About the Company: Is Simpletire Legit?

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Simpletire was founded in 2012 by brothers Josh and Andy Chalofsky and theirfriend Kenny Pratt. The founders of the company wanted to make the daunting task of getting replacement tires much easier and smoother. These days, Simpletire has thousands of loyal customers.

Simpletire was mentioned on such media sources as Forbes, Finalist, Inc., and more. Additionally, the company has more than 15k followers on Instagram and over 33k followers on Facebook. Needless to say, Simpletire is a legitimate company and safe to buy from.

Simpletire Quality Review: Is It Worth It?

Most Simpletire reviews mention that the company offers quality tires for a reasonable price. Many users note that they would gladly order from the company again since they are rather satisfied with the product quality.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of complaints mentioning defective tires. This issue is pretty rare, however, and Simpletire always tries to handle such incidents as soon as possible.

How Does Simpletire Work?

Simpletire makes replacing tires as easy as it can be. All shoppers need to do is go to the company’s official website and find the suitable tires in the catalog (searching by the vehicle type, the tire size, the brand, or the tire type).

Then, users need to choose where they want their tires to be shipped to. It can be either a local tire shop or the user’s doorstep. If it’s a local shop, the next step would be scheduling an appointment. Users are free to choose a convenient time when they are ready to get their new tires installed.

Simpletire Reviews & Ratings

Simpletire Reviews

Simpletire has plenty of reviews online, which proves the company is quite popular.

There are over 800 customer reports on Sitejabber with an average rating of 4.5 stars. Simpletire also has more than 1,100 reviews on Reseller Ratings (4.12 stars). Plus, there are over 1,900 customer comments on the company’s Facebook page, with an average rating of 4.3 stars.

Now, the majority of Simpletire customers are happy with the company and its products. Users also note that Simpletire is usually swift with deliveries.

Customers are also happy with the variety of options the company offers and the smooth shopping process:

“I found their site and they had more tires to choose from than anything on the net. Tires showed up in 3 business days. A great overall experience. Would highly recommend them to anyone.” (source)

Among the complaints, users mostly mention a slow response from customer service. Additionally, some shoppers note that it can be hard to reach the support team, as they have to go through automated recordings first.

However, trying to reach the company’s help center is not usually that hard, as Simpletire just has busier days occasionally.

Simpletire Promotions, Discounts & Coupon Codes

Up to 30 % OFF


Up to 30 % OFF

Get Fall Ready

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Expires Today

Luckily, Simpletire has regular sales and discounts to help shoppers save more on every purchase.

At the time of writing this Simpletire review, the company was having a fall sale (up to 30% off on selected tire models), a winter tire sale (up to 30% off on winter tires), up to 30% off on Yokohama tires, and a light truck sale (up to 30% discounts).

Additionally, Simpletire has a friend referral program. Shoppers can get a $10 reward when their friend makes the first purchase. At the same time, the new user would receive up to 20% off their first order. So, it’s a win-win for everyone.

The company also offers rebates (up to $100) on select tires when shoppers buy 4 at once.

And it doesn’t end there: shoppers can also save up to 20% by signing up for the company’s newsletter.
There is also a 5% military discount. Plus, let’s not forget about the free shipping the company offers with every tire that it sells.

The Most Popular Tire Brands

  • Pirelli
  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Hankook
  • Continental
  • Yokohama
  • Bfgoodrich
  • Falken
  • Tayotires
  • Kumho
  • Firestone
  • Nitto

How Long Does Simpletire Take to Ship?

On average, the company usually takes 1 business day to process orders and 2-4 business days to deliver the tires. Of course, the shipping time would depend on the shopper’s location. But in most cases, users receive their tires from Simpletire quite fast.

Does Simpletire Charge Tax?

Yes, Simpletire charges tax, just like any other retailer in the US. The prices on the company’s official website usually do not include taxes. However, shoppers can see the full amount during the check-out (including taxes, protection plans, and installation fees).

Why Is Simpletire Cheaper Than Tire Rack?

One of the main reasons why Simpltire is cheaper than Tire Rack is that the latter has been in business longer. Therefore, Tire Rack has a more expansive marketing campaign and a more recognizable name, which allows the company to set higher prices.

