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Pacifica Beauty is a famous vegan cosmetic brand founded in 1996 in Portland, Oregon. The company offers natural, on-trend beauty products that include skincare, makeup, haircare, and nails. Besides, the brand boasts a fantastic fragrance collection made with all-natural ingredients.

Pacifica makeup line comprises basic cosmetic products perfect for daily use and special occasions. All items represented in the brand’s collection are cruelty-free, which makes them a healthy alternative to many of the cosmetics on the market. Pacifica products are available online and in-stores, so you can buy them anywhere from your local Target to Amazon.

Pacifica Beauty Quality Review

Pacifica Beauty was one of the first vegan, cruelty-free beauty brands that appeared on the US market. The company cares about its reputation; therefore, all products differ in high quality and sustainability.

Customers are mostly happy with their purchases from Pacifica, especially the skincare section:

“Their skincare is amazing. I love their toner and lotion, and the packaging is gorgeous…”

Keep reading to get more details about the top Pacifica products currently available on their online store.

Pacifica Beauty Reviews & Ratings


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More and more people switch to vegan cosmetics that are not tested on animals, so if you aim to follow their example, Pacifica is what you need. Every Pacifica customer notes how amazing it is that the brand sells only cruelty-free skincare and make-up products:

“The fact that this company does not exploit animals is extremely important and I am thankful for this. Only support vegan companies!” (source)

Besides, many Pacifica consumers highlight excellent customer support, which is crucial for online stores:

“This company has great products and great customer service! I have never had any issues with my orders…”

Pacifica Beauty is also famous for its stunning fragrances collection, loved by clients for its natural components and wonderful scents:

“Great customer service and the fragrances smell amazing and aren’t very expensive…” (source)

Quick Links

Dream Sleep Beauty Gummy Beauty Sleep Support

Dream Sleep Beauty Gummy Beauty Sleep Support review

If you’re struggling with occasional sleeplessness, this Pacifica Gummy Beauty Sleep Support will help you easily overcome this problem. The product comprises only natural components that are non-addictive.

Key Ingredients:

  • Melatonin
  • L-theanine
  • Chamomile
  • Elderberry

The current price of this item is $14.

Check out what people say about this sleep support supplement:

“These really do help me sleep. Take them consistently and for a while to see the full effect. Great for a treat before bed…” (source)

“I struggle with falling asleep and have tried so many things and these work the best…”

Glow Baby Super Lit Booster Serum

Glow Baby Super Lit Booster Serum review

With this Pacifica Glow Baby Super Lit Booster Serum, your skin will look fresh and glowing right from the first applying. The concentrated bioactive components involved in this serum help brighten the skin and remove excess oil, dirt, and debris. Besides, this product improves skin texture and revives dull skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Glycolic Acid

You can buy this serum now for $16.

Here’s what customers think about this product:

“This product evened out my skintone! I didn’t realise how dull my skin was until I’ve started using this product…”

“It’s best! Truly helped my skin with my breakouts from medicine, and! made my skin glow!”

Glow Greens Beauty Powder Nutritional Supplement

Glow Greens Beauty Powder Nutritional Supplement review

This Pacifica Nutritional Supplement contains a yummy blend of 7 super greens plus ginger. You can add this product to your daily diet to get all the necessary nutrients. Thanks to this supplement, you will improve the appearance of your skin and overall well-being.

Key Ingredients:

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Kale Supergreen Blend

The regular price of this product is $20, but now you can purchase it with a 50% discount for only $10. This is a great chance to test this supplement if you’re interested in trying it.

Here are the latest customers’ reviews about this product:

“I love these greens! They are the only gluten-free/no-wheat-grass green powder I have been able to find…”

“I ordered this and it just came in yesterday, but I’m already in love. The taste is way better than I anticipated…”

Sport Sunscreen Coconut Probiotic SPF 50

Sport Sunscreen Coconut Probiotic SPF 50 review

This Pacifica Sport Sunscreen Coconut Probiotic SPF 50 formula is perfect for sun protection. It helps smooth and moisturize all skin types. The sunscreen has no parabens, silicones, retinyl palmitate, or phthalates.

