About the Company: Is Spanx Legit?

spanx review

Spanx was founded in 1998 by Sara Blakely. Her main goal was (and still is) to create comfortable, well-fitting undergarments to help women feel their best selves. These days, the company also sells sportswear, sexy lingerie, clothing, shapewear, maternity clothes, and even quality underwear for men.

Spanx was featured on such media as Oprah’s Favorite Things, Forbes Magazine, Inc. Magazine, and more. Spanx also has physical stores, over 590K followers on Instagram, and more than 366K followers on Facebook. This is a legitimate company with a long history in business and a well-recognized name.

Spanx Quality Review: Is It Worth It?

Overall, quality is one of many things Spanx can boast of. Many customers note that the company’s shapewear, leggings, and lingerie are well-made. Additionally, they handle regular washing and frequent wear, which means most Spanx products are likely to last shoppers a long time.

Users also note that Spanx uses thick, quality fabrics for most of its items. The seams are also pretty neat in most cases, which means Spanx pays close attention to details.

However, because the company is so popular and famous, it is possible to stumble across fake products that offer much lower quality. That’s why users need to be extra careful when shopping for Spanx online. It’s better to double-check the list of official Spanx retailers or buy directly from the company’s website.

Spanx Customer Reviews & Ratings


Even though the company is so popular, there aren’t too many Spanx reviews online. Most of them are gathered on the company’s Facebook page and Spanx product pages on online retail platforms (such as Amazon, Macy’s, and so on).

Overall, most of the Spanx products have a 4- or even a 5-star rating. Users are especially happy about the company’s famous shapewear. They note that Spanx really knows its job well, helping women feel both comfortable and confident in pretty much any clothes :

“Spanx takes 10 years off me! My belly in its natural state looks about 4 months pregnant. These Spanx flatten me out to where I was in my 20s. They are wonderful and I can’t say enough good about this brand. They don’t roll down on me and they don’t show through my tighter dresses at all. Money well spent.” (source)

Additionally, shoppers praise the fit of the Spanx products. They note that most of the items use elastic, soft fabric that is very comfortable to wear even daily:

“These Spanx are very comfortable with an elastic material that is like thick nylon. They are easy to pull on and are actually quite comfortable. After moving around quite a bit I had no issues with movement or rolling down while wearing these.” (source)

Another cool thing about the company is that it tries to take good care of its customers. Plenty of reviewers are happy with the customer service provided by Spanx, which makes the shopping experience much more pleasant.

Now, as for the complaints, some of them mention that Spanx shapewear can roll during the day. That being said, shoppers need to remember that shapewear tends to roll mostly when the size is not correct.

There are also a few comments saying that some of the Spanx items run a little small.

With both issues in mind, shoppers might want to contact a Spanx representative before finalizing their purchase to make sure they pick the right size.

Spanx Promotions & Discounts

Up to 37 % OFF


Up to 37 % OFF

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At the time of writing this Spanx review, the company was offering a few special promos and discounts.

First of all, Spanx has a huge Sale category on its official website. There, shoppers can find great deals in different collections, including leggings, activewear, clothing, and shapewear.

The company also has an ongoing Friend Referral program. It allows users to get $20 off by inviting a friend (who will also get 15% off their first purchase over $75).

Spanx also offers free shipping on all orders within the 50 United States (if the purchase is made on the company’s official website).

Users can also get 10% off their next order by subscribing to the company’s newsletter via text messages. All they need to do is text SPANX to 76057.

What Are Spanx’s Faux-Leather Leggings?

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings review

Spanx has a special collection of women’s leggings that look like real leather but feel incredibly comfortable. They vary in styles and colors but all have a wide waistband for a secure fit and a shaping design.

Spanx faux leather leggings are used with quality nylon and elastane. The fabric feels thick enough to serve shoppers for a long time.

Another cool thing about this collection is the seamless center, which means shoppers will be safe from the uncomfortable camel toe when wearing these faux leather leggings.

Additionally, Spanx faux leather leggings have a contoured design. It is meant to highlight the curves of the body and give the booty a perky look.

Spanx Mama Faux Leather Leggings

Mama Faux Leather Leggings Review

Who says maternity clothes have to be baggy and unattractive? Thanks to Spanx, pregnant shoppers can feel their best wearing those stylish leather maternity leggings (faux, of course).

