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Is Sand Cloud a Legit Company & Safe to Buy From?

Sand Cloud Reviews


Sand Cloud is a legitimate company that has been around since 2014. The company was mentioned in many reliable media sources, including Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, CNBC, and more. Additionally, Sand Cloud is famous for its 100% Happiness Guarantee and the 30-day return window. Therefore, the company is completely safe to buy from.

Sand Cloud Quality Review

The company does not save on the quality of its products, that’s for sure. Whatever you buy from Sand Cloud, it’s going to be well-made and durable.

It’s also worth mentioning that most of the products arrive as described on the website. This means fewer surprises (including quality-wise) for shoppers.

However, to some users, the quality may seem a little disappointing because most Sand Cloud beach towels and blankets are thinner than traditional options. This allows Sand Cloud’s products to dry very fast (which kind of makes the company stand out from the competitors). However, a thinner material can potentially disappoint some shoppers.

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Sand Cloud Customer Reviews & Ratings

Sand Cloud Customer Reviews

At the time of writing this Sand Cloud review, the company had 252 customer reports on TrustPilot. Its average rating on this website is 3.4 stars.

Aside from that, Sand Cloud has over 507,000 followers on Facebook. The overwhelming number of reviews on that platform is written by satisfied customers.

Sand Cloud also has thousands of reviews on its official website. Most of the products have a 5-star rating.

Now, Sand Cloud is favored for the material quality the most. Its beach blankets, clothes, and bath towels are super soft and pleasant to the touch.

Another strong suit of Sand Cloud is the design of the products. All items presented on the company’s website are beautiful, unique, and stylish. Some shoppers even note that Sand Cloud products look better in real life – “Lightweight and better in person! […] The photo does not do it justice.” (source)

Sand Cloud products are also known for being able to dry pretty fast. This makes them ideal for beach days, working out (if we’re talking about clothes or smaller towels), and simply using them at home in the bathroom.

As for complaints, some customers mention that Sand Cloud’s towels and blankets can peel off when being washed. This may result in lint spreading over the rest of your laundry. That being said, this issue isn’t a regular occurrence.

Additionally, it might be avoided if you wash your towels or blankets upon arrival – “I did wash them twice when I first got them due to reading other reviews that said they had lint pretty bad in the beginning. I guess washing them twice worked because I haven’t had any lint from them.”(source)

Some users also feel like Sand Cloud’s products are overpriced. However, if you keep in mind what the company does for our planet and how much they donate off every sale, the price might not seem that high after all.

Check out more honest reviews to decide whether this company is worth your money.

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Sand Cloud Promotions & Discounts

Sand Cloud always has a wide selection of items on sale. Therefore, you might want to check the company’s website regularly if you wish to save a few bucks.

You can also become a Sand Cloud member. You can complete tasks (like writing reviews or posting on Instagram) and earn points. Then, you can exchange those points for discounts.

You can also refer a friend and get $15 off after each successful referral. Your friend will also get $15 off on their first order (if it’s $50 and more).


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Of course, Sand Cloud has regular holiday sales as well.


Is Sand Cloud Worth It?

Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud offers trendy towels, clothes, and accessories that also do a lot of good for our planet. Additionally, they are quality-made and unique. Needless to say, the company is certainly worth buying from (especially if you wish to support its important cause).


  • cool designs and trendy items;
  • 10% of profits are used to help save marine life;
  • discounts and referral programs to help shoppers save more;
  • quality fabrics;
  • towels dry fast and don’t allow sand to stick;
  • wide selection of products, plenty to choose from;
  • international shipping available;
  • 30-day return window;
  • optional payment in smaller installments.


  • might be too pricey for some shoppers;
  • some of the towels may shed and leave lint everywhere (this can be avoided if you wash the towel twice before the first use);
  • shipping is free only for orders over $100;
  • return shipping isn’t free.

Sand Cloud Towels

Sand Cloud Towels Reviews

Guys at Sand Cloud have designed their beach towels to be more resistant to sand, faster-drying, and extra-soft.
There are more than 30 designs available on the company’s website. They include both brighter, bolder colors and muted shades. There are animalistic prints, botanical patterns, tie-dye designs, geometry prints, and more.