Key Ingredients:

  • Coconut
  • Aloe

You can order this item on the site for $16.

Check out other consumers opinions to ensure this product is worth the money:

“Love the feel of this and how it absorbs into your skin well. No geasy feeling and no sun burn. Would recommend and buy again…”

“I have a very fair skin tone that burns pretty much within a few minutes of being outside. I didn’t have a single burn all summer with this formula…”

Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows

Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows review

Pacifica Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadows is an excellent basic palette that is perfect for daily looks and evening makeup. This eyeshadows collection comprises ten coconut-infused eyeshadows in matte pinks, warm nudes, and browns with luminizing highlighters. You can use these highly-pigmented mineral eyeshadows and velvety finishes for creating stunning makeups to stress your individuality.

Key Ingredients:

  • Coconut Water
  • Mineral Colors

You can order this item now for $18.

Here’s what Pacifica consumers think about this product:

“I love these colors! They actually show up on your skin…”

“This pallet is the best nudes palette I have used perfect for the days when you want to keep it simple…”

Salty Waves Beach Hair Balm

Pacifica Salty Waves Beach Hair Balm hydrates, nourishes, and protects hair, helping to improve its texture and overall appearance. The product is petroleum-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.

Key Ingredients:

  • Sea Algae
  • Banana
  • Chia

The product is currently available for $12.

You can find many positive reviews about this hair balm on the brand’s site, online cosmetic stores, and consumers’ platforms. Here are some of them:

“Great texturizing balm, helped me keep some semblance of style through the painful process of growing out a pixie cut…”

“Lovely product. Pacifica generally has very good hair products so I am not surprised. Give my hair volume and makes it very soft…”

Pacifica Beauty Discounts & Coupon Codes

Pacifica often suggests sales and discounts for the best products so that everyone could have a chance to test vegan skincare and cosmetic items. You can check the current proposals on the Special Offers section on the Pacifica official website. Besides, you can always get Free Shipping if ordering over $50.

Pacifica Beauty Shipping Review

As a vegan brand, Pacifica Beauty cares about the products’ sustainability. For this reason, it aims to use 100% biodegradable boxes, containers, and packaging materials for shipping in the near future. If you purchase over $50, you can use Free USPS Standard Shipping that ships orders within 5-7 working days.

As for international shipping, at the moment, Pacifica delivers products only to Canada.

Consider you won’t be able to cancel the order once it has been processed. However, you can return any items once received, except for Last Call products.

Pacifica Beauty Return Policy Review

Pacifica Beauty is known for its excellent customer service, so it does everything possible to satisfy its clients’ needs. Thus, if you want to return your order, you can send it back within 30 days after purchase. Your refund will be processed within 5 business days.

Still, there are cases when you can’t get a return or refund. Here are some of them:

  • you want to return products purchased from a Pacifica retail partner
  • you aim to return bundles, samples, and free gifts
  • you want to return items from outside of the US

Verdict: Is Pacifica Beauty Worth the Money?

Summing up, Pacifica skincare products differ in high quality and are worth the money. The beauty formulas of this vegan brand effectively address their purposes and successfully improve skin look and feel. If you aim to switch to sustainable cosmetics, this cruelty-free brand will 100% meet your skincare needs.


  • affordable prices
  • beneficial natural ingredients
  • products are not tested on animals
  • do not use chemical solvents
  • extensive selection of skincare and cosmetics
  • worthy packaging
  • numerous positive customers’ reviews
  • lucrative loyalty rewards program


  • most Pacifica cosmetics contain fragrances
  • some products fit not for all skin types


Where to Buy Pacifica Skincare Products?

Pacifica skincare products are easy to find at regular stores and online cosmetic retailers.

Is Pacifica Cruelty Free?

Pacifica Beauty is a 100% vegan and cruelty free brand.

Where are Pacifica Beauty Products Made?

Most of the Pacifica products are made in the US.

Who Owns Pacifica Beauty?

Pacifica Beauty is owned by its founders Brook Harvey-Taylor and her husband, Billy Taylor.

How to Contact Pacifica Beauty?

You can reach the Pacifica customer service team via email or a dedicated phone number.

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