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What Is Shefit: Is It a Legit Company?

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Shefit focuses on sports apparel suited for every body type. The company’s famous sports bras are meant to deliver unparalleled support, control, and fit. Shefit is a unique retailer that offers customizable bras and quality athletic clothing suited for every shopper out there.

The company gained popularity after getting a deal on Shark Tank in 2016. Since then, the company has obtained thousands of customers and countless happy reviews. Shefit has over 290K followers on Facebook and more than 286K followers on Instagram. Needless to say, it’s a legitimate retailer that can guarantee a safe and satisfactory shopping experience.

Shefit Customer Reviews & Ratings


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Great news for hesitant shoppers: there are numerous Shefit reviews online. They can help new shoppers see how the bras and apparel perform in real life and make the choice accordingly.

Now, Shefit has over 58K reviews on its official website, with the overwhelming majority being from happy customers. The company also has more than 3K reviews on TrustPilot (with a 4.1-star rating) and over 3.5K consumer reports on (with a 4.6-star rating).

Most shoppers agree that Shefit bras and clothing have a fabulous fit and work for different body types – “I love my new Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra. I can’t believe how well it fits and how supportive it is. I want more”


“It held up these girls in place as you work out or do any type of activity that one might choose to have. The leggings and shorts are perfect as well. No rollup or whatsoever. Both types are lightweight.” (source)

Many Shefit clients also praise the company’s customer service:

“The sports bra is amazing and customer service is great!” and “Very quick response from customer service regarding an exchange. The process was super easy.”

However, customer service isn’t always perfect, as there are some complaints as well. Some shoppers note that Shefit may take longer to respond and doesn’t always react to customers’ complaints as expected.That being said, mistakes happen, and guys at Shefit always try to do their best to fix them.

Shefit Discounts and Promotions

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Shefit offers free standard shipping on orders over $75 within the US. There are also free returns and exchanges for domestic orders, which is a pretty good deal.

Shoppers can also get 10% off by signing up for the company’s promotional and personalized marketing text messages.

Shefit also has a reward program. It allows shoppers to earn points and exchange them for exclusive deals, early access to new products, and more.
Shefit customers can also participate in the Friend Referral program. For each purchase over $65, the friend receives $10 off, and the Shefit customer gets $5 for every successful referral.

Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra


The Ultimate Sports Bra by Shefit is among the company’s absolute best-sellers. This is a high-impact model, which means it can deliver reliable support when running, jumping, and having intensive workouts.

The Ultimate Sports Bra costs $75. It is available in 4 standard colors and 4 Limited Edition designs. Shefit covers an impressive range of sizes – from XS to 6Luxe. Therefore, this sports bra can work for both smaller women and large girls.

This model is fully adjustable to provide optimal support for different types of users. Shoppers can customize the straps and the band to achieve the highest comfort levels. The straps can be worn in different formations, too (H and X). Plus, the straps are wide and padded, so no more painful digging into the skin.

Shoppers appreciate how this bra can change with their bodies :

“Easy to put on and easy to adjust. If your body changes, the bra changes with you. No more buying new bras every time you gain or lose.”

Customers also love how supportive the Ultimate Sports Bra feels:

“I ducked and dodged making the investment of a Shefit bra for years, but my workouts were so hard because I lack support from all the dupes. My workouts have changed 10 fold and I will never go back, Shefit for LIFE!”

Shefit Flex Sports Bra

Shefit Flex Sports Bra

The Flex Sports Bra by Shefit was designed for medium impact and can offer optimal support in countless situations. This model comes in 3 standard colors and 2 Limited Edition prints. The Flex Sports Bra costs $75 and is available in sizes XSmall to 6Luxe.

This model has an adjustable design and allows shoppers to achieve a tailored fit. The Flex Sports Bra also uses high-performance stretch fabric that feels super smooth to the touch but can keep everything in place. Therefore, this bra effectively combines comfort with a secure fit.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Flex Sports Bra by Shefit is suitable for cup sizes up to I. And shoppers appreciate such inclusivity a lot :

“This is the best bra I’ve ever bought. I wear a 34 H bra and as one can imagine, it’s hard to find a sports bra that fits. This was the first time since I hit puberty that a sports bra touched all around my rib cage and didn’t gap at the front.”

Shefit Ultimate vs. Flex Bra: What Is the Difference?

The main difference between the Ultimate Sports and the Flex Sports bras is the level of support they can provide. The Ultimate model is designed to withstand high-impact activities. The Flex Bra, however, works better for medium-impact workouts. The colors differ too, and the Ultimate bra offers more style variations.

Shefit Lounge Bra

Shefit Lounge Bra Review

Guys at Shefit believe that it’s possible to enjoy both comfort and control when lounging, working from home, or doing stuff around the house. And the Lounge Bra is here to prove that. It uses soft stretchy fabric that responds to one’s movements. Therefore, this bra doesn’t feel restricting while delivering decent support even for fuller breasts.

The Lounge Bra costs $42. It is available in 3 color variations and sizes from XSmall to 6Luxe. This isn’t an adjustable model, though (hence, the lower price). Nonetheless, most shoppers agree that the Lounge Bra offers a snug but comfy fit.