Spanx covers sizes from XS to 3XL in the Mama Faux Leather Leggings collection. These leggings cost $110. They use the company’s proprietary Mama Magic waistband and can deliver bump support without causing uncomfortable compression.

Mama leggings by Spanx are favored for their seamless look and material quality. They feel pleasant to the touch but are thick enough to ensure durable performance:

“The material is a good thickness and the faux leather look is not too shiny. Overall, love these leggings and can’t recommend them more for my fellow pregnant mamas!”

These leggings are pretty soft (including the waistband), so they may fall down occasionally if the size is not correct. Therefore, shoppers might want to contact the customer service first and inquire concerning the suitable size they should get.

Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings

Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings Review

Spanx Moto Leggings stand out from the crowd thanks to their edgy look. This model features textured details on the thighs and inner calves, all in black for an extremely stylish look.

The Moto leggings are available in sizes from XS to 3XL. They cost $110 and come in both Regular and Petite variations (the latter ideal for shoppers under 5’4”).

Shoppers note that this model runs a little small. That being said, most customers love how the Moto leggings feel (comfortable enough for daily wear) and fit (without rolling down):

“I love these leggings. It’s very comfortable and fits me perfectly. I feel like wearing them every day because it really looks gorgeous.”

Even though shoppers may have to size up with these leggings, the Moto model feels almost like a second skin. Spanx uses soft, stretchy fabric, so it should feel pleasant against the body. And the best part is, the Moto leggings go with almost everything – from casual sporty looks to edgy, even masculine styles.

Now, because Spanx offers free returns, shoppers can also order two sizes, try both pairs of leggings at home, and keep whichever size fits them better.

How Do the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Fit?


Most shoppers agree that Spanx faux leather leggings are comfortable and well-fitting. These leggings can highlight one’s beautiful curves without feeling too tight. They do offer some compressing, but in all the right places (the tummy area, for example).

Another cool thing about women’s leggings by Spanx is that they have a contoured high-waist design. As a result, they can help enhance the booty, which is always a great bonus.

Do Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Go On Sale?

Yes, Spanx faux leather leggings go on sale, but only occasionally. Shoppers looking to save more should check the company’s website around seasonal and holiday sales, including Black Friday.

Up to 37 % OFF


Up to 37 % OFF

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Faux leather leggings by Spanx are available in the following colors:

  • black
  • ruby
  • deep green
  • grey snake
  • mocha snake
  • brown
  • dark olive
  • matte snake
  • black with metallic details
  • black with blue details
  • black camo

Commando vs Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

The main difference between Commando and Spanx faux leather leggings is in the fit. While Commando leggings do feel tight, they don’t offer as much support. Faux leather leggings by Spanx, on the other hand, feel like they hold everything tightly and securely Therefore, Spanx may work better for someone looking for a bit of shaping and comfortable compression.

Comparing Commando and Spanx leggings side by side, users can also notice that the former are slightly thicker and have a rougher finish. Such a design makes Commando leggings look more like real leather. As for Spanx, they are softer to the touch and look a bit more like athletic/casual leggings than real leather. This doesn’t mean they look bad. They are just more casual, in a way, while Commando leggings have a slightly more elegant leathery look.

Spanx vs Assets Faux Leather Leggings

The main difference between original Spanx faux leather leggings and the Assets collection hides in the fit. The Assets leggings are extra-long and work perfectly with heels. Additionally, they are more affordable than the original Spanx faux leather leggings. The Assets collection also uses glossier fabric, which results in a slightly different finish (most of the original Spanx leggings are matte).

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings vs Zyia

The first thing shoppers might notice when they see Zyia faux leather leggings is that they have a much more sporty look than Spanx. Zyia leggings are glossier (some might even say shinier) and look cheaper. As for Spanx faux leather leggings, they look more elegant and expensive.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Zyia leggings would work better for casual everyday outfits. Spanx, on the other side, would be ideal for different occasions and looks.

Additionally, Zyia is not as widely available as Spanx. So, it goes without saying that users would have a much easier, stress-free shopping experience with Spanx.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Petite vs Regular

Aside from the variety of sizes (from XS to 3XL), Spanx also offers leggings in Petite and Regular variations, which have to do with height. The Petite category features shorter leggings that would work for girls who are 5’4” and less. The Regular leggings are pretty long and are suited for taller shoppers. Therefore, Spanx ensures a comfortable fit for different body types and can boast of impressive inclusivity when it comes to body sizes.

