What Is Time Etc: Is It a Legit Company?

time etc review

Founded in 2007 by Barnaby Lashbrooke, Time Etc is a company that offers people all over the world professional assistance with countless tasks. The main goal of the company is to take care of the tasks that steal precious time from business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to stay efficient and organized.

Time Etc has multiple awards, a well-recognized name, and countless happy customers around the world. With over 20 years of experience, the company offers professional help and works only with experienced assistants. Needless to say, it’s a safe destination for anyone looking to hire a reliable helper.

How Does Time Etc Work?

Time Etc pairs customers with experienced, professional assistants based in the US. The first step is a consultation, during which the customer shares more about their needs, what tasks they need to be taken care of, how they prefer to work, and what they want to achieve.

Time Etc selects a personal assistant based on those specific requirements. The company works with professionals who have years of experience behind their backs to ensure the best results. Each assistant goes through a 10-step selection process. This helps Time Etc ensure it works only with the best people in the field.

Time Etc customers can connect with their virtual assistants via phone, Zoom, text, email, or whatever they prefer. Customers are free to change their monthly plans based on how much help they require. Overall, Time Etc offers impressive flexibility to satisfy more clients.

Before purchasing a monthly subscription, users can test the service for free. The free trial allows customers to give a virtual assistant one task to see how they perform. It can help users understand whether they should invest in this service or not.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help

Time Etc virtual assistants cover a wide range of tasks and services. They can help customers grow their businesses, reach their goals faster, stay organized and focused, and develop more effective strategies. Additionally, a virtual assistant can easily free up someone’s time, allowing Time Etc clients to spend more quality time with their loved ones.

In other words, Time Etc virtual assistants can help customers stop wasting time on minor, distracting tasks and focus on something more important.

Now, the Time Etc services are pretty flexible. Assistants can deal with to-do lists, schedules, social media, document formatting, content writing, email management, research, expenses, and more. Virtual assistants can also check voicemails, book tickets and accommodations, research content ideas, input orders, create invoices, etc. They can also find service providers, restaurants, gifts, accommodations, and so on. Clearly, Time Etc assistants can cover a huge portion of someone’s daily tasks.

Time Etc Customer Reviews & Ratings

Time Etc has plenty of positive reviews to share, proving that this company has changed the lives of countless customers.

The majority of happy customer reports mention how skilled and efficient Time Etc assistants are (and the multiple benefits they can offer):

“I’m a huge fan of this service! My assistant from Time Etc is excellent and totally on top of it – I trust her completely. Partnering with Time Etc makes my life and work much more doable and enjoyable”


“Having my Time Etc assistant has completely changed the way I do business.”

Customers also note that virtual assistants are a pleasure to work with, which means Time Etc ensures every client feels comfortable at all times:

“I am so grateful for Time Etc and Tracey, my amazing team member. She is efficient and an absolute joy to work with. She anticipates what I need and isn’t afraid to suggest a way of completing our work and I LOVE that.”

As for the complaints, some customers mention occasional delays when using the free trial. That being said, such delays typically happen around the holiday season, the busiest time of the year. And they aren’t likely to occur when using a prepaid plan. Some customers also note that the Time Etc app isn’t extremely user-friendly, but this issue is pretty subjective.

How Much Does Time Etc Cost: Plans and Pricing

Time Etc has four main plans. They offer different assistance durations and selections of services. These plans include:

  • Ten hours – $290 per month ($29 per hour). This package includes an expertly matched personal assistant, money-back guarantee, ability to share the VA with the team for free, and a chance to add extra assistants for free
  • Twenty hours – $560 a month ($28 per hour). It includes the perks of the previous package, plus unused hours rollover
  • Forty hours – $1080 per month ($27 per hour). This plan combines the benefits of the previous packages but offers longer coverage for busier customers
  • Sixty hours – $1560 a month ($26 per hour). This package is the same in terms of available services but offers more hours of help

The company also does bigger plans, but this should be discussed individually. Customers can reach Time Etc representatives via the contact form.

Each plan can be canceled or changed at any time. For instance, customers can get a 10-hour plan and then switch to a bigger package during busier months. This makes Time Etc services flexible and suitable for various businesses.

Time Etc Services

  • Help with your to-do list
  • Book accommodation and travel
  • Manage your diary/calendar
  • Writing and blog posts
  • Find products and services
  • Issue invoices
  • Research
  • Social Media
  • Check and respond to emails
  • Transcribe audio
  • Sort your expenses
  • Chase late payments
  • Data entry
  • Edit and format documents
  • Help with marketing

Time Etc Alternatives

  • Zirtual
  • Pepper
  • Byron
  • Virtual Assist USA
  • Prialto
  • eaHELP
  • Habilis
  • Red Butler

Verdict: Is Time Etc Worth the Money?

Time Etc offers professional help and hires only experienced, skilled assistants. That’s enough to make this service worth the money. But it gets better: Time Etc covers an impressive range of needs and tasks, offering a ton of help for busy people who want to stay organized. Therefore, Time Etc virtual assistants can save their customers a lot of time, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses. Needless to say, this makes Time Etc worth trying.


  • flexible plans
  • highly professional, experienced assistants customers can rely on
  • cheaper than hiring a personal assistant
  • the service includes a wide range of tasks, allowing customers to free up a lot of time and stay organized nonetheless
  • free trial available


  • US and UK based only, so the time zones might not work for some international customers
  • isn’t the cheapest virtual assistant service on the market