Is The Nue Co a Good Brand?

The Nue Co review


Founded in 2017 by Jules Miller, The Nue Co works toward helping people improve their health and redefine their relationship with wellness supplements. The company combines science and nature to create effective, gentle solutions that can help users of all genders and age categories. The brand can help customers improve their skin, immunity, sleep, gut health, and more, making it an excellent solution for almost any issue.

The Nue Co does not use flavorings, additives, preservatives, or sweeteners. Therefore, this brand stands behind the quality of its products and makes sure they are safe for everyone.

The Nue Co was mentioned by such trustworthy media sources as Vogue, Forbes, GQ, and more, which shows this brand is legit and safe to purchase from. Additionally, The Nue Co has over 86K followers on Instagram and countless happy customers who prove that this brand is worth the money.

The Nue Co Customer Reviews & Ratings

The Nue Co_review

The majority of The Nue Co reviews are gathered on the company’s official website on product pages, allowing shoppers to learn more about the supplements they wish to buy.

The overwhelming majority of customers agree that The Nue Co products truly work and deliver visible and noticeable results:

“Definitely needed this in my life. I suffered a lot from breakouts after some hormonal imbalance, but this has somehow helped me recover from that. It’s so hard finding a product that gives results” and “Clear skin, count me in! Since I’ve started using this, I haven’t had any breakout issues, which is absolutely game-changing for me”. (source)

Many shoppers also attest to the customer service quality of The Nue Co, which certainly makes the whole shopping experience much more pleasant:

“I am very pleased with my purchase. I also like the company. Customer service is second to none! Great job!”

As for the negative reviews, there aren’t too many. Some customers mention that they haven’t noticed any results after taking The Nue Co supplements. However, shoppers need to remember that everybody is different and, thus, may react differently to the supplements. Plus, some products by The Nue Co take longer to start acting, which is why noticeable results can take more time to appear in some cases.

The Nue Co Discounts & Coupon Codes


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The Nue Co offers multiple ways for shoppers to save. For instance, the company offers free shipping on orders over $60 and on all subscriptions, which is a very nice bonus.

Additionally, The Nue Co gives a complimentary jar of SLEEP+ with all orders over $80.

The company also has a Friend Referral program. New customers can get 20% off their first order, and people who have shared the link can get $20 off after every successful referral.

It’s also worth mentioning that shoppers can get 20% off all products if they subscribe to automated renewals with The Nue Co. It’s an excellent way to save a few bucks for those who are ready to commit.

The Nue Co Subscription Review

The subscription service by The Nue Co gives shoppers a chance to enjoy hassle-free supplies of their favorite products without the need to place a new order every time. By subscribing to this service, The Nue Co customers will receive 20% off on all their products. Therefore, a subscription is an excellent way to save more.

The subscription service requires a minimal 2-month commitment, with orders auto-renewing monthly. After the initial two-month period, shoppers can change the frequency of their orders.

The Nue Co Popular Products Review

The best-selling products by The Nue Co include:

  • Prebiotic + Probiotic
  • Skin Filter
  • The Pill
  • Barrier Culture Cleanser
  • Debloat +
  • Forest Lung

Prebiotic + Probiotic

The Nue Co Prebiotic Probiotic review

Being among the company’s absolute best-sellers, the Prebiotic + Probiotic was created to help people deal with long-term digestive issues and IBS symptoms. These capsules contain organic ingredients and billions of healthy bacteria meant to improve one’s gut health. And by taking care of this aspect, The Nue Co customers can also improve their skin condition and immune function. The Prebiotic + Probiotic jar costs $55 (a one-time purchase).

THE PILL – New All-in-One Serum

The Nue Co Inside THE PILL new all-in-one serum

The Pill is a unique product that uses a powerful formula that’s gentle on the skin and can ensure fast, noticeable results. The Pill works to exfoliate, hydrate, and tighten the skin with every application. This serum by The Nue Co combines natural extracts and acids to deliver the needed nutrients to the skin, affecting it from the inside. As a result, The Pill can make one’s skin smooth, glowy, and healthy. The bottle costs $85 with a one-time purchase and $68 with a subscription.

