Warby Parker Home Try-On Review

What Is Warby Parker Home Try-On?

Warby Parker Try On Home


Warby Parker offers two try-on options for their customers – a virtual one and an in-home try-on service.

This is the company’s way to make online shopping for glasses and frames easier. It allows users to test various frames to see which one works for them the most.

The home try-on service allows shoppers to try 5 different frame designs in the comfort of their home (the frames are shipped to their door).

The virtual try-on service is an app, where you can see how each frame would look on you (however, you won’t know how comfortable it would be to wear).

How Does Warby Parker’s “Try On at Home” Work?

The way Warby Parker’s home try-on service works is quite simple and involves a few steps:

  • You need to pick 5 frames that you like the most;
  • The company will send them to your door for free;
  • Wear the frames for 5 days to see which one is suited for you the most;
  • Send the frames back using a prepaid return label;
  • Order the frame you like at any time.

How Long Does Warby Parker Home Try-On Take?

On average, the 5 frames for the home try-on service arrive within 5 business days. You get 5 days to test them at home, after which you will need to send the frames back.

How Many Times Can You Do Warby Parker Home Try-On?

You can do Warby Parker’s home try-on as many times as you need to find your perfect frame. However, the company prefers sending try-on kits one by one, which means you will have to return your 5 frames before you can order the next try-on batch.

Warby Parker Virtual Try-On Review

To test Warby Parker’s virtual try-on service, you need to download the company’s app and allow it to use your camera.
Next, you need to enter the “try-on booth”, and the app will scan the dimensions of your face. It works like a live filter, where you can add various frames and see how they would look on your face.

Most users agree that Warby Parker’s virtual try-on is pretty easy to use and works very smoothly in most cases. It’s a great way to see which style would work for you the most.

With the virtual try-on option, you can select the top 5 frames for the home try-on and save yourself a lot of time searching for the one that would suit your face shape.


  • the Home Try-On service makes online shopping for eyewear much more convenient and safer;
  • the virtual Try-On can help you find what styles and shapes work for you the best without the need to actually try the frames on;
  • both virtual and home Try-On services are free;
  • you can order as many kits as you like for the Home Try-On.


  • some users mention that their Home Try-On kits were lost during shipping, but this might be the delivery company’s fault and not Warby Parker’s responsibility.

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