Additionally, Simpletire covers a much wider range of tire brands. This means the company can offer more affordable brands, which makes Simpletire more suitable for budget shoppers.

On top of that, Simpletire offers more frequent discounts and promos, which helps the company cut the prices even more.

Simpletire Warranty

Now, each Simpletire product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The coverage and conditions may differ depending on the brand. However, most of them include repair or replacement of the tires that arrive with defective materials or workmanship.

Additionally, Simpletire offers its Road Hazard Coverage. This service offers protection for the customers when their tire fails due to puncture, road impact, bruise, etc. In this case, users can get up to 100% of their tire cost and monetary reimbursements needed for repairs.

This warranty by Simpletire covers 3 years of tire use. In most cases, the Road Hazard Coverage costs around 10% of a tire’s price.

Simpletire Shipping Policy

As mentioned before, Simpletire offers free shipping on every order shipped to a FedEx pickup location or one of the company’s installer partners.

However, shoppers should know that there is a nominal handling fee on tires shipped to another business or the user’s residence.

Free shipping is available for all orders within the contiguous United States only.

Simpletire Return Policy

The company makes online shopping for replacement tires as safe as it can be. Thus, Simpletire gives shoppers 30 days from the delivery date to return the tires that don’t work for them. Of course, the tires have to be unused (which means they shouldn’t have been mounted or driven on either).

Once Simpletire receives the tires and checks them, the refund will be processed. There is a handling fee, though: $15 per tire.

Here’s the good news: shoppers who have ordered the wrong size can place a new order with the correct one, and they wouldn’t have to pay the handling fee.

Simpletire Pros & Cons


  • thousands of tires to choose from, which allows Simpletire to offer a wider variety than most of the competitors
  • free shipping and easy returns
  • easy-to-navigate website for a smooth shopping experience
  • warranties on every tire and special protection coverages to ensure customer protection


  • sometimes, the customer service representatives can be more challenging to reach (depending on how busy the day is)
  • occasional delivery delays are possible (but not frequent)

Who Owns Simpletire?

The founders and CEOs of Simpletire are Andy and Josh Chalofsky.

Where Is Simpletire Located?

The company’s headquarters is located in Trevose, PA.

