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Key points based on customer reviews

SSENSE is a legitimate company that is renowned for selling authentic designer items. Customers often turn to SSENSE when they are looking for a designer item that has already been sold out on the designer’s website.

According to the official website they get all the products from the brands and the designers directly. 

Most of their products come with a card and a number where you can verify the authenticity of the product which I found awesome. 

For added assurance SSENSE will review every single order for quality control before they ship it.

Top Review

Stephanie Mumford: “I personally really love shopping from SSENSE to get my more high-end contemporary and luxury goods. Why I love them so much is their pricing and their duties.

My main reason for shopping from SSENSE is because at the time when I discovered SSENSE Holt Renfrew did not have a very robust online presence in Canada.

If you want to shop online in Canada, your options are to either order from the UK or order from the US. Both options have incredibly high shipping fees and lots of duties paid on your product because it’s not landed merchandise and it’s coming from elsewhere. The other issues that I was running into were things like Saint Laurent and Gucci.

So you’re looking at it on their official website, you’re wanting to order it, you call customer service to get it shipped to you. They won’t do it. The whole experience was a little bit frustrating and especially when I was hunting things like a scarf.

The alternative I found was SSENSE. They have an amazing selection and great Canadian shipping. It’s like you order one day, and the next day it’s already there. Customer service is amazing. It’s so fast, efficient, and so good. I’ve ordered from SSENSE a couple of times.

I have ordered my Levi’s faux leather and a pair of Gucci Black GG Supreme Tights. It has been nothing but a positive experience. The pricing is really good, and then you don’t have to pay any additional duties. Usually you have free shipping, and the cost that you see is the cost that you get. The tax depends on what province you’re in. I live in Ontario, and it’s about 13 CAD. I always pay the harmonized sales tax.

The other thing I want to talk about is the selection. I do find especially for certain things like these Gucci, supreme types were no longer being sold on the Gucci website, couldn’t find them. Anywhere they were on SSENSE. I love the fact that SSENSE usually has fairly good stock.” 

Shipping Times With SSENSE: What to Expect

When ordering from SSENSE, customers can expect shipping to take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the size and origin of the order. For orders with one item, delivery can be as fast as three days if shipped via UPS. 

However, for larger orders and those shipped with Canada Post, it may take up to two weeks for the package to arrive. 

What I also like about SSENSE is that they do free shipping for over a hundred dollars, and they offer free returns.


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