Prices start at $48. Shoppers can also pay in installments through ShopPay (in partnership with Affirm).

Sand Cloud’s beach towels are loved for their anti-sand design. With these towels, the sand simply doesn’t stick that much. So, it’s also super easy to shake off, which makes trips to the beach much cleaner (and frustration-free).

Another cool thing about towels by Sand Cloud is how lightweight and portable they are. Even larger towels don’t take that much space and can easily fit into a beach bag.

Customers also love the available designs and often use Sand Cloud towels at home as throw blankets.

Kimana Bedding Comforter Set

Kimana Bedding Comforter Set Review

Sand Cloud can make sure you feel extra comfortable not only at the beach but in your bed as well.
The Kimana set is among the most popular items on the website. It has a bold, eye-catching design that can help you spruce up your bedroom quite easily.

At the time of writing this Sand Cloud review, only the Twin/Twin XL size was available on the website. It costs $79.
The Kimana set uses top-quality cotton. It’s Oeko-TEX certified, which means this fabric is 100% safe and would be suited even for sensitive skin.

The comforter is 2 inches thick and filled with polyester fibers. Because the fibers are thin and small, they allow for unobstructed air circulation. As a result, this comforter isn’t likely to make you sleep hot.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Kimana set holds up well with regular use. It won’t be likely to lose its color after regular washing either.

Sunscreen & Sand Free Towels

Sunscreen & Sand Free Towels

The special sand-resistant collection by Sand Cloud includes only a few items, but they are all worth your attention. These towels are made using quality Turkish cotton. They can be used as beach towels, sarongs, throw towels, and even shower towels.

Prices start at $48. At the time of writing this Sand Cloud review, the available designs included: Wanderlust, Navy Acid Wash, and Whale Shark.

Countless users prove that these towels are ideal for the beach and those who hate sticky sand – “Sand does not stick to them and all it takes is a quick shake! We could easily go from the beach to the pool to the house – no traces of sand.”

These sunscreen and sand-resistant towels can also be used as a sarong. They are silky soft to the touch and feel very nice against the skin. Naturally they don’t let the UV rays through and can protect your skin on a hot day (especially if you’ve left your sunscreen lotion at home).

These towels by Sand Cloud are also very easy to clean. As sand (and other debris) doesn’t stick to them that much, even shaking the towel off should be enough to return it to its decent state. These towels are also machine-washable, which makes things much easier.

Sand Cloud Bundles

Sand Cloud Bundles

Sand Cloud bundles are a great way for shoppers to save a few bucks on their purchase by buying multiple items at once. The company’s bundles include beach towels, bath towels, and comforter sets.

There are more than 10 Sand Cloud bundles available on the company’s website. Therefore, there’s plenty to choose from.

Prices start at $79. Some of the items are currently on sale.

Users are particularly fond of beach towel bundles. They include different sizes, which allows for versatility in use. Shoppers can choose any size given the occasion. Sand Cloud bundles could also be a great solution for families, as each user can get their own sand-resistant towel.

Sand Cloud Accessories

Sand Cloud Accessories

All of the Sand Cloud accessories are made with our environment in mind, and that’s what can buy countless shoppers over.
Sand Cloud makes zero-waste masks, reusable metal straws, water bottles, tumblers, backpacks, and hats. Prices start at only $4.

One of the bestsellers in the Accessories category is the Silver Metal Straw. It’s meant to minimize the use of plastic. The straw comes with a cleaning brush and a storage pouch. Therefore, you can easily carry it around and use it instead of plastic straws.

Shoppers note that the metal straw is very durable and easy to wash – “These straws are super durable compared to other reusable straws. I can put it through the dishwasher without having to worry about it melting […] If I don’t have enough time to run it through the dishwasher, the little brush helps with a less than 5 minute clean.”

Sand Cloud Water Bottles

Sand Cloud Water Bottles

Currently, Sand Cloud offers 7 water bottle designs. Prices start at $20.

All bottles by Sand Cloud are made using safe, BPA-free glass. Each bottle can fit 15 fl. oz. They are compact enough for easy transportation but can be used for all types of drinks, including smoothies, juice, coffee, and of course, water.

