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Is Yogibo Legit & Safe to Buy From?

Yogibo reviews

Yogibo was launched in 2009 with one main goal: to reinvent bean bag chairs. Since then, the company has grown to more than 120 retail showrooms and thousands of happy customers all across the globe. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Yogibo is a real deal and completely safe to purchase from.

It gets even better. Yogibo was mentioned by such trustworthy media sources as Forbes, BuzzFeed, Inc. Magazine, Men’s Journal, and more. The company has a strong presence and recognition in the US, Canada, Korea, Japan, and many other countries. And of course, Yogibo has an extensive base of loyal, happy customers. This is a legitimate company that can guarantee a safe shopping experience.

Yogibo Customer Reviews & Ratings

yogibo reviews


The majority of Yogibo reviews can be found on the company’s official website, on pretty much every product page. This makes shopping rather convenient, as potential customers can read more about how each item performs in real life and make a choice accordingly.

Now, the overpowering majority of customer reviews praise Yogibo and its bean bag chairs, loungers, and couches. Shoppers note that Yogibo makes incredibly comfortable chairs and loungers:

“Excellent for relaxing my postural muscles and useful for sensory input”


“Recently, I bought a Yogibo Max and back support. I was delighted to find that together they are comfortable even for someone like me with back pain. I like the Yogibo pair so much that I don’t need to buy a recliner as I originally planned.”

Shoppers are also impressed with the quality of Yogibo products, noting that they can easily withstand regular use without losing their properties:

“My daughter loves her Yogibo Short! We have had it for 1 year and it is still perfect!” and “My kids love their Yogibos, the quality is fantastic… can handle two boys jumping, wrestling, etc.”

Now, as for complaints, they are quite rare. Most of them are focused on the price. After all, Yogibo isn’t the cheapest bead bag chair supplier on the market (even though it’s cheaper than some). Naturally, some customers think Yogibo merchandise is overpriced. That being said, quality and comfort aren’t supposed to be cheap, which may justify Yogibo’s pricing policy.

Yogibo Max Bean Bag Chair

Yogibo Max Bean Bag Chair Review

Yogibo Max is one of the company’s bestsellers. And there are many reasons why this bean bag chair is so popular. First of all, it can easily deliver high comfort levels thanks to its adaptive filling. The tiny beads mold to the shape of one’s body, providing support where it’s needed and offering a gentle hug for the protruding body parts.

Next, it’s hard to miss how big the Yogibo Max is. It can work as a lounge chair, a recliner, a couch, and even as an extra bed. This model can accommodate up to 4 people at once and makes an excellent solution for lounging when friends or family want to spend some time together.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Yogibo Max is relatively lightweight, even despite its impressive size. Therefore, users can easily move it around and reposition the bean bag chair to suit their current needs. It can be propped against the wall to make a comfy chair or laid out in the living room for the next movie night. The options are nearly endless.

Yogibo Lounger Review

Yogibo Lounger Review

The Lounger by Yogibo can make hours of gaming feel like minutes, as it’s super comfortable. This model has a raised edge for extra support and can make sure gamers maintain a healthy posture instead of slouching for long periods.

The cover fabric is stretchy and adaptive, which allows for more comfort variations. Users can kick back and rest in a reclined position or squish into the chair for an extra cozy feel. Whatever the case is, both the filling and the cover will adapt.

Yogibo Double Bean Bag Bed and Couch

Yogibo Double Bean Bag Bed and Couch

The Yogibo Double is an excellent solution for partners and those who want a versatile piece of furniture. This model combines two Yogibo Max bean bag chairs under one giant, adaptive cover. Two people can lounge together on this couch with comfort and plenty of legroom.

Additionally, users can get two Yogibo Max covers and divide the Double model into two furniture pieces when needed. This allows for improved versatility in use and gives shoppers the freedom to enjoy more comfort options.

Customers also note that the Yogibo Double is perfect for lounging with pets. It is spacious enough and can easily handle claws and fur.

Yogibo Pillows

yogibo pillows

Yogibo has 8 pillows and includes all shapes and sizes: from full-body pillows to travel models. All of them use the same filling material. The tiny EPS beads adjust to the shape of the body and can deliver optimal support levels. This also allows Yogibo pillows to work in every position, whether shoppers like to lie on the side, back, curled up in a ball, or reclined.

It’s also worth mentioning that all Yogibo pillows are rather reasonably priced. The most expensive model is the Luxe Roll ($119), but it’s also the largest pillow. Therefore, shoppers don’t have to choose between affordability and comfort, as they can get both with Yogibo.