Skin Filter


The Skin Filter supplement works to improve the skin’s texture and tone. It was designed to reduce the signs of sun damage, breakouts, and pigmentation. One jar contains 30 capsules and costs $45 (one-time purchase).

And here’s the best part: countless customers attest to the effectiveness of this skin supplement by The Nue Co:

“Well. I’m hooked. In 6 months my skin is clearer than it’s ever been.”

Sugar Stress


The Sugar Stress supplement by The Nue Co is an ideal solution for those who want to get their metabolism on track. This product works to stabilize blood glucose levels by reducing sugar cravings. It costs $35 (one-time purchase) and can be combined with any other supplement by The Nue Co.

Aside from controlling the sugar intake, the Sugar Stress supplement can also help the body moderate its natural stress response. It’s also likely to make one’s appetite more stable, which may come in handy during a weight loss journey.

Vitamin C Powder


This topical C supplement is powdered Vitamin C by The Nue Co. It is proven to reduce sun damage and make the skin firmer and tighter.

Additionally, topical Vitamin C can boost the skin’s collagen production, making it look younger and healthier. The Vitamin C Powder by The Nue Co costs $55 (one-time purchase). It needs to be mixed with a moisturizer or a face serum and, thus, can seamlessly blend with any user’s daily skincare routine.

Debloat Food + Prebiotic

The Nue Co Debloat Food + Prebiotic review

The Nue Co has come up with a fast-acting formula that works to reduce uncomfortable bloating as quickly as possible. The Debloat Food + Prebiotic supplement combines digestive enzymes and natural herbal extracts to aid digestion, support gut health, and reduce painful bloating fast. One jar contains 16 servings and costs $37 (one-time purchase).

The Nue Co customers prove that this supplement works even after one-time use:

“Changed my (digestive) life!” and “This product definitely helps my digestive system. I use it every day!”

Barrier Culture Cleanser

The Nue Co Barrier Culture Cleanser review

What makes this cleanser by The Nue Co special is its ability to get rid of any impurities without disrupting the skin’s natural pH. The Barrier Culture Cleanser can deal even with tough makeup while repairing the skin’s barrier and keeping it healthy. One bottle costs $42 (one-time purchase). It is suited for dry and dull skin and may also be beneficial for breakout-prone skin types.

​​Magnesium Ease

The Nue Co Magnesium Ease review

The Magnesium Ease spray by The Nue Co is a rare find on the market. It can be used to manage stress, sleep better, and even help muscles recover faster after intense workouts. One bottle costs $38 with a one-time purchase and $30 with a subscription.

The Magnesium Ease has a multi-purpose, and shoppers prove that this solution is effective in various scenarios:

“I tried Magnesium Ease on a whim for better sleep. A few minutes after I rubbed it in, the soreness in that area got much better. I hadn’t expected that!”

Vitamin D

The Nue Co Vitamin D review

The company’s signature spray is easily absorbed and packs a high dose of Vitamin D to achieve great results. It is paired with Vitamin K2 to increase the absorption of calcium. This supplement can be used to improve one’s bone health, strengthen the immune system, and support one’s cognitive health. Additionally, Vitamin D can reduce the risk of developing depression. This means the supplement by The Nue Co can help users take care of their mental health as well. The Vitamin D spray costs $25 with a one-time purchase and $20 with a subscription.

Immunity Defense Drops

Immunity Defense Drops review

The Defense Drops by The Nue Co were developed to boost one’s immune response and, thus, prevent getting sick. This supplement combines powerful immunomodulating extracts and adaptogenic herbs. They have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, helping the body fight inflammation and viruses. The Defense Drops also help reduce stress levels, which is crucial for one’s immune response. One bottle costs $35 (one-time purchase).