The “Save the Fishies” water bottle is one of the company’s ultimate bestsellers. At the time of writing this Sand Cloud review, the bottle was on sale for $20. This reusable water bottle can help shoppers minimize the use of plastic and thus, contribute to saving the environment. Plus, it is quality-made and long-lasting.

Sand Cloud ECO Clothing

Sand Cloud ECO Clothing

The eco-friendly clothing line by Sand Cloud includes leggings, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sports bras, and sets.
There are over 40 items in the eco clothing category. Prices start at $18 for items on sale and $28 for regularly-priced products. Sand Cloud covers sizes from XS to XXL.

The company focuses on natural and recycled materials. Stretchy sports leggings and tops are made using 100% recycled polyester and quality spandex. Tees and hoodies are made with breathable, natural cotton.

Some of the items also feature recycled plastic bottles (polyester) in their construction. This is another way Sand Cloud contributes to saving our planet, which deserves a lot of respect, in my opinion.

It’s also worth mentioning that most tees and sweatshirts have a unisex design. They also feel very comfy and pleasant to the touch. Therefore, pretty much any item from the Eco Clothing collection by Sand Cloud can be worn daily.

Sand Cloud Shipping Policy

Sand Cloud offers free shipping across the US on orders over $100. For anything below that rate, the shipping fee will be calculated according to your location. The shipping cost will be presented at checkout, so you won’t have any surprises later.

On average, Sand Cloud takes around 4-7 business days to ship the orders. During big sales and holidays, shipping may take longer (approximately 7-10 business days).

The company also offers international shipping. Again, the fee would depend on the location and is usually calculated during checkout. On average, international orders take 15-21 business days to arrive.

Sand Cloud Return Policy

Sand Cloud’s return policy allows for returns within 30 days from delivery date. All items have to be in their original state, clean, and unworn. Additionally, the original tags have to be attached. Shoppers also need to provide the original invoice.

To return swimwear, users need to make sure that the hygienic liner is still attached. Cosmetic or deodorant stains can make an item ineligible for a return. Keep in mind that straws, jewelry, and bikini bottoms are not refundable. The latter can only be exchanged.

Unfortunately, Sand Cloud does not cover return shipping fees (unless it’s a damaged item).

To apply for a return, you need to go to and fill in the form step by step.

Tesalate vs Sand Cloud

Both Tesalate and Sand Cloud towels do a great job of staying sand-free on the beach. Additionally, both companies can boast of cool designs and a great variety of products.

The prices are pretty much the same, although Tesalate has more items that belong to a more expensive category.

However, I believe it’s worth mentioning that Tesalate uses microfiber fabric for its towels. This fabric is synthetic. Therefore, it doesn’t wick the excess moisture away that well and might take a bit longer to dry. And Sand Cloud uses natural cotton, which is breathable and dries very fast.

How Sand Cloud Got on ‘Shark Tank’

One of the Sand Cloud founders, Brandon Leibel, has been applying to be on “Shark Tank” for years (as he reports being obsessed with the show). In 2016, “Shark Tank” accepted the application and invited Sand Cloud founders (Brandon Leibel, Bruno Aschidamini, and Steven Ford) to pitch their idea.

Their appearance on the show was successful, and Sand Cloud received a $200,000 investment from Robert Herjavec. Brandon, Bruno, and Steven used the money to buy the needed inventory and to improve the company’s website.

One of the main reasons why “Shark Tank” investors supported Sand Cloud was the company’s main goal of saving marine life. Sand Cloud donates 10% of its profits to foundations that work towards protecting and preserving the world’s oceans, beaches, and marine life.


How to become a Sand Cloud ambassador?

To become a Sand Cloud ambassador, you need to apply and fill in the form on the company’s website – . By supporting the company’s mission and spreading the word about their goods, you can get exclusive discounts on all products.

What does a Sand Cloud ambassador do?

Sand Cloud ambassadors take an active part in the company’s life. They talk about Sand Cloud on their social media, participate in beach clean-ups, help develop new products, and more.

Where to buy Sand Cloud?

You can buy Sand Cloud products on the company’s official website. Some of the items are also available on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Tillys, and more.


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