Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses Review

Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses Review

Does Warby Parker Blue Light Filter Really Work?

Most users agree that Warby Parker’s blue light blocking glasses work very effectively. Blue-light-filtering lenses filter more blue light than high-index lenses, that may help to decrease eye fatigue.

Blue light glasses can help those users who typically get migraines from working in front of the computer for long periods. By reducing exposure to blue light, Warby Parker glasses can help one avoid migraines as well.

When to Wear Blue Light Glasses?

You should use these glasses if you often (or always) work in front of the computer or simply tend to spend a lot of time looking at screens. Blue light filtering lenses  can come in handy if screens make your eyes feel tired and cause you to feel fatigued.

Do Warby Parker Glasses Have Blue Light Protection?

Regular lenses do have blue-light protection, but the level is quite low and would work mostly for occasional screen use. The blue-light-filter lenses offer significantly higher levels of protection when compared to the rest of Warby Parker lenses.

Are Warby Parker Glasses Lightweight?

Yes, most frames are made with cellulose acetate (high-quality plant-based material that feels like plastic), so they are super lightweight and suited for everyday use. There are also metal frames available, but the material is relatively thin and also very lightweight.