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About the Company: Is Simpletire Legit?

simpletire review

Simpletire was founded in 2012 by brothers Josh and Andy Chalofsky and theirfriend Kenny Pratt. The founders of the company wanted to make the daunting task of getting replacement tires much easier and smoother. These days, Simpletire has thousands of loyal customers.

Simpletire was mentioned on such media sources as Forbes, Finalist, Inc., and more. Additionally, the company has more than 15k followers on Instagram and over 33k followers on Facebook. Needless to say, Simpletire is a legitimate company and safe to buy from.

Simpletire Quality Review: Is It Worth It?

Most Simpletire reviews mention that the company offers quality tires for a reasonable price. Many users note that they would gladly order from the company again since they are rather satisfied with the product quality.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of complaints mentioning defective tires. This issue is pretty rare, however, and Simpletire always tries to handle such incidents as soon as possible.

How Does Simpletire Work?

Simpletire makes replacing tires as easy as it can be. All shoppers need to do is go to the company’s official website and find the suitable tires in the catalog (searching by the vehicle type, the tire size, the brand, or the tire type).

Then, users need to choose where they want their tires to be shipped to. It can be either a local tire shop or the user’s doorstep. If it’s a local shop, the next step would be scheduling an appointment. Users are free to choose a convenient time when they are ready to get their new tires installed.

Experiences & Complaints​

SimpleTire has many excellent reviews on SiteJabber, where it has a 4.4-star rating from 948 reviews. Also, the company has a relatively good rating on Trustpilot, with 3,9 stars and 383 reviews. Keep reading to learn more about SimpleTire benefits and drawbacks.

Positive Reviews

Many customers emphasize the price’s affordability. Some even mention they’ve got extra discounts:

“Checked out simple tire prices against local sellers as well as top online Warehouse clubs, they either didn’t carry the tire, or it was significantly higher. Not only was the tire cheaper, but they also offered me a military discount.”  [1]

Delivery is one of the critical parts of the shopping experience, so you’d better make sure the store provides smooth and fast shipping. Here’s what SimpleTire customers say:

“I ordered simple tires on a Saturday morning, and they were shipped first thing Monday. I had them installed Thursday morning, and they were exactly as ordered and sized. I couldn’t have had a smoother experience and would order again.” [2]

In addition to the mentioned advantages, SimpleTire is easy to order from, as it has a diversity of payment options, as well as user-friendly website:

“Easy to navigate the site, prices are matched if not lower than competitors, easy pay options, super fast shipping, no issues at all, will continue doing business with this company!”  [3]

Negative Reviews

The main issue of SimpleTire, in the opinion of most unsatisfied consumers, is connected with delivery. Even though most orders are delivered on time, some of them are shipped with delays. There are even clients who mention their tires were delivered to the wrong address. Note the company often blames FedEx, the delivery service it deals with:

“I spent a thousand with this company to be left in the dark for 2 weeks about where my tires were. They blamed fed ex and visa versa, but yet, I’m still waiting for my refund. Buying tires from them has cost me big time.” [4]

Also, some people note the tires they got are not the items they ordered:

“Website was easy to navigate, and shipping was fast, but I was sent the completely wrong tire. They didn’t even get the brand right.” [5]

Here are the key points you can pay attention to when defining the main pros and cons of SimpleTire products:

  • Shipment and delivery are done right on time in most cases
  • Superb products selection
  • Affordable and compatible prices
  • Many customers stated they got the wrong products
  • Very knowledgeable and professional customer support
  • Precise shipping instructions
  • Smooth ride and great handling of tires
  • The website is easy to navigate and order from

Simpletire Promotions, Discounts & Coupon Codes

Up to 30 % OFF


Up to 30 % OFF

Get Fall Ready

More Less
Expires Today

At the time of writing this Simpletire review, the company was having a fall sale (up to 30% off on selected tire models), a winter tire sale (up to 30% off on winter tires), up to 30% off on Yokohama tires, and a light truck sale (up to 30% discounts). 

Additionally, Simpletire has a friend referral program. Shoppers can get a $10 reward when their friend makes the first purchase. At the same time, the new user would receive up to 20% off their first order. So, it’s a win-win for everyone.

The company also offers rebates (up to $100) on select tires when shoppers buy 4 at once.

And it doesn’t end there: shoppers can also save up to 20% by signing up for the company’s newsletter.

There is also a 5% military discount. Plus, let’s not forget about the free shipping the company offers with every tire that it sells.

How Long Does Simpletire Take to Ship?

On average, the company usually takes 1 business day to process orders and 2-4 business days to deliver the tires. Of course, the shipping time would depend on the shopper’s location. But in most cases, users receive their tires from Simpletire quite fast.

Simpletire Return Policy

Simpletire gives shoppers 30 days from the delivery date to return the tires that don’t work for them. Of course, the tires have to be unused (which means they shouldn’t have been mounted or driven on either).

Once Simpletire receives the tires and checks them, the refund will be processed. There is a handling fee, though: $15 per tire.

Here’s the good news: shoppers who have ordered the wrong size can place a new order with the correct one, and they wouldn’t have to pay the handling fee.

Simpletire Warranty

This warranty by Simpletire covers 3 years of tire use. In most cases, the Road Hazard Coverage costs around 10% of a tire’s price.

Additionally, Simpletire offers its Road Hazard Coverage. This service offers protection for the customers when their tire fails due to puncture, road impact, bruise, etc. In this case, users can get up to 100% of their tire cost and monetary reimbursements needed for repairs.


Does Simpletire Charge Tax?

Yes, Simpletire charges tax, just like any other retailer in the US. The prices on the company’s official website usually do not include taxes. However, shoppers can see the full amount during the check-out (including taxes, protection plans, and installation fees).

Who Owns Simpletire?

The founders and CEOs of Simpletire are Andy and Josh Chalofsky.

Where Is Simpletire Located?

The company’s headquarters is located in Trevose, PA.


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