Customer Reviews

Alberto Perez
Alberto Perez
18:14 09 May 22
I used them for the first time, i had a great feeling, and high hopes, but it's becoming a nightmare. I replaced two tires, paid for road hazard and the installation. First I had to switch installers due to issues at their first authorized installer, Tire Kingdom, I had to take them over to Tire plus. The next day when I hit the highway and reach 70 mph, I get serious shakes, so I took it back to tire plus and they rebalanced it but I still get the shakes. This is clearly an issue with the tires, and there's a defect somewhere, since my vehicle did not shake before. I'm jumping through all the hoops to have these replaced quickly, but the hoops are getting stupid. Now they want me to get a road force balance done through an authorized installer, but none of the ones I call do that, and they all tell me to go to the dealer. The dealer charges 50$ per tire, and at the end of the day they're not listed as an authorized installer. Simple tire is doing everything possible not to replace the tires under warranty, wasting my time and money to prove to them that the tires are defective. I regret going through this site, and will recommend everyone to stay away.
Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley
21:39 03 May 22
Well this is a hard review (I’m torn between a 1 and a 2)I want to say the responsibility didn’t belong to SimpleTire but ultimately it doesThe pro’s:-The available data for the individual tires is amazing. All the specs are there. No issues getting the right tire for the wheel.-The selection-Ease of shipping-Select an installer near you and there are many choices-communication was great-The support staff = helpful friendly and responsive.-So far they are solid tires. Def like themThe Cons:-tires didn’t arrive on time-which didn’t matter because the installer I chose changed my appointment date to a week later than I chose-I noticed I didn’t receive the road hazard paperwork I paid for and was billed. I contacted SimpleTire, they looked into it and then said “oh sorry not available on those tires”. They did refund me quickly however. Don’t put that option on the tire if it isn’t available. It DID have a factor on why I chose ST.- Their network installer that I prepaid for gave me 4 different excuses as to why he may or may not be able to mount the tires (let it be known I brought them unmounted wheels to put the tires on). They ended up telling me they weren’t able to mount them. If their installers won’t do truck wheels …state such on the website. Again I chose to use ST because of their reduced pricing and ease of use installersBetween the road hazard (or I should say the discounted road hazard I didn’t get) and the install monies (I had to pay full install local prices) I had to pay later…..I could have bought the tires local, gotten road hazard and install from the same shop, less headaches and spent about the same amount of money. .Now I have no road hazard, no lifetime balance (cause I didn’t buy the tires from a local shop) and a ton of time driving tires and wheels around the city that I’ll never get back.Again the staff was very responsive, I received all my refunds quickly. But if their website and perks and installers are poor……that’s on ST. Ultimately they are responsible for what the sell and which providers they use.It’s going to be a 1Lack of monies saved, product options advertised and not delivered.
Killor B
Killor B
17:56 26 Apr 22
Ordered online with a guarantee of delivery date and installation. Delays in shipping. Installing merchant had no clue about order. Simple Tire emails me to request I wait till Friday. I say no give me my money!! They say we will charge you $30 to restock. They never tried to fix their mistake. Only make matters worse. Now I have to wait for tires to get to installer only to be returned. After 5 days of tires getting back to simple tire warehouse, they may consider releasing funds then. TERRIBLE SERVICE!! DON'T ORDER FROM HERE
Brian York
Brian York
13:16 21 Apr 22
Absolutely no communication on order status or applicable shipping delays. Originally quoted for price with 1 day shipping, and given the urgent nature of needing tires to put on a car, the fact that the order was delayed 8 days is beyond reasonable, and the company offered a 7% credit when I could have had the tires locally for much less $ and in a shorter time period than the now week+ wait. Horrible. Avoid sites like this - free 1 day shipping nationwide with competitive pricing sounds too good to be true because it is.
Justine Ehrman
Justine Ehrman
20:29 02 Apr 22
My son ordered summer tires in 2019. When they were mounted and balanced we were informed by the place that did it they were old stock. He didn’t mention how old and we didn’t know that it mattered. Our fault. At that time simple tires gave a small refund. We the tires have been used for 2 summer seasons and went to put on a third time to find out they are all 4 completely cupped. Upon looking at them closer these tires have dates of 2011 x2, 2012 x1, 2013 x1. We had no idea they were that old of stock. I find it unbelievable that simple tires even sold these tires . Our own fault for not knowing but would hesitate to ever order again from here.
Dick Trumbull
Dick Trumbull
02:34 23 Mar 22
I bought some expensive Nitto tires for my Corvette. The tires arrived on time and I appreciate they offer a 5% military discount. I used one of their tire partners for installation and had no issues. However after the tires were mounted I found the date code on the tires showed they are already 3 years old. The 0619 number on the tire means they were manufactured the 6 week of 2019. Several auto manufactures recommend replacing tires after they are 6 years from the date code and since I don't put many miles on my car the age of the tire is important.Contacted the company and was told their policy is they sell tires up to 4 years old. They stated tires are stored in a climate controlled facility. Initially customer service would not offer any discount and I could not return them as they had already been mounted. Even if I had discovered they were 3 years old before mounting and wanted to return them, they charge you to return ship the tires. However after further contact with a representative of the company they did offer a discount.Overall I am very pleased with the selection, price, shipping, installation and customer service provided by Simple Tire and will use them again in the future. However I do feel a better policy would be to notify you if the tires they are shipping you are 2-4 years old so you could make an informed decision before having the tires shipped.