Yogibo Mini

As readers can guess from the name, Yogibo Mini is the smallest bean bag chair in the collection. However, regardless of its compact size, this chair is incredibly comfortable. It is suited for kids and petite users and can become an excellent addition to any kid’s room.

Another cool thing about this model is its versatility. It can work as a comfy lounge chair for a kid. The Yogibo Mini can be used by adults too, for instance, as a thick pillow for support (when lounging on the couch or, let’s say, meditating on the floor). This model can also serve as the base for a comfortable armchair if shoppers decide to add the Yogibo Support on top. The number of options is nearly endless with this bean bag chair.

Yogibo Pod X Review

Yogibo Pod X review

Yogibo Pod is among the most popular items on the company’s website. This bean bag chair has the perfect size to accommodate one person with unparalleled comfort. It is also compact and doesn’t take up much space in the room. At the same time, the Yogibo Pod is easy to adjust to different shapes to enjoy more comfort settings.

Shoppers appreciate how comfy this bean bag chair is. It makes the tension in the body go away, which is perfect for lounging after a long, stressful day.

Yogibo Shipping Policy Review

Yogibo currently ships to the Continental US and Canada. However, international shoppers can email the company at cs@yogibo.com, and they will offer possible solutions (Yogibo may send their merchandise using an international shipping service).

On average, orders take 5-10 business days to arrive. Yogibo uses USPS for small parcels and FedEx for the Continental US and Canada.

The shipping fees may differ depending on the order and the items in it. Often, Yogibo offers free shipping, but this deal depends on the promotions that are going on. In other cases, the shipping fees will be presented upon check-out.

Yogibo Return Policy Review

Yogibo gives its customers a chance to return merchandise within 14 days from the delivery date. Naturally, returned items have to be like new and without any signs of use or wear and tear. They also need to be properly packaged and protected against any potential shipping damage. The company inquires shoppers to use the original packaging.

Shoppers also need to keep in mind that there’s a 25% restocking fee. The original shipping fees are not refundable. Additionally, customers are responsible for the return shipping cost.

To start the return process and get the RMA number, shoppers need to contact Yogibo at cs@yogibo.com.

Yogibo Promotions & Discounts

At the time of writing this Yogibo review, the online store was being very generous with discounts.

Yogibo also has a loyalty program that allows shoppers to earn points and exchange them for exclusive discounts.

There’s also a friend referral program that allows shoppers to save more. Yogibo customers can invite a friend (who will get 15% off their first order over $50) and receive 100 points for every successful referral. Naturally, these points can be used to take advantage of some great deals.

Moon Pod vs. Yogibo

Yogibo and Moon Pod use the same filling type in their chairs, which makes them very similar in terms of comfort and overall feel.

That being said, there are more differences than similarities between Yogibo and Moon Pod. For instance, Yogibo offers a significantly wider selection of models, sizes, and shapes. It allows shoppers to enjoy more comfort options and lounge in multiple ways based on their specific requirements.

Additionally, Yogibo is cheaper than Moon Pod. While both are made of quality and durable materials, Yogibo offers better value and makes an excellent solution for shoppers who want to save more.

It’s also worth mentioning that Yogibo has been around much longer. For some shoppers, this can be a decisive factor, as older companies are tested by time and often seem more trustworthy.

Is Yogibo Worth It?

Yogibo is certainly worth trying out. The company makes surprisingly comfortable and supportive bean bag chairs, loungers, and couches. They are well-made and look cool, making Yogibo one of the best manufacturers in this market segment.


  • impressive selection of models, including chairs, loungers, pillows, and even larger living room collections
  • easy to clean
  • comfortable filling that molds to the body’s shape and delivers optimal support
  • quality materials that promise long-lasting performance
  • frequent discounts and regular sales


  • restocking fee for returns
  • customer service can take longer to respond during big sales and holidays, which may disappoint some shoppers


Where to buy Yogibo furniture?

Yogibo furniture is available on the company’s official website, Yogibo showrooms (here’s how to locate them ), Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart.

What is a Yogibo chair made of?

Each Yogibo chair has a cotton + spandex cover, polyester + spandex inner lining, and EPS beads filling.

What material are Yogibo pillows made of?

Yogibo pillows use a polyester + cotton blend for the cover, plus a bit of spandex for improved adjustability. There is also a polyester + spandex liner. The filling is made using EPS beads and polyester.

How many Yogibo locations are there?

Yogibo has over 120 showrooms across the United States.

How to contact Yogibo?

Customers can reach Yogibo via one of the following channels:

email – cs@yogibo.com

phone – 877-964-4266

Contact Us form on the company’s official website 


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