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Is Cettire a Legit Website?

Cettire is a legitimate and trusted retailer that sells only authentic items. The website is completely safe to buy luxury clothing, but there are some controversial reviews on customer service and communication issues. Anyway, based on customer’s experience, Cettire is legit, because there are many solid social proofs and positive reviews on Youtube.

Top Reviews

Sitejabber: Cettire does have sales on their website, so make sure you save things to your wishlist. Wait for them to go on sale before you purchase them just to save yourself a little bit of money.

To be honest, if you’re spending a thousand dollars on a piece of clothing and it’s ten percent off you’re saving a hundred dollars which is kind of a lot.

I know that Cettire does do free shipping if you spend over a certain amount of money. I think the normal shipping price is just your standard post price. 

Anyway, so it’s not too expensive. I mean if I’m spending two-three hundred dollars, what’s an extra ten dollars for shipping, right? And it did arrive quite fast as well I believe it was within two or three days, which I was very impressed with. 

The whole shipping process was very smooth it was just the packaging that was a little bit disappointing. If I’m going to save a hundred or two hundred dollars on a piece of designer clothing. Those are just little minor issues. I’d rather save my money than have a nice box.” 

Tovna David: “This is the first time that I actually bought from this company. The blanket itself is smell really fresh. The measurement is 110-centimeter time 98 centimeters. 

The original price in Australia is 440 Australian dollars, but when I got this on the internet from the website it was on sale for 334 and 15 so it’s about 25 off. 

So I’m quite happy with the purchase. This will be a family scarf I will be sharing this with my mom as well because she always looking for this kind of like scarf rather than the skinny one, which you can just put around the neck. 

This one you can actually use it some sort of like a poncho or like a blanket itself.

It works for both men and women and that’s really nice the fabric itself. It is so soft. The actual material itself is quite thick but it’s not too thick. 

I would be so unhappy if this one is made in China but it’s made in Scotland as it was advertised. 

You know in some I did a lot of research before I bought this and some of the websites actually say made in the United Kingdom and some of the websites actually say made in Scotland so this one’s saying made in Scotland and these are the tags that it comes with.”

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Up to 25 % OFF

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Cettire ratings

  • Trustpilot – 4.2/5 stars from 26,219 reviews
  • Reviews.io –  1.6/5 stars from 620+ reviews
  • Sitejabber – 1,8/5 stars from 4 reviews
  • US-Review – 6,4/10 stars

Key points based on customer reviews

  • A range of different brands and designers to choose from
  • Regular sales on high-quality products from trusted brands
  • Free shipping on orders over $300
  • Refunds can take a long time
  • The company’s customer service needs to be improved


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