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What Is a Southern Tide Store?

Southern Tide review


Southern Tide is an online retailer that sells quality men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing (plus accessories).

The company was founded in 2006 by Allen Stephenson who was still a college student at that time. His initial goal was making the perfect polo (Skipjack Polo). Allen wanted to combine modern designs with a hint of that neat southern style.

From its signature polo, the brand grew to a unique collection of t-shirts, button-ups, pullovers, and shorts. These days, Southern Tide also sells youth apparel and women’s clothes.

It’s one of those retailers that combine quality with style. Most of the Southern Tide’s collections are trendy but somewhat preppy. I kind of get a “relaxed elegance” vibe from these clothes, which I like a lot.

Is Southern Tide Legit?

Southern Tide is a trustworthy, legitimate brand that is safe to buy from. This online retailer has been around for 14 years. It has 190,000 followers on Instagram and more than 420,000 followers on Facebook. Needless to say, Southern Tide is legit and quite popular.


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Southern Tide Quality Review

Southern Tide Reviews

Southern Tide is famous for its quality clothing pieces. The company uses only those fabrics that can boast of exceptional durability. For everyday wear, Southern Tide prefers natural fabrics (such as cotton, for example), which are both long-lasting and pleasant to the skin.

It’s also worth mentioning that most of the Southern Tide clothing holds up with time rather well – “This is the highest quality of dress shirts. My husband has worn this for several years on a weekly basis during the summer and spring, and it still looks as good as new.” (source)

Another aspect that can be a good indication of a product’s quality is what it looks like in real life. Luckily, with Southern Tide, you don’t have to deal with any unpleasant surprises when receiving your order. The items presented on the website are true to life – “It’s exactly what it shows and the style is very flattering!”

The only thing that may differ is the color shade, which may depend on the settings of your monitor. However, the differences are usually rather minor.

Southern Tide Customer Reviews & Ratings

Southern Tide

At the time of writing this Southern Tide review, the company did not have that many customer reports on such popular websites as Yelp or TrustPilot. That’s why, to see what customers have to say about Southern Tide, we turned to the company’s website. Luckily, shoppers often leave reviews on product pages after the purchase.

Now, most items on Southern Tide’s website have a 4- or a 5-star rating. Overall, users are very happy with the product quality and the selection the company offers – “I love cotton polos, and they are hard to find. This one is a perfect weight, holds its shape and fits well” and “Southern Tide has always been a good quality product in materials and workmanship.”

Shoppers also appreciate the fabric choice of Southern Tide. They note that this brand’s clothes are comfortable, pleasant to the touch, and lightweight while being durable at the same time – “Fabric is so soft but still substantial, not too thin” and “Material is so soft & comfortable! Would definitely recommend!”

As for complaints, those aren’t too frequent. In most cases, shoppers who aren’t 100% satisfied mention that the sizing is a bit off for some of the items. Therefore, to avoid any disappointment upon receiving your order, you might want to double-check the measurements and read the reviews carefully before finalizing your purchase.

A few shoppers also feel like some of the products by Southern Tide are a bit overpriced – “While the quality of the product was nice, it didn’t particularly stand out from others similarly (or lesser) priced.”

Read What Real Buyers Say

Southern Tide Men’s T-Shirts

Southern Tide Men's T-Shirts

Southern Tide offers a wide variety of quality men’s T-shirts. Most of them fall under the company’s signature marine theme, so there are plenty of tees in all shades of the ocean.

Prices start at $38. Southern Tide covers sizes from XS to XXL. There are both long- and short-sleeve t-shirts available on the company’s website. Most of them have a classic fit and are true to size.

The top-selling items are the Long-Sleeve Original Skipjack T-shirt and the Original Skipjack Short-Sleeve T-shirt.

The short-sleeve t-shirt costs $38. It is available in 4 colors: Yacht Blue, Ocean Channel, White, and Offshore

Green. This t-shirt by Southern Tide is made using top-quality cotton jersey.

It is very soft to the touch and breathable, so you can wear this t-shirt all day long and still remain comfortable.

It even features a printed label. So, nothing is going to irritate the back of your neck (as it often happens because of clothes labels).

The Long-Sleeve Original Skipjack T-shirt costs $44. It comes in 3 colors: Ocean Channel, Yacht Blue, and

Classic White. This model also uses 100% cotton jersey.

Thanks to its long sleeves, this t-shirt is more versatile in use. It can work for cooler evenings, as the sleeves offer extra coverage. At the same time, the Original Skipjack T-shirt is breathable, so it would be suited for warm weather as well.

Southern Tide Women’s Dresses

Southern Tide Women's Dresses

The Women’s Dresses collection by Southern Tide isn’t very expansive, but each item in this section is well-thought-out and quality made. The company focuses mostly on casual models that can be worn to countless occasions and events. Therefore, women’s dresses by Southern Tide are rather universal in use.

