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About Outer: Is It a Legit Company?

Outer reviews

Outer is a outdoor furniture brand. This company is dedicated to providing the best quality outdoor furniture that will last for years. They offer a wide variety of outdoor furniture including tables, chairs, benches. Their revolutionary Neighborhood Showroom model encourages prospective customers to experience Outer furniture in real-life backyards.

Outer is a legitimate company that cares about its reputation on the market and pays much attention to the quality and durability of the products. All details, including the cushion covers, are made to protect your furniture from dirt and weather conditions, plus it is easy to clean.

Outer has been mentioned in many notable US media sources like the Forbes, Los Angeles Business Journal, and USA Today.

Besides, the company pitched their idea on Shark Tank, made the sharks fall in love with the concept of Outer sofas, and received an offer by Lori Greiner.First, Outer was offered to get $750,000 in exchange for 20% stakes in the company, but the owners turned down the offer. Then, Lori made an offer that included royalty sharing. As a result, Outer accepted Mr. Greiner’s offer of $750,000 for 5% equity and became a premium patio-furniture brand manifold thanks to Lori’s vast experience in B2C.

Outer Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

“After testing out Wicker sofa from Outer for myself, I can say with confidence that it is comfortable. The elastic memory foam provides extreme comfort, while the high resiliency foam provides support. This makes for a perfect combination that results in a comfortable couch that feels just like your indoor couch.”

“If you’ve been wanting to purchase high quality outdoor furniture, Outer is definitely a great option to consider. Though it is pricey, the quality and comfort of the furniture is definitely good.”

“Outer is definitely good! We love our new loveseat and 2 chairs. They look amazing and are so comfortable. The covers are incredible too. I washed them and didn’t get the stains all the way out, but they still look great even lightly stained.”

“We bought our Outer sectional in the spring, and we were itching to begin to gather with friends outside. We chose Outer because of the attached covers. We were tired of putting away cushions every night and dragging them out again in the morning, not to mention the moments where a sudden rainstorm caused us. We absolutely love our 3 seater sectional. It is comfortable, stylish, and perfect for our outdoor space. We were able to find it at a great price point, and we would highly recommend it.”

“Overall, I really like Outer chairs. They are beautiful and comfortable, and I appreciate that the covers come in a variety of colors. My only wish is that the covers were a tiny bit larger, and covered the cushions better.”

Negative Reviews & Complaints

“I’m probably having a lot of trouble keeping my white cushions clean. Anything and everything seems to stick to them, and they’re already starting to look dirty.”

“After about two month, our patio furniture is completely covered with dirt. I tried wiping them clean using water – nothing worked well enough to make it clean again. So, I highly recommend you to use covers for your sofa.”

“The design and comfort of Outer furniture is really good, but the material isn’t stain resistant. We’ll have to try using some stain remover and see if that works.”

Does Outer Provide Discounts & Promotions?



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You can get a discount when shopping on the Outer website if you join one of their promotional programs. Once you become a member of the brand’s trade program, you will receive 15% off on all items in the shop. Besides, you will be exempt from paying extra sales taxes.

Another option, which can bring you a 10% discount, is participating in the “Neighborhood Showroom Host” program. Moreover, as a host, you will get exclusive Outer sale options, which are more likely to be unavailable for other clients.

Outer Best Selling Futniture

Teak Outdoor Loveseat

Outer Teak Outdoor Loveseat

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Charcoal Aluminum Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs

Outer Charcoal Aluminum Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs

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White Aluminum Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs

White Aluminum Outdoor Sofa

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Brown Wicker Outdoor Sofa

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Black Wicker Outdoor Corner Sectional

Black Wicker Outdoor Corner Sectional

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What is the Outer Neighborhood Showrooms Program?

The Outer Neighborhood Showroom program is a revolution in shopping for outdoor furniture. Thanks to this technology, you can see and touch Outer products in the outdoor spaces of neighbors who use them every day. With only one click, you can enjoy the chance to experience the true brand’s quality and hear from real clients before you buy.

Outer performs over 1,000 Neighborhood Showrooms with all the products represented on the official website. To visit a Neighborhood Showroom, you need to start by looking for an option with the sofa or chairs you are interested in available in your area. After you find a location that best fits your needs, you should submit a request to visit it in person or virtually.

A host or a concierge will help you agree on the details of your visit or a virtual connection and answer the questions you may have. If you choose to virtually connect the Neighborhood Showroom, you may visit it via any device from anywhere on the specified date and time.

Such an opportunity will help you browse inspiring photos of outdoor spaces and styles and ensure Outer differs in exceptional quality before ordering the picked items.

How Long do Outer Furniture Typically Last?

Outer outdoor furniture is made to withstand the elements, but that doesn’t mean it will last forever. Depending how well you take care of it, your furniture can last anywhere from a few years to 15 years.

How Long Does it Take for Outer to Deliver Furniture?

Outer orders take approximately 8-10 days for delivery after purchase, but the delivery timeframe for your individual order may differ depending on your date of purchase. Depending on when you placed your order, you can expect your furniture to arrive within 2 weeks

What does Outer’s Furniture Warranty Cover?

Outer offers a warranty on its furniture to the original buyer at the original delivery address against defects in material or workmanship. However, it has its time limitations. Thus, the company undertakes to fix or return the damaged aluminum frame and legs of sofas and chairs within ten years or their cushions within five years.

If the defects are defined as those causing the product to be unsound structurally or mechanically, the warranty obliges Outer to repair or replace any part of it or the entire item. The condition of the furniture will be checked by the company after you contact it for an inspection.

Still, note that the warranty does not cover failure or damage caused by lack of appropriate care and maintenance, use of improper cleaning products, pets or rodents, or acts of nature.

Does Outer Furniture Have a Waterproof Protective Barrier?

All Outer cushion covers have a waterproof protective barrier, which helps lock out any moisture concerns the outdoor furniture cushions usually face.

Where Are Outer Sofas Made?

The manufacturing of Santa Monica-based company Outer is intimately involved in the factory in China that deals with making the furniture.

Where to Buy Outer Outdoor Furniture?

You can buy Outer furniture and accessories exclusively on their official website.

How Much Do Outer Sofas Cost?

The Outer sofas prices vary from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on the number of seats and overall design.

When is the Best Time to Buy Outer’s Patio Furniture?

The best time to buy patio furniture is typically from August to October when stores are clearing out their summer items. However, generally speaking, the further from summer, the higher the savings on patio furniture. So if you’re patient, you can often find great deals on patio furniture from brands like Outer in November or December.

Does Outer Furniture Ever Go on Sale?

Outer Furniture usually goes on sale far into the season when outdoor household property stops being in great demand (starting from late October).

How to Clean Your Outer Cushions?

You can clean your outer cushions using a hose and dish detergent or by popping their covers into your washing machine. However, make sure you’ve saved the protective film that comes attached to the cushions covers when washing them; otherwise, the sections of fabric can snag in the wash, which could lead to damaging the item.

What is the Most Popular Products from Outer?

  • Sofas & Sectionals
  • Chairs & Ottomans
  • Coffee Tables
  • Fire Pit Table
  • Outdoor Rugs
  • Covers
  • Bug Shield Blankets

Verdict: Is Outer Furniture Worth It?

As anyone who has shopped for quality outdoor furniture knows, the price tag can be quite steep. But with Outer, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. The Wicker collection is not only beautiful but also incredibly comfortable. So if you are looking for a piece of furniture that will provide years of enjoyment, Outer is definitely worth it.


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