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Key Points Based on Customer Reviews

Gilt is a legitimate and trustworthy platform. It does not sell fake items, as all products come with warranties and are carefully selected from real designer brands.


Many have expressed satisfaction with their purchases – highlighting that the items are often of a high quality and can be used for both work and leisure purposes [1].

Others, however, have noted that the discounts may not always be what they appear to be, as the quality may not match up to the designer names associated with such items [2].

Some customers also reported issues with certain items – such as ones stretching or becoming deformed after being worn – and found that customer support was unhelpful in offering a satisfactory resolution: customers’ experiences vary greatly!


For some customers, their orders are fulfilled within the expected timeframe and in perfect condition — providing a positive purchasing experience [3].

On the other hand, many shoppers have been met with long shipping times, delayed orders; and even lost packages that are seemingly impossible to trace [4].

Gilt’s shipping/delivery results can best be described – as unpredictable & risky.

Customer Service

Many have praised the company for timely responses and helpful staff, as well as great deals and products [5].

However…there have been reports of long wait times, unhelpful customer service reps, and false advertisement tactics which lead to a lack of credit or desired outcome [6].


Customers have widely varying experiences with Gilt returns. Some customers are happy with their return experience, praising the customer service and easy-to-follow procedures [7].

However, other customers have had complicated returns that involve international shipping and lack of clear sizing guides for designer items.

Furthermore, some customers have been unhappy with the company’s yearly fee for VIP access, in addition to the $10 return shipping fee they are charged when returning an item late [8].

There are also customers who continue to shop at Gilt despite these issues and find satisfaction in their purchases.


Customers who shop on Gilt often have conflicting opinions about the prices. Some buyers report being able to find designer items for a fraction of their original price [9].

Other shoppers, however, claim that the advertised discounts are not always accurate and that Gilt is no cheaper than many other online retailers [10].

Furthermore…there have been reports of price drops occurring after an item has been purchased with no opportunity for a refund or price protection.


Customers have given positive reviews to the large selection of products at affordable prices.

Many customers have reported that they’ve been using the site for years and continue to find quality items [11].

However, some customers have noted that selection seems to be decreasing in recent months, with fewer size options available in some product categories such as men’s shoes [12].

In addition, some customers have experienced longer than expected delivery timeframes on orders.

All feedback suggests that Gilt continues to provide great quality merchandise at a good value though may need to work on expanding their selection and improving shipping times for optimal customer satisfaction.

Top Review

Mel in Melbourne: “To get access to their flash sales you’ve got to sign up to be a member and they only have these flash sales for a certain amount of time.

Whenever I am buying from a website that I’m not sure of, I always like to start off with a smaller purchase hence the purchase that I got was $99.99

I was like is this good too good to be true, because I had never seen sunglasses low for like up to 70 off.

I can see why people want to try it out because they have vintage design; they have items you know flash sale events at a lot cheaper.

It came in a plain cardboard box packing slip. There is a card in here too the Christian Dior card; inside it’s all velvet and it’s got the Christian Dior label.

And even inside it’s from the Safilo group. So that’s really normal as I said that Dior doesn’t make it but they outsource it to another company that specializes in this. So for me, I am pretty confident that these are authentic.

I paid $99.95 and then I had to pay for shipping as well – so shipping internationally. I think usually if you spend over $150 – it’s like $9.99 shipping. I only can speak from my experience, I think that Gilt is legit. This is a legit pair of Dior sunglasses. However, be careful.

My first experience was positive, so I would definitely be checking out their flash sales but still, I would probably not buy something too expensive yet.

Key Info

  • Free shipping: Yes. For new members for first order only; Participation in a free shipping ‘Promotion’(5 Days of Free Shipping); 7 days of free unlimited standard shipping when the Gilt Customer Perk is loaded into your Gilt account
  • Shipping time: 3-10 days
  • Returns period: 30 days
  • Check Price


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