Prices start at $78. The brand carries sizes from XS to XL.

The fabric also deserves to be mentioned here, as Southern Tide uses fabrics that are gentle on the skin and don’t cause irritation or discomfort.

Some of the sizes may run a little big, so if you aren’t a fan of loose clothing, you might want to check other shopper’s reviews. They can help you understand how the dress may fit someone of your size.

Southern Tide Bedding

Southern Tide Bedding

Southern Tide can help you feel your best not only during the day wearing its clothes but also during the night, as the company offers over 15 comforter sets and quilts.

Prices start at $99.99. The most popular colors on Southern Tide’s website are teal, coral, green, white, and of course, blue.

For the bedding, this brand uses 100% natural cotton. This fabric is breathable, so it should keep you cool (or at least temperature-neutral) even during warm summer nights. Additionally, the Southern Tide’s cotton bedding is silky smooth against the skin.

And the best part is, these bed sets and comforters do not disappoint. Shoppers note that Southern Tide’s bedding looks great in real life and feels very pleasant to the touch.

It’s also worth noting that the company’s sets and comforters hold up quite well with regular use and washing.

Southern Tide Shipping Policy

Here’s the great news right away: Southern Tide ships to all states and US territories.

The company offers free Ground Economy shipping by FedEx for orders over $50. For purchases below that rate, there is a $9.50 shipping fee. There are also Home and Ground shipping methods available (free for orders over $99).

If you’re in a hurry, you can pay $21.50 for 2-day express shipping. Overnight shipping costs $32.50.

Generally, Southern Tides takes around 2-7 days to deliver orders shipped using FedEx Ground Economy and 2-5 days using Home or Ground shipping.

Unfortunately, Southern Tide does not offer international shipping.

Southern Tide Return Policy

Southern Tide offers a 30-day return window with all of its items. The clothes have to be unworn and unwashed, with original tags and a packing slip. The returns are free, which makes shopping from Southern Tide much more pleasant (and safer, for that matter).

You can apply for a return here – The step-by-step process is easy to follow and shouldn’t take much time.

On average, Southern Tide takes around 10-12 business days to process refunds. The appropriate amount will be transferred to your original payment method.

Southern Tide Promotions & Discounts

Southern Tide often has items on sale on its website. Therefore, if you’re looking to save more, you might want to browse the Southern Tide online store regularly.

The company also offers a 20% discount for first responders (EMT, firefighters, and police), health care providers, active-duty military personnel, military spouses, veterans, and registered teachers.

You can also join the Southern Tide’s mailing list and get exclusive offers and sale reminders.


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Verdict: Is Southern Tide Worth It?

Southern Tide review

Given the quality of Southern Tide’s clothing and bedding, it’s safe to say that this brand is worth buying from. Southern Tide combines universal designs with its unique style and makes clothes you can wear daily. Plus, Southern Tide uses quality fabrics that should serve you for a long time. And if you are still feeling a bit hesitant, remember that the company offers free returns.


  • quality pieces that hold up well with regular use and washing;
  • free returns;
  • universal styles that make Southern Tide’s clothing very versatile in use;
  • free shipping on orders over $50;
  • ships to all 50 states and US territories;
  • discounts for first responders, teachers, military personnel, and health care providers;
  • wide range of kids’ clothes;
  • sells stylish accessories as well, including belts, hats, bags, ties, fragrance, dog accessories, and more;
  • timely deliveries in most cases.


  • some of the items may run a bit small or large, so it wouldn’t hurt reading other shoppers’ reviews before making a purchase (just to be on the safe side);
  • a few shoppers also note that some of Southern Tide’s tops can be either too long or too short for an average user. Therefore, don’t neglect the measurements on the product page to make sure you get something suited for your height.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Southern Tide’s founder?

The founder of Southern Tide is Allen Stephenson.

Where to buy Southern Tide?

You can purchase Southern Tide’s products on the company’s official website – You can also use a store locator to find Southern Tide in your area – Some of the items are also available on Amazon.

Where is Southern Tide made?

Southern Tide manufactures its products in Greenville, South Carolina.

How did Southern Tide get started?

Southern Tide was founded in 2006 by Allen Stephenson, who was a college student at that time. He wanted to create a premium lifestyle brand and started with polos, later expanding the product line.
Where does Southern Tide manufacture its clothes?

Southern Tide makes its clothes in Greenville, South Carolina.

How to contact Southern Tide?

You can reach Southern Tide representatives through one of the following channels:
phone – 1-855-890-8334

  • Contact Us form on the company’s website
  • email –
  • Chat Box on the company’s website


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