Orin Backlund
Orin Backlund
15:24 16 Mar 22
Never again will I use this company! I ordered 4 truck tires on their website solely because they claimed they could have the tires delivered to an installer in two days. They didn't even come close. It took over a week, and they never once contacted me to let me know the problem. They scheduled the installation on the wrong day. They sent an email notification with the wrong time for the appointment. I left work twice for no reason to get the tires mounted. Time is money ! The third time, I got there and had to pay for the valve stem replacement because it is not covered by SimpleTire. If they charge you for a complete installation and I had to put my year make and model of vehicle in to order the tires why can't they charge appropriately for the type of valve stems on the vehicle? Terrible service and attention to detail is some of the worst I've ever seen. Very unprofessional business. There are way better tire retailers that deserve my money.
PwrdbyS54 J
PwrdbyS54 J
15:55 08 Mar 22
Check the date codes of your tires because the reason they’re so cheap is they’ve been rotting in a warehouse!Ship time and communication are good with this company along with competitive prices, however please ensure you know how to read a DOT production date code on a tire. Simple Tire sent me 5 year old tires which is a serious safety issue. Because I didn’t notice within 30 days (yes that’s on me) they told me to pound sand.Update**Contacted them as requested by reply and they still offered to do nothing so the below is just lip service.
PwrdbyS54 J
PwrdbyS54 J
13:05 07 Mar 22
Ship time and communication are good with this company along with competitive prices, however please ensure you know how to read a DOT production date code on a tire. Simple Tire sent me 5 year old tires which is a serious safety issue. Because I didn’t notice within 30 days (yes that’s on me) they told me to pound sand. Again, check the date codes of your tires because the reason they’re so cheap is they’ve been rotting in a warehouse.
Kurt Karasch
Kurt Karasch
00:14 19 Feb 22
I ordered two tires. First shipment was already delayed then one tire got lost. No clue why you don't bundle pairs like every other tire companies to avoid this and theft. Then now the replacement order is delayed. Literally will be 18 days to get 2 tires that is costing me thousands of dollars and you refused to expedite a replacement tire. The previous order was also delayed on a pair of tires that didn't arrive at the same time and cost me money too because of the scheduled mobile installer. I will never purchase again. "reply to response" I did contact and they said there was nothing they could do. not even offering a voucher, expedited shipping, nothing.... terrible experience on every order and cost me time and money.
Don Meeker
Don Meeker
14:46 14 Feb 22
BEWARE Terrible Company. Purchased 4 name brand tires for my f350 bought the tires that had a 60,000 mile warranty. tires where mounted, balanced, and front end alignment . Tires only had 20,000 miles on them and they would not pass inspection. Contacted simple tire and got the usual BS -wanted the tires and truck inspected by an authorized installer -had that done and they found no issues except even wear on the tires. then they wanted pictures of all four tires which I sent. This all started in Oct of 2021 and now it is Feb of 2022. The latest was that Simple tire wanted me to ship the tires back to them for inspection and wanted proof of tire rotation every 5,000 miles. I rotated the tires at 7,500 and 14,000 miles and found the problem when i went to rotate at 20,000. I have a garage with lift, air, tire mounter and tire balancer and do most work on my vehicles and the family fleet which is close to 20 vehicles. Because I didn't pay an installer to install and rotate the tires they are refusing the warranty. the tires they sell must be factory seconds or rejects if they have issues with them. I will make sure any of the vehicles that I maintain never have tires from this company.
Wade Johnson
Wade Johnson
13:53 23 Jan 22
Great selection of tires at good prices. Quick delivery and extensive choice of places to get them mounted. I've used them twice and have no doubt I will use them again.
Nikki Teague
Nikki Teague
20:32 18 Jan 22
I recently ordered tires from here. I had a major issue with installation company. I immediately contacted simple tire. They quickly took my complaint and discounted my purchase in addition to reimbursing me in full to have the tires mounted at a different facility. You can measure a company by how they deal with a problem. Simple Tire made certain that I was satisfied. It’s hard to find companies these days that truly care about customer satisfaction. I highly recommend this company and will do business with them again.
Rin Sera
Rin Sera
19:05 09 Dec 21
SimpleTire online made buying 4 tires for both of my cars at the same time (ugh) a little less painful. The prices a lot less expensive than any local shops and I loved that I also got discounted installation at a local shop by purchasing the tires with install on simple tire's site. I've already recommended the site to others and will be back in a few years when tires are due again. Shipping was also very fast and took about 5 business days!
23:20 02 Dec 21
Ordered on line. Great pricing, great selection. We were not able to find tires in our area for my moms truck. This is why we chose Simple Tire. The tires arrived in a few days. We had them installed today. My mom is more than pleased with the tires. She made the comment I feel much safer driving now in the snow. Thank you Simple Tire.
20:23 10 Apr 21
Simple Tire is a great place for an excellent tire buying experience. I would highly recommend Simple Tire as a reliable source for good quality, great selection and the best price! Thanks Simple Tire!
Ronnie Deno Administrator
Ronnie Deno Administrator