Sleep Drops

The best thing about the Sleep Drops by The Nue Co is that they are non-habit forming. Using natural ingredients, this supplement has a calming ability and helps users drift off to sleep easier. It combines natural valerian root, chamomile, passionflower, and catnip to help The Nue Co customers manage stress, calm down before bed, and fall asleep faster. One bottle contains 50 servings and costs $30 (one-time purchase).

The Nue Co Shipping

The Nue Co offers shipping across the US and to select European countries (including the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, and more).

Additionally, the company has multiple shipping options (across the US):

  • Standard Free Shipping for all orders over $60 (takes 5-10 days)
  • Standard Shipping ($4) for all orders $60 or less (takes 5-10 days)
  • Express Shipping (2-3 days) that costs $12.50
  • Expedited Shipping (1-2 days), which costs $20
  • OHI Same day delivery that costs $15
  • For the UK one-time orders, The Nue Co offers the following shipping methods:
  • Standard Free Shipping for all orders £20+ (takes 2-4 business days)
  • Standard Shipping for all orders £20 or less – £3.95 (takes 2-4 days)
  • Next Day Delivery – £7

Shipping to the EU costs £25 and typically takes around 3-5 days. However, some orders may arrive later because of the new customs procedures following Brexit.

For the US orders, The Nue Co uses UPS to ship parcels on standard shipping rates and FedEx for express shipping. As for the UK and Europe, the company uses Royal Mail for standard shipments across the UK and DPD for express UK orders and all orders across the EU.

The Nue Co Return Policy

The Nue Co customers have 30 days to return products (in the same condition they have received them). Refunds are typically processed within 5-10 business days, deepening on the shopper’s bank.

Here’s more good news: The Nue Co covers the return shipping on both one-time purchases and subscription orders. However, the latter are not eligible for refunds. Instead, shoppers will get store credit when returning subscription orders.

Verdict: Are The Nue Co Products Good Quality And Worth It?

Based on countless reviews and the company’s background, it’s safe to assume that The Nue Co is worth the money. The brand prides itself on the quality of its products, and many happy clients can attest to that.

Additionally, The Nue Co also doesn’t use any additives or flavorings, making its supplements completely safe. It’s also worth mentioning that the brand covers an impressive range of products that target various issues. Therefore, The Nue Co is very likely to satisfy most of the shoppers’ needs. So, it goes without saying that the company’s versatile and effective products are worth trying.


Where to buy The Nue Co?

Shoppers can find The Nue Co products on the company’s official website and via several large retailers, including Sephora, Net-A-Porter, Naturisimo, Nordstrom, Amazon, and more.

Who owns The Nue Company?

Jules Miller is the Founder and CEO of The Nue Co.

Where is The Nue Co from?

The Nue Co is based in the United Kingdom. The American Nue Co headquarters are located in New York, NY, USA.

Does The Nue Co test on animals?

No. All products by The Nue Co are 100% cruelty-free, which means they aren’t tested on animals.

What is the average shelf life of The Nue Co products?

Unopened products that are stored in cool, dark places can last for up to 2 years. Once opened, the supplements are recommended to be consumed within 6 months.

Are all The Nue Co products vegan?

All products by The Nue Co are vegan, except for:

  • Probiotic Protein, which contains dairy
  • Vitamin D, which is sourced from lanolin
  • Joints, which contains glucosamine
  • Skin Hydrator, which contains hydrolyzed collagen.

Are The Nue Co products safe for pregnant women?

The Nue Co products are safe, but some of them contain adaptogens that are not advised for pregnant women. That’s why it’s better to check with one’s doctor before using any supplements when pregnant.

How to contact The Nue Co customer service?

Customers can reach out to The Nue Co via email – (general questions), (for partnership queries), and (for questions about wholesale purchases). The company typically responds within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

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