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What Is Shapellx?

Shapellx Review


Shapellx is an online retailer that sells shapewear suited for all body types and sizes.

This direct-to-consumer brand focuses on body positivity. Its main goal is to help women all over the world feel their best and tackle any small insecurities they might have.

Shapellx underwear and shapewear are meant to provide support in different circumstances. Some of the products are also suited for body sculpting so that every customer could feel confident in their skin.

Shapellx was launched in 2019. And even though it’s a relatively young brand, it has thousands of positive reviews and happy customers all over the world.

Is Shapellx Legit?

Shapellx is not that famous on the modern market (yet), but it surely is a legitimate company. There’s a ton of reviews and consumer reports to browse through, just in case you want to make sure. Additionally, Shapellx offers fuss-free returns (and gives 60 days for that), which means this company is completely safe to buy from.

Shapellx Quality Review

Overall, customers don’t usually complain about the Shapellx product quality. And there are many reasons for that.

The main one is that the company sources only top-quality fabrics for its products. Additionally, each item goes through a thorough examination, so that every detail is accounted for. As a result, Shapellx shapewear is sturdy and durable.

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Shapellx Before And After

Shapellx Customer Reviews & Ratings

Shapellx Ratings

Shapellx has a 4-star rating on TrustPilot based on more than 3,700 reviews.

Additionally, there are hundreds of customer comments on the company’s official website. Most of Shapellx’s products have a 4- or a 5-star rating, which is quite impressive.

Shapellx is favored for the brand’s inclusivity. Guys at Shapellx believe that all bodies are beautiful, and they prove that by making products for all sizes.

Not only does Shapellx shapewear come in a wide range of sizes but it also works effectively,

“Their shapewear is true to form and fit. I love it because they have plus sizes that actually fit. Not only that, they work!” and “I love it and I wear it mostly every day, and now I started wearing it every time to the gym… It makes me feel very confident out in public.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Shapellx items are comfortable and can be used daily – “The material is GREAT and it fits very comfortably with even room to move around in” and “The shapewear is so comfortable and fits well. The favorite part of the shaper is that I can wear it all day and it won’t feel painful or strenuous.”

Most of the complaints revolve around the size chart, saying that it does not always correspond with the real-life measurements. To avoid such issues, you might want to contact the company and their Fit Experts to pick the perfect size based on your body measurements.

There are also reports concerning shipping problems, which involve delayed shipping and customers who haven’t received their orders at all. However, this might be the responsibility of the shipping company. Plus, guys at Shapellx always try to help customers solve issues like that.

Shapellx Collections

Shapellx carries four large collections. They include:

Waist Trainer

Shapellx Review

Waist trainers are designed to help accelerate fat burning during workouts and thus, boost your results.

Some of Shapellx’s waist trainers can be used as shapewear under your daily clothes. These waist trainers have a sculpting effect. They make the waistline more visible and can help users maintain an hourglass shape all through the day.

Waist trainers also help women keep a better posture, which would come in especially handy for those users who tend to slouch a lot. And a better posture means a more confident look, a taller figure, and a better shape.

Shapellx waist trainers use high-compression latex for their core. It provides reliable support without restricting one’s movement or making users feel uncomfortable. All waist trainers by Shapellx feature a quick-strap design and a double-velcro system. They are super easy to put on and take off. Plus, Shapellx waist trainers guarantee a secure fit all through the day.


shapellx bodysuits review

Shapellx bodysuits are designed for sculpting, hiding the bits you don’t like, and enhancing the ones you do. The bodysuits are featured in three collections by Shapellx – CoreSculpt, PowerConceal, and AirSlim.

Shapellx bodysuits are made using breathable and lightweight fabric, so they are suited for everyday use. At the same time, the fabric is quite thick and stretchy, so it easily contours the body. That’s why Shapellx bodysuits so easily conform to your natural curves while smoothing out everything you might want to hide.

Luckily, most of these bodysuits use quality zippers, so they are super easy to take off. Some of them use hooks though, which may take a bit more time to deal with.

