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What Is Pair Eyewear: Is It a Legit Company?

Pair Eyewear

Pair Eyewear is a young company that strives to help people express their individuality and unique style. The founders Nathan Kondamuri and Sophia Edelstein think that glasses don’t have to be boring and the same every single day. Instead, they can be a fun accessory. Plus, guys at Pair Eyewear believe that glasses don’t have to cost a fortune, which so many shoppers appreciate.

Pair Eyewear offers glasses with interchangeable frame tops for both adults and children. The company also sells stylish sunglasses, progressive lenses, light-responsive models, and even blue light filtering glasses.

Even though Pair Eyewear is a relatively young company, it already has a large base of loyal customers. Pair Eyewear can boast of over 71K followers on Instagram, more than 85K followers on Facebook, and countless online reviews. Naturally, it’s safe to assume that this is a legitimate brand that can guarantee a safe shopping experience for its customers.

Pair Eyewear Customer Reviews & Ratings


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Most of the Pair Eyewear reviews are gathered on the company’s official website on product pages. It’s quite convenient, as new shoppers can learn more about each of their desired frames.

Now, shoppers really appreciate the versatility of Pair Eyewear glasses and the removable tops:

“I have never gotten so many wonderful compliments on my glasses. Everyone thinks I have glasses to match every outfit!” (source)

Many customers also praise the company’s customer service team:

“They have the best customer service! I accidentally gave a wrong prescription and it was so easy to make an exchange. I am officially addicted and have 10 toppers on their way!”

It’s also worth mentioning that the majority of Pair Eyewear customers are happy with the glasses’ quality:

“I love the price and quality, the frames themselves and lenses are excellent for the price.”

As for the Pair Eyewear complaints, most of them are focused on the magnets that work to hold the interchangeable tops. Some shoppers note that the magnets are positioned only on the top of the frame. This makes the tops fall off occasionally if the person wearing them isn’t that careful.

Pair Eyewear Promotions, Discounts & Coupon Codes


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One of the coolest things about shopping at Pair Eyewear is free shipping and free 30-day returns. However, the company offers a bit more to surprise its customers.

For instance, Pair Eyewear has a Friend Referral program. Existing customers can share a link and get $20 (in points) for every successful referral. New customers will also get $20 off on the first order.

Shoppers can also receive a discount on their first pair of glasses by signing up for the company’s email newsletter. While all frames start at $60, this method would allow customers to get a pair for $54.

Pair Eyewear also has a reward system. Shoppers can earn points for every purchase and review. They can also earn rewards by following the company on social media or sharing pictures. Then, Pair Eyewear customers can redeem their points and get discounts.

Now, there’s also a SHARKTANK promo code that can help shoppers get 20% off their first order. This coupon code is dedicated to Pair Eyewear’s history on a popular show Shark Tank.

Pair Eyewear on Shark Tank

Pair Eyewear went on Shark Tank in 2020. The company representatives shared a new way to wear prescription glasses: by using sturdy, lightweight frames and interchangeable tops. Pair Eyewear’s glasses are fully customizable, and Shark Tank investors decided the company was worth their attention. Shark Tank invested in the brand and helped Pair Eyewear gain more recognition (despite the challenging 2020).

How to Order From Pair Eyewear

To order from Pair Eyewear, customers need to go to the company’s official website. Next, they need to pick their base. Pair Eyewear offers a variety of base frames for women, men, and children. The company covers various styles to make sure every shopper can find a flattering frame shape.

Next, shoppers can choose the removable top frame (or even a few). They can also skip this step, but a removable top will give customers more freedom in terms of style and self-expression. There are also interchangeable sun tops available.

The next step is lens selection. Pair Eyewear customers can buy single vision, progressive, reading, and non-prescription lenses. Shoppers can add a blue light filter or pay extra for ultra-thin lenses for increased comfort. There are also light-responsive (transition) lenses that get darker outside.