Spanx Jeans Review

Spanx jeans are famous for their quality. They hold up well with regular wear and multiple washes. Customers especially appreciate the fact that Spanx jeans don’t shrink or lose their color. Therefore, the company offers great value for the price.

Flare Jeans, Midnight Shade

Flare Jeans, Midnight Shade review

The Flare Jeans by Spanx have a pull-on design and a pleasant stretchy feel. This is a high-waist model, so it will easily eliminate the muffin top, providing support and a bit of shaping for the belly. The wide leg opening gives these jeans a classier feel, but they work with various styles – from casual to elegant.

Flare Jeans, Clean Black

Flare Jeans, Clean Black review

The classic black goes with everything, so these jeans by Spanx are ideal for daily wear. They have a shaping waistband to offer optimal support and shaping for the belly. The fabric itself is soft and stretchy, so it shouldn’t dig in. This model has a raised waist, so it can highlight the waistline and add more curve to the booty.

Ankle Skinny Jeans, Midnight Shade

Ankle Skinny Jeans, Midnight Shade review

These skinny jeans have just the right amount of stretch for comfortable wear while delivering the needed support in all the right places. The ankle length makes this model universal and easy to pair with different footwear types. And the shaping waistband will ensure a secure fit and zero bumps.

Distressed Ankle Skinny Jeans, Medium Wash

Distressed Ankle Skinny Jeans Review

Going for a trendier, playful look? These distressed jeans by Spanx can help. This model comes in a Medium Wash that’s super easy to combine with different colors and styles. Therefore, shoppers can wear these jeans during every season. These skinny jeans are also ideal for daily wear, as they are stretchy and easy to move in.

Ankle Skinny Jeans, Light Vintage Wash

Ankle Skinny Jeans, Clean Black review

The color of these jeans is an unforgettable classic. This Light Vintage Wash model is suited for any look, including casual, sporty styles and elegant ensembles. This is a pull-on model, so it has a smooth front. Spanx uses extra stretchy fabric here, so these jeans make dressing pretty much effortless. There’s also a shaping panel in the belly area for extra tummy support.

Ankle Skinny Jeans, White

Ankle Skinny Jeans, White review

A perfect summer look cannot be achieved without great jeans. And this white ankle-length model can be the best solution. Spanx added an elastic waistband for a secure fit, plus a built-in shaping panel. Therefore, these jeans can highlight one’s natural curves and make the belly look slimmer.

Spanx Jeans Sizing

Spanx jeans are available in sizes XS to 3XL. This sizing corresponds with regular clothes sizes from 0 to 26-28. Shoppers can check the detailed chart and measurements on the company’s official website.

Additionally, all Spanx jeans come in Regular, Petite, and Tall variations. Therefore, there’s a suitable model for any height.

Are Spanx Bras Review

Even though Spanx is famous for its shapewear, the company’s bras are a real gem on the lingerie market. They are quality-made and very comfortable. Therefore, it goes without saying that Spanx bras are worth the money.

It gets better: Spanx offers multiple bra styles designed to satisfy different shoppers and their needs. There are full-coverage, minimizer, wireless, and nursing bras. Shoppers can also find bralettes, strapless bras, and many more designs and options. However, regardless of the style, all Spanx bras have one thing in common – they are very comfortable.

Spanx Minimizer Bra

Spanx minimizer bra review

The Minimizer Bra by Spanx is available in band sizes from 34 to 42. It also covers cup sizes from D to G. Needless to say, Spanx caters to different body types.

This bra model cost $68. The Spanx Minimizer Bra comes in two basic colors – black and champagne beige. This is a full-coverage model that uses extra-smooth fabric and, thus, remains invisible under the clothes.

Additionally, the Minimizer Bra by Spanx uses a special sling technology. It allows reducing the breast size (up to 1 inch) without causing uncomfortable compression.

Shoppers are often surprised how this Minimizer Bra by Spanx can shape the breasts while being extremely comfortable :

“I was skeptical that this bra would work, but it really does. It not only minimizes but it’s comfortable and soft. I will buy another one, but also try other Spanx bras”

Spanx Bra-Llelujah Collection

Spanx bra-llelujah collection review

The Bra-Llelujah collection by Spanx includes 11 different bra models to cover most of the shoppers’ needs. There are full-coverage models, bralettes, nursing bras, wireless options, and more. However, what unites all these Spanx bras is their heavenly smooth feel, dig-free straps, and a special back design that helps smooth out any unwanted bumps.