Shefit Bra Sizing

  • XSmall (bust 29-32 inches, rib cage – 22-27 inches)
  • Small (bust 31-37 inches, rib cage – 25-32 inches)
  • Medium (bust 34-38 inches, rib cage – 26-33.5 inches)
  • Luxe (bust 36-41 inches, rib cage – 29-36 inches)
  • 1Luxe (bust 38-43 inches, rib cage – 31-38 inches)
  • 2Luxe (bust 41-46 inches, rib cage – 32-40 inches)
  • 3Luxe (bust 44-48 inches, rib cage – 35.5-43 inches)
  • 4Luxe (bust 46-50 inches, rib cage – 37.5-44 inches)
  • 5Luxe (bust 49-53 inches, rib cage – 37-47.5 inches)
  • 6Luxe (bust 51-55 inches, rib cage – 38.5-49.5 inches)

Shefit Sports Bra Comparison


Shefit vs. Enell

Enell is another popular name on the market, but it’s not very similar to Shefit. Enell’s sports bras are mostly focused on C cups and above (while Shefit takes care of smaller customers too). Additionally, Enell’s bras are not adjustable and have a rather standard construction. With Shefit bras, however, shoppers can adjust the fit and tailor the straps and the band to their body shape.

The price difference isn’t that big. Enell’s sports bra is $79, and Shefit’s model is $75. That being said, the absence of customization options makes Enell a bit overpriced, as some shoppers note.

Shefit Boss Leggings

Shefit Boss Leggings

The Boss Leggings by Shefit can be a perfect pick for almost any shopper. They are silky smooth, quality-made, and have a smart design to achieve the best fit. This is a high-rise model with a tummy-tuck waistband and a stretchy fabric that moves with the body.

The Boss Leggings cost $68. They are available in 5 color variations (3 standard options and 2 Limited Edition styles). These leggings come in sizes from XSmall to 2Luxe. However, they provide a lot of stretch, so it’s safe to say the Boss Leggings can be an excellent option for curvier women.

Shefit Shipping Policy

Shefit shows its dedication to the customers and offers free shipping on orders over $75 across the US to prove that. The company typically takes around 3-7 business days to deliver orders.

However, there are faster options for shoppers who don’t want to wait. For example, Priority Mail takes 2-5 business days and Priority Express – only 2-3 working days. Customers can also pay for the Next Day Air shipping that takes 1-2 business days (depending on the time when the order was placed).

Shefit also offers international shipping. Prices and delivery time depend on the destination but will be presented during the check-out. Some additional custom fees may apply. Shefit currently ships to 191 countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and more.

It’s also worth mentioning that Shefit has Route Shipping Insurance that can protect customers from delivery issues (items getting lost, damaged, stolen, etc.). It does cost a little extra but can be an excellent solution for shoppers who want their peace of mind guaranteed.

Shefit Return Policy

Here’s more great news: Shefit proudly offers free returns and exchanges for domestic US orders. The company gives shoppers up to 30 days from the shipping date to return or exchange any Shefit apparel or bras that didn’t work for them. Naturally, all items have to be in a brand new condition, unworn, unwashed, and with the original tags attached.

Refunds usually take 3-5 business days and are issued to the original payment method. Final Sale and Last Chance items are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

International shoppers can return their Shefit items, but they will have to pay for shipping. They can get either a refund or store credit. Original shipping fees are not refundable.

Verdict: Is Shefit Worth It?

Shefit makes comfortable, supportive sports apparel that can work for almost any body type. The company uses top-notch materials and wants every customer to feel their best self in Shefit apparel. Needless to say, such dedication makes the company worth trying out. Shefit also has customer-friendly shipping and return policies, making shopping with this company completely safe.


  • customizable sports bras to accommodate all body types and deliver unparalleled support
  • quality-made apparel that is meant to last
  • free shipping, returns, and exchanges within the US
  • helpful bra experts that can assist customers when choosing a suitable bra size
  • regular sales and a referral program to help shoppers save more


  • occasional delivery issues
  • sometimes, Shefit may take longer to respond, especially during busy shopping seasons (around holidays, for example)


Where to buy Shefit bras?

Shefit bras are available on the company’s official website (, Amazon, Walmart, Poshmark, and a few other retailers.
How long does Shefit take to ship?

Usually, Shefit takes up to 7 business days to deliver orders within the US. The shipping time will depend on the destination and the chosen shipping method.

Where does Shefit ship from?

Shefit ships the orders from its warehouse in Michigan.

Where is Shefit located?

The company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.

Where to buy a Shefit sports bra?

Shefit sports bras are sold on the company’s website. Shoppers can also find a few models via such large retailers as Amazon, Poshmark, Walmart, etc.

How much are Shefit bras?

Sports bras by Shefit cost $75. Lounge bras are $42.

Can you swim in a Shefit bra?

Yes, it’s okay to swim in a Shefit bra.

Who is the owner of Shefit?

Sara Moylan is the founder and owner of Shefit.

How to contact Shefit?

Shoppers can contact Shefit using one of the following methods:

  • live chat on the company’s official website
  • phone – 866.768.4872 (Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm EST)
  • email –


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