are available in various sizes. Smaller models are suited for both daily wear and special occasions, making them very versatile. Many of them can be used as belt purses, too. And larger crossbody bags by Hammitt can be an excellent solution for people who need to carry more stuff with them.

Hammitt Backpacks

Hammitt Backpacks review

Hammitt has only 3 backpacks in its arsenal, but all of them can boast of top-notch quality and beautiful design. They are made using soft leather or nubuck, combined with sturdy hardware and adjustable straps. Each backpack looks compact but seems very spacious inside. There are also multiple compartments to keep things neat and organized.

Countless customers praise the build quality of Hammitt’s backpacks, their functionality, and gorgeous looks:

“Love, love, love! I have had this for a year already and this is still the most loved and go-to bag! So easy and convenient to carry. Functionality is 10 out of 10. Excellent quality.”

It’s also worth mentioning that these backpacks are quite lightweight. That’s why they can be carried around without adding extra weight to their contents.

Where Are Hammitt Bags Made?

Most bags and purses by Hammitt are designed in Los Angeles and made in Asia.

Are Hammitt Bags Made in China?

Yes, Hammitt bags are manufactured mainly in China, as this allows the company to meet the demand and save a bit on production.

Where to Buy Hammitt Bags

Customers can purchase Hammitt bags on the company’s official website (https://www.hammitt.com/) and via a few big retailers such as Dillard’s, Zappos, Poshmark, Walmart, etc.

When Does Hammitt Have Sales?

The company does not have a consistent schedule when it comes to sales. Some of them may occur seasonally, and others can be held at any point. Shoppers can sign up for Hammitt’s newsletter if they want to receive notifications and don’t wish to miss any sales.

Hammitt Shipping Review

Hammitt offers free shipping with all orders. The company uses FedEx and ships within the US only. Orders typically arrive within 5-7 business days.

Hammitt Return & Refund Policy

Here’s more great news: Hammitt gives its customers up to 30 days to apply for returns or exchanges. However, it’s worth mentioning that items marked “Final Sale” or “Retiring Style” are not eligible for returns.

To apply for a return, shoppers need to fill in the form hammitt.loopreturns.com. All returns are free.

Verdict: Are Hammitt Bags Worth The Money?

Hammitt is a luxurious brand that creates gorgeous bags and purses. Additionally, the company uses materials of impressive quality, offers free shipping and returns, and adds a 30-day money-back guarantee to every order. Needless to say, this brand is worth purchasing from.


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