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YennieMC: “I have actually been researching for my very first Saint Laurent bag for a while. And during the Black Friday sales, there were just some great deals that you couldn’t ignore. Because of the 10% discount, I ended up getting it at around 955 euros…So I think it was a pretty good deal.

The box from Farfetch actually shipped it out on a Monday and I received it Tuesday, so if you don’t know much about Farfetch it’s that they have it’s basically a consolidation of boutiques from all over the world. Mine came from Portugal and it arrived in Luxembourg the next day. This is my very first time ordering from Farfetch!!

This is the iconic wallet on a chain with silver harder this is the medium size, I’ve seen this called multiple ways like the monogram envelope wallet on a chain. I don’t have a Small Bag that functions as an Evening Clutch. This looks very formal, this feels luxurious and really I’m just really glad about the deal that I got when it came to this bag.”

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Key points based on reviews

  • A range of different brands and designers to choose from
  • Regular sales on high-quality products from trusted brands
  • Free shipping on orders over $200 for US
  • Refunds can take a long time
  • The company’s customer service needs to improved


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