Prices in the Bra-Llelujah collection start at $48. Spanx covers band sizes from 30 to 40 and cup sizes from A to DDD. There are also bra models available in sizes XS to XL.

These bras by Spanx are very well-made. Additionally, they are extremely comfortable, which can be proved by countless shoppers :

“Totally awesome bra for me. I find it very flattering, comfortable, and well-made. Enjoy the smoothing back. For me, it stays in place just fine.”

The Bra-Llelujah collection is presented in mostly neutral colors (except for only a couple of brighter models). Therefore, these Spanx bras can be worn under any clothes daily.

Spanx Strapless Bra

Spanx strapless bra review

Spanx offers 3 models in the strapless bra category: the Undie-Tectable Bandeau, Up for Anything Strapless Bra, and Headlights Hiders (in two sizes).

The Up for Anything Strapless Bra is one of the company’s best-sellers. It is available in band sizes from 32 to 40 and cup sizes from A to DD. It is sold for $74. This strapless bra is available in champagne beige and black.

The Undie-Tectable Bandeau is another best-seller. It comes in sizes XS to XL. There are 5 colors available, so this bandeau can work with pretty much any outfit. It costs $48.

Shoppers are happy with the way Spanx strapless bras fit. They provide enough support even for bustier girls but remain invisible under the clothes and comfortable:

“Love the “smart grip” and how it sticks to the body! The elastic band really helps to smooth out the back. Will be ordering the black because this bra is so comfortable! So happy I actually found a bra that I like.”

Spanx Mama Nursing Bra

Spanx Reversible Comfort Bra Review

The Bra-llelujah! Mama Nursing Bra by Spanx is one of those models that go well with everything. This bra is smooth, well-fitting, and pleasant to the touch. Additionally, it delivers the needed support without digging into the skin.

This model costs $58. It is available in sizes XS to XL and three colors: black, cafe au lait (coffee with milk), and Naked 2.0 (beautiful nude color).

Most users agree that the best thing about this nursing bra by Spanx is how it combines comfort with support. Plus, it works for different occasions and clothes types:

“Absolutely loved, fits great, great support, casual or formal”

Spanx Reversible Comfort Bra

Reversible Comfort Bra - 2-Pac Review

Breast of Both Worlds Reversible Comfort Bra by Spanx costs $68 and combines two bras in one. There are 6 color duets available. This reversible bra comes in sizes XS to 3XL.

One of the coolest things about this model is how soft yet supportive it is:

“SO comfortable, I remove the inside cups, the double fabric layer is strong and comfortable and supports very well.”

Additionally, shoppers love how versatile this Spanx bra is. It has removable padded cups, so users can experiment and find the most comfortable configuration. Additionally, the Breast of Both Worlds Reversible Comfort Bra doesn’t show under the clothes.

Does Spanx Really Work for Plus Size?

spanx review

Spanx covers a lot of shapewear, lingerie, and clothing for plus-size shoppers. The leggings and pants run up to the size 2XL. The shapewear collection covers sizes up to 3XL.

And here’s the good news: Spanx does work for a bigger build, especially the shapewear items. They use thick, stretchy fabric that feels adaptive but has a noticeable compressing effect. Additionally, the fabric is very smooth. Therefore, it won’t dig into one’s body and cause discomfort.

Spanx Return Policy Review

Shoppers who aren’t 100% happy with their order can return Spanx products within 90 days of purchase date (for a refund, of course). There’s no return fee for orders within the US. However, the original shipping cost will not be refunded.

Naturally, the items shouldn’t have signs of wear, damage, and stains. Products from the Final Sale category are not eligible for returns.

Spanx Shipping Policy Review

Luckily, Spanx offers free shipping to the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. In most cases, orders take around 5-9 business days to arrive.

The company also ships to APO, FPO, and DPO addresses and US Territories. However, these orders take longer to arrive (up to 30 days).

Shoppers can also choose the Basic shipping method. It usually takes 3-4 business days and costs $11.95. Expedited shipping costs $16.95 and typically takes only 2 business days to arrive. There’s also an Overnight shipping method for urgent situations. It costs $24.95. However, users need to place their order before 12 pm EST to receive it the next day.