But if you’re worried about bathroom breaks, Shapellx has got you covered. Most of their bodysuit models have either an open crotch design or an overlapping gusset. Therefore, bathroom visits shouldn’t be challenging.

Plus & Shape

Shapellx plus shape review

The Plus & Shape category focuses mostly on plus-size customers. It’s a collection that offers body shaping products to women of different sizes while helping them feel more confident in their skin.

Shapellx covers plenty of items in this section, including full-body suits and sculptors suited for specific body sections.
All products in the Plus & Shape category use breathable fabrics that are suited for prolonged usage.

Despite having an obvious slimming effect and feeling pretty tight on one’s body, the shapewear in the Plus & Shape section is very comfortable.

Most users agree that Shapellx has designed its products to achieve just the right level of support and flattening. No rolling, running up, or feeling restricting. Additionally, the Plus & Shape shapewear is extremely smooth and pretty much invisible under the clothes.

Best Seller: Shapellx Neosweat

Shapellx Neosweat Review

The NeoSweat collection offers 30 products, all meant to enhance one’s gym experience and boost workout results. Shapellx has created NeoSweat with active users in mind. This shapewear is meant to help women sweat more when exercising, thus losing fat and getting in the desired shape faster.

The NeoSweat collection uses Neoprene, an adaptive material that can increase your natural thermoregulation. The products from this Shapellx line also work to increase blood circulation and to keep one’s muscles warm during the workouts for enhanced results.

And the best part is, with regular use, the results are obvious. Some Shapellx customers even have to come back for a smaller NeoSweat size, as the first purchase has helped them lose weight fast and effectively – “This is by far one of the best investments I’ve made. It’s truly a fat burner. I need to purchase another one because the one I had has become too big.”

Shapellx Promotions, Discounts & Coupon Codes

SAVE 40%


SAVE 40%

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At the time of writing this Shapellx review, the company was having a big summer sale with discounts up to 50%.
Shapellx also has weekly special offers on select products.

There is also a big Clearance section, where you can find plenty of discounted items that can help you save on your shapewear.
Shapellx also has a Refer a Friend program. By inviting a friend, you can get $30 off your next purchase after your friend buys something from Shapellx. Just like that, your friend gets $20 off on their first purchase.

Verdict: Is Shapellx Worth It?

Shapellx makes quality shapewear suited for all body types. Their shapewear does a great job of sculpting, but it also feels very comfortable and can be used daily. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Shapellx is certainly worth buying from.

And if you are still feeling a little hesitant, don’t forget that Shapellx has a 60-day return window. So, even if your experience with the company is not 100% satisfactory for whatever reason, you can get a full refund for your purchase.


  • wide range of products suited for different body types and sizes
  • quality materials for long-lasting performance
  • lots of options to choose from, even shapewear suited for specific body parts
  • sweat-inducing bodysuits and shapewear to boost your exercise results
  • smooth fabric, won’t be seen under the clothes
  • easy to put on and off, breathable, and lightweight, which means this shapewear is suited for everyday use
    60-day return window
  • International shipping available
  • regular sales and discounts, plus a wide selection in the Clearance category, ideal for budget shoppers
  • free shipping on orders over $80 across the US


  • shipping problems are possible (however, this might not be Shapellx’s fault, as the company uses outside delivery companies)
  • the sizing chart may be a bit off, so you might want to contact company representatives to consult concerning the proper size you would need

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Shapellx located?

Shapellx headquarters is located in California.

How long does it take for Shapellx to ship?

In most cases, Shapellx orders arrive within 7-15 business days. The shipping time will depend on your location.

What is Shapellx’s return policy?

Shapellx allows users to return unused and undamaged items within 60 days from the date of receiving their order. The company asks shoppers to try the products over their panties and undergarments for hygienic reasons. The shapewear also has to have the original tags.

If the reason for the return does not involve quality issues or the company’s mistake, you will have to pay for return shipping. The original shipping fees are not refundable. To request a return, you need to email

How to contact Shapellx?

If you have any questions, you can contact Shapellx via one of the following channels:

  • phone: +1(402) 979-6372
  • email:
  • Contact Us form on the company’s official website


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