Alternatively, customers can pick polarized sunglasses lenses.

To buy prescription lenses, customers will need to submit a photo of their prescription.

The last step before shoppers can receive their brand new glasses is payment, of course. Customers can enter promo codes during this step to enjoy better value for money.

Does Pair Eyewear Accept Insurance?

Pair Eyewear is not directly affiliated with any vision insurance provider. That being said, the company accepts HSA or FSA dollars (if the shopper’s HSA or FSA card is affiliated with a major credit card provider).

Shoppers can also apply for reimbursement from their insurance provider after they have received the receipt from Pair Eyewear. However, they need to follow the insurance provider’s reimbursement protocols in this case.

Pair Eyewear’s Adult Glasses Review

Pair Eyewear’s Adult Glasses

Pair Eyewear offers 10 women’s and 8 men’s frames, covering various shapes, styles, and colors. Chances are, there’s a perfect match for every shopper out there. The most popular models include The Larkin, The Kirby, The Wanda, The Otis, The Reese, and The Soto.

Adult frames by Pair Eyewear are made using hand-polished cellulose acetate. This material is sturdy but lightweight, making these frames ideal for daily wear.

Naturally, each frame is available with a variety of tops suited for every style and occasion. The number of colors and designs is truly impressive, giving Pair Eyewear customers more chances to find their perfect glasses.

Best Seller: The Larkin


Being among the company’s absolute best sellers, The Larkin is a stylish, classy frame. It has a square shape with soft round edges at the bottom. This frame is considered universally fitting, thanks to its elegant yet modern design. The Larkin is available in 6 colors and can work with countless removable tops.

The lens width is 51 mm, the bridge width is 17 mm, and the temple arm length is 140 mm.

The Larkin has over 1,900 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. Customers note that this frame is very comfortable, making it suitable for regular wear:

“I absolutely LOVE my Larkins!!! They fit great, are lightweight and more comfortable than any glasses I have ever owned”


“I absolutely love my Larkins, they fit so comfortably without squeezing my head.”

Pair Eyewear Shipping

Pair Eyewear offers free standard shipping on all orders within the US. It typically takes 5-7 business days. The 3-Day Guarantee shipping method costs $30 and takes up to 3 working days. There’s also Rush Shipping that costs $60 and typically arrives the next business day.

Pair Eyewear also ships to Canada for $25. Shipping to Canada may take a bit longer, but most orders typically arrive within 10-14 days.

That being said, customers need to remember that Pair Eyewear will also require some time to prepare the lenses, especially if some add-ons are involved (transition or blue light filtering, for example). Order processing usually takes around 5-12 days depending on the lenses type.

Pair Eyewear Returns and Warranty

To make sure every customer is happy with their glasses, Pair Eyewear offers a 30-day return window. During this period, shoppers can return frames, tops, wall hangers, and even the cleaning kit. To apply for a return, customers need to go to All returns are free. The refund will be issued to the original payment method.

Pair Eyewear also gives shoppers 30 days to make changes to their glasses. For instance, customers may want to remove the blue light filter or add transition lenses. In this case, they need to contact customer service at

Verdict: Is Pair Eyewear Worth the Money?

Considering the variety of options, the quality of glasses, and the freedom that comes with them, Pair Eyewear is worth trying out. This is a legitimate brand that has countless loyal customers and works hard toward making more shoppers happy. Plus, Pair Eyewear offers a unique new way to wear glasses, making them a cool, fun accessory and reducing the level of boringness.


How much do eyeglasses from Pair Eyewear cost?

Pair Eyewear frames start at $60 (for both kids and adults).

Can I virtually try on Pair Eyewear?

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have a virtual try-on tool. That being said, Pair Eyewear is working on it, so customers will be able to try the glasses on in the near future.

What is the Pupillary distance tool on Pair Eyewear?

The Pupillary Distance tool helps shoppers measure the distance between their pupils. It serves to help the company center the prescription correctly in each pair of glasses.


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