Spanx also currently ships internationally to Canada. The Standard shipping method costs $9.95 and takes approximately 4-9 business days to arrive. The Express shipping is pricier ($24.95) but takes only 2-3 business days.

Spanx Pros & Cons


  • excellent quality with reasonable prices, great value for money
  • plenty of options to choose from, including shapewear, clothing, lingerie, activewear, and more
  • customer-friendly return and shipping policies
  • lots of options for plus-size shoppers


  • some of the products may run a little small, so shoppers might need to contact customer service to make sure they
  • get the right size


Who Is The Founder Of Spanx?

Sara Blakely is the founder and CEO of Spanx.

Where To Buy Spanx?

​​Shoppers can get Spanx items on the company’s official website and via such major retailers as Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, ASOS, and more.

Should You Size Up in Spanx Leggings?

For most Spanx faux leather leggings, shoppers don’t have to size up. Still, there are a few models that run a little small. Luckily, Spanx always mentions that on their product pages. Therefore, users can get clues on whether to size up or not.

Do Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Run True to Size?

Most Spanx faux leather leggings are true to size. Nonetheless, there are still models that may run a little small. To prevent any disappointment in the future, Spanx mentions the size peculiarities of each leggings type on every product page. So, shoppers will always know which leggings run a bit small and which are true to size.

What Size Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Should I Get?

Shoppers should pick the appropriate leggings size based on the size chart presented by the company. Additionally, there are two collections based on height – Regular and Petite. As the name suggests, the former is more suitable for smaller ladies (5’4” and below).

For hesitant shoppers, it might be a good idea to contact customer service. Spanx representatives can help users pick the right size based on the measurements that they share.

Do Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Make Noise?

Faux leather leggings by Spanx do not make any weird noises. The company uses a nylon and elastane blend for those leggings. The fabric is smooth to the touch and soft. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sounds. No need to worry about any potentially awkward situations!

Why Do Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Roll Down?

Spanx faux leather leggings may roll down when the size isn’t right. The thing is, when the leggings fit too tightly, the body curves will press too hard against the fabric. In other words, the body will push the waistline, making it roll down.

Leggings may also fall down at the waist and the crotch when the size is too big.

Therefore, the key to preventing any of these issues is picking the right size. Shoppers need to pay close attention to the sizing charts presented by the company and the fit peculiarities described on every product page. When leggings run a bit small, Spanx mentions that on the product page.

Do Spanx Faux Leather Leggings Stretch Out?

Spanx faux leather leggings do not stretch out. They are famous for their quality design and fabrics. Spanx uses top-notch nylon and elastane, which allow these women’s leggings to retain their shape for a long time.

Where to Buy Spanx Faux Leather Leggings in the US and Canada?

Spanx faux leather leggings are sold on the company’s official website and multiple women’s stores across the country. Shoppers can look for Spanx products at Macy’s, Walmart, Bloomingdale’s, and more. Spanx leggings are also available on Amazon.

As for Canadian shoppers, they can get Spanx faux leather leggings on the company’s official website as it ships to Canada. There are also Spanx leggings on Amazon and Walmart.ca.

Will Spanx Flatten My Stomach?

Yes, Spanx shapewear uses effective compression to help cover the stomach area and flatten it effectively. Of course, the final result will depend on the user’s size. But in most cases, wearing Spanx has noticeable results.

Should You Size It Down In Spanx?

Not necessarily. Users shouldn’t feel squeezed wearing shapewear, so they mustn’t size it down with Spanx. In fact, some of the products might even run a little small. That’s why it might be a good idea to talk to a company representative to pick the right size.

Where To Buy Spanx Bras In The US, Australia, And Canada?

Spanx bras are available on the company’s official website. Shoppers can also find them at such major retailers as Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, ASOS, Bloomingdale’s, etc.

Canadian shoppers can purchase from the company’s official website too, as Spanx offers international shipping. There are also some of the Spanx bras available on Canadian Amazon and Walmart. Shoppers might also want to check Poshmark, TheBay Canada, What Girls Want, Simons, etc.

Users from Australia have a few options as well. They can buy Spanx bras on the official website and benefit from the company’s international shipping. Additionally, Australian shoppers can find Spanx bras via The Iconic, David Jones, Myer, Next, and more.

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