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Rating 4.7

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Category: Clothing & Accessories Stores

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Pros & Cons Based on Customer Reviews


  • Wide selection of lingerie and swimwear from top brands
  • Free shipping on orders over $70
  • Offers easy returns, which makes it convenient for customers to try out different sizes & styles
  • Offers a loyalty rewards program
  • Plenty of plus-size clothing and lingerie items to choose from, which makes Bare Necessities more inclusive than many of the competitors
  • High-quality materials that ensure comfort and durability
  • Helpful customer service team that can assist customers with any questions or/ concerns
  • Handy bra finder that can help you save a lot of time when shopping   


  • Prices may be higher than some competitors
  • Limited selection of other types of clothing
  • Potential shipping issues (occasionally, orders may get lost in transit or take longer to arrive)
  • In some cases, the company’s bra fit experts can’t recommend a 100% perfect size based on online interactions with customers (however, this happens quite rarely)

Top Review

ItsJustMeNai: “This is one of your first impressions of a bra that I recently purchased from a company called Bare Necessities.

I ordered my bra on Sunday, and my bra is here today. Today is Wednesday, okay? I live for rapid shipping, and I’m only paying for regular shipping.

The bra I purchased is by the brand Goddess. The style number is 6660. The color is raspberry. The size is 36G. It’s a lace-sided support bra.

This is the first time that I have purchased a bra that does not have any padding.

They sent me a Thank-you card with a 20% off your next purchase coupon code. That was cute. I can dig it – I appreciate it.

Nothing fancy, no cute package or anything, just a regular white envelope, but the bra did come in plastic. This bra is freaking gorgeous, do you hear me? So freaking gorgeous, okay?

But I say, how much? It is only 19.99. It was on clearance for 19.99 USD, okay? Y’all get thick straps, love the thick band, and on the side – you get all the support greatness, and then you get the thick band in the back.

This color is raspberry; it looks even better in person. It is so pretty. It’s no padding. It is a full-coverage bra. I love a good full-coverage bra. When you get sized and get the proper bra – it has changed your life! It has changed my life.”

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