Is Plant Therapy a Good Brand?

Plant Therapy Review

Plant Therapy is a retailer that offers quality essential oils, natural body care products, and CBD. The company also educates the customers and shares valuable info concerning essential oils, their safety, use, and results they can offer. In other words,

Plant Therapy gives shoppers all of the tools to understand essential oils and enjoy their full potential.

Plant Therapy’s products are safety certified and tested by third parties. Needless to say, the company can be trusted.

Additionally, it has more than 134K followers on Instagram and over 256K followers on Facebook, with countless loyal customers across the world. Plant Therapy is a legit brand that has an excellent reputation. It’s safe to buy from and stands behind its products.

Plant Therapy Customer Reviews & Ratings


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The majority of Plant Therapy reviews are presented on the company’s official website under pretty much every product page.

Plant Therapy also has over 2,300 customer reports on Facebook with an average rating of 4.9 stars.

One of the biggest perks of buying from Plant Therapy (according to reviews) is the combination of exceptional quality and reasonable prices:

“I bought all organic oils from Plant Therapy and was amazingly surprised at how great the quality was compared to other oil companies, but for a much more affordable price”


“I have been using essential oils for over a decade, and Plant Therapy is among the very best in terms of quality.”

Countless shoppers also praise Plant Therapy’s customer service, which can really represent the true face of the company:

“I have been using Plant Therapy for less than a year now and I’ve never been more satisfied with a company’s customer service. If I’ve had to contact customer service, it’s so easy! I once didn’t like the smell of the oil and they didn’t hustle me, they just refunded my account.”

Now, as for the complaints, there aren’t many of them. Some unhappy customers mention that they didn’t like the scent of the oils, but such things are subjective. Others complain about delivery issues, which isn’t necessarily the company’s fault (such problems have to do with the shipping service, in most cases).


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Plant Therapy Popular Products Review

  • The company’s best-selling items include:
  • Warm & Cozy Set
  • 7 & 7 Essential Oil Set
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil
  • Oil of the Month Club
  • Germ Fighter Essential Oil Blend
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Quiet Cough KidSafe Essential Oil Blend
  • Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend
  • Sniffle Stopper KidSafe Essential Oil
  • Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

Essential Oils

Plant Therapy essential oils

Plant Therapy can boast of an impressive selection of essential oils. The company offers more than 160 oil singles and over 70 unique blends. Plant Therapy has an essential oil for every occasion. Whether shoppers want to achieve a calming effect, help their kids during a cold, or simply wish their home to smell nice, Plant Therapy has something to meet those needs. Prices start at $7.95 for singles and $9.95 for blends.


Essential Oil Diffusers

Shoppers can choose among over 20 diffusers by Plant Therapy. There are nasal inhalers, passive diffusers, car diffusers, electric diffusers, and even necklace diffusers available on the company’s website. Prices start as low as $5.99, so every shopper can find a suitable solution to enjoy their favorite essential oils. The company also offers a nice array of styles. Therefore, Plant Therapy’s diffusers can work in every interior.



The Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil by Plant Therapy is among the company’s best-sellers. It has over 1,500 reviews and a 4.9-star rating. This essential oil has a medium aroma. It smells fresh, green, and may remind users of a combination of lemon with wood. It can be used with creams and serums to rejuvenate aging skin and also serves to support the immune system. Many shoppers also use the Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil during prayers and meditation for a grounding effect.

Oil of the Month Club

Oil of the Month Club

The Oil of the Month Club allows shoppers to experiment with essential oils and explore new scents. It costs $20 a month and includes exclusive oils only club members receive. Shoppers can save more (25% off) by subscribing and receiving new oils every 30 days. The number of oils may vary, and sizes range from 2.5 to 30 ml.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

The Lavender oil is among the absolute best-sellers, with over 4,500 reviews and a 4.9-star rating. This essential oil by Plant Therapy starts at $6.95, but shoppers can save 5% by getting an oil subscription service.

The Lavender essential oil by Plant Therapy has a rich but not overwhelming scent. It has therapeutic properties and goes well with countless other oils (including Bergamot, Lemon, Patchouli, Vetiver, and more). It is favored for its calming effect and can make an excellent addition to one’s relaxing bedtime ritual.

Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil

Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil

The Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil by Plant Therapy has a sweet, soft, woody scent that so many users love. It can be used for skin care to get rid of blemishes and reduce skin oiliness. However, Sandalwood essential oil is also favored for its calming properties. It can help users reduce tension and soothe their emotions. The oil starts at $29.95 and is available in 4 size variations.

Chakra Synergies Essential Oil Set

Chakra Synergies Essential Oil Set

The Chakra oil set costs $109.95. It combines 7 essential oils that are meant to help users balance their 7 chakras. Each oil blend was created to target specific energy and support the balance between the chakras. These essential oils can be inhaled or used topically. Naturally, the Chakra set uses only pure, safe oils, and can be an amazing addition to one’s daily self-care routine.

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree is another popular scent, that’s why this essential oil by Plant Therapy is among the best-sellers. It starts at $8.95 and has a 4.9-star rating (based on over 1,300 reviews).

The Organic Tea Tree Oil by Plant Therapy has a somewhat medicinal scent, green and woody, with bright fresh notes. It is typically used to help combat skin irritation, blemishes, and redness. It also makes the skin smoother. Additionally, the Organic Tea Tree Oil is used in home cleaners and to get rid of unpleasant odors in the house.

Plant Therapy vs. Revive

Revive is another famous essential oil retailer, but it’s worth mentioning right away that Plant Therapy does a more substantial educating work for its customers. Additionally, Plant Therapy offers better prices, especially on the most popular essential oils (like Lavender, for example). Plus, some shoppers note that Plant Therapy offers better customer service, which can be a real deal-breaker for some users.

Plant Therapy Oils vs. doTerra

The main difference between Plant Therapy and doTerra hides in the price. Plant Therapy offers more budget-friendly products without sacrificing their quality. doTerra, however, is a more luxurious option. Other than that, the companies are pretty similar, offering single oils and unique blends of top quality.

Young Living vs. Plant Therapy

Both companies have extremely high standards when it comes to essential oils, which makes Plant Therapy and Young Living safe to purchase from. That being said, there are mixed reviews concerning Young Living’s customer service (unlike Plant Therapy, whose customer service is often praised). It’s also worth mentioning that Plant Therapy has a more shopper-friendly pricing policy.

Plant Therapy Shipping Review

  • Plant Therapy offers multiple shipping methods across the US. They include:
  • free shipping for all US customers that takes around 2-5 business days
  • USPS Priority shipping that costs $4.99 and takes 2-3 business days
  • USPS Express Mail that takes 1-2 working days (the cost will depend on the order)
  • FedEx 2-Day shipping, which takes around 2 business days (the final cost is calculated during checkout)
  • FedEx Overnight that takes 1 business day to arrive (the cost will be quoted at checkout)

Plant Therapy also has International shipping. It usually takes around 7-21 business days depending on the shopper’s location.

The company also offers free shipping to Canada, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, and several other countries on orders over $75. Customers can find the full list of countries here .

Plant Therapy Return Policy Review

To take proper care of its customers, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 90 days of purchase. Even if shoppers have opened and used Plant Therapy’s products, they can still return them and get a full refund in case they aren’t 100% happy. That’s something many competitors cannot offer, making Plant Therapy stand out from the crowd.

Returns are typically processed within 5 business days. To apply for a refund, customers need to fill the form on Plant Therapy’s website.

Bulk orders are not eligible for returns unless they have quality issues. In this case, a 20% restocking fee will be applied.


Are Plant Therapy oils therapeutic grade?

Plant Therapy oils can be considered therapeutic grade, even though it’s just a marketing term. Plant Therapy sells pure, quality essential oils that do not contain any additives or dilutions. Therefore, the company’s product can easily get the title “therapeutic grade”.

Are Plant Therapy oils pure?

Yes. Plant Therapy sells clean, pure essential oils that are free from any adulterants, additives, or dilutions.

Where to buy Plant Therapy essential oils?

Shoppers can get Plant Therapy essential oils via the company’s official website and a number of retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and several stores (shoppers can find the full list here).

Victoria Salgado Administrator
Victoria Salgado Administrator