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Designed for everyone on the go and those who need to recover from repeated tiring workout sessions, Oofos was founded in 2011 by a lifelong athlete Lou Panaccione.

Lou together with his business partner and brand’s leader, Duncan Finigan, for many years had been driven by a mission “to make you feel better”. Grievously, in spring 2019, after a 4-years long brave fight with breast cancer, Duncan has passed away.

Driven by strong grief, Oofos has moved forward toward a renewed purpose of the brand by donating a great part of the brand’s sales to the Dana-Farber Breast Cancer Research Institute. Due to date, more than $1 000 000 USD has been contributed to support new medical breakthroughs in the fight against breast cancer.

The truth revealed by this Oofos review is that the brand is genuinely dedicated to its mission. Full transparency and commitment have earned Oofos the respect and love of customers worldwide.

Oofos Quality Review

Oofos Shoes Review

With dozens of positive reviews, Oofos shoes are definitely worth the money. Most of the brand’s satisfied buyers on Trustpilot and the official Oofos webpage talk widely about the high quality of shoes and good foot support.

Made with high-quality OOfoam technology, each pair of Oofos shoes are just worth it. They are designed to provide wearers with an ideal mix of stability and cushion allowing them to move in a natural motion.

Oofos Customer Reviews & Ratings

Oofos Shoes Reviews

Without any surprise, Oofos has well-deserved high ratings on the brand’s official website and different online platforms like Amazon and Facebook.

Oofos reviewers on Trustpilot have left 19,463 feedbacks with 97% of them being overwhelmingly positive. With a 4.7-star rating, Oofos has earned the status of an excellent shoe store on Trustpilot.

‘These are fantastic shoes . Excellent value and very durable. Easy to clean and great customer service!”, sums up dozens of positive customer reviews one of Oofo’s buyers on Trustpilot.

The official brand’s page and Amazon do not indicate an overall rating for the brand itself but offer a separate rating for each Oofos product.

For example, Oofos Unisex OOriginal sandals have a 4.7 stars rating based on more than 18,000 customer reviews on Amazon, while women’s OOClog LUXE CLOG has 4.5 stars from 500+ reviews on

Within this Oofos review, we have found out that the majority of customers rave about high-quality comfort, excellent foot support, and helpful customer support. When it comes to complaints, we’ve detected only a few of them stating that delivery is quite long and customer service support is slow.

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There are many ways of getting Oofos shoes with a lower price tag. And, of course, signing up on the brand’s official website and receiving $5 off is one of them. You can also get 300 points ($15 off) discount by referring Oofos shoes to a friend and giving them 15% off on the first purchase.

If you are a real Oofos shoe fan, then the Oofos Reward program is right for you. As a subscribed member you can gather points and then redeem them for discounts where every 100 points equal $5 off.

Members with OOGold accounts can earn 1.25 points for every dollar spent, while OOPlatinum subscribers earn 1.5 points per dollar. To become a VIP OOGold member you have to earn 500 points, and OOPlatinum – 800 points.

Are Oofos Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Are Oofos Good For Plantar Fasciitis

According to a 2018 University of Virginia laboratory study, wearing Oofos footwear can help to ease the pain associated with plantar fasciitis, or in other words, when too much pressure on feet is caused and inflammation in a thick band of tissue occurs.

This study has significantly proved that Oofos shoes reduce lower leg pain, stress on the joints and help to recover faster in case of already caused injury.

Oofos Sandals

Oofos Sandals Reviews

Oofos sandals are available for both men and women. With a great variety of options, everyone can find a style and color up to their taste.

The collection of men’s sandals include 17 different shoe models. All of them are made with revolutionary OOfoam technology and ensure the comfort of feet.

Men’s OOahh Sport Flex sandals are selling for $84.95 and available in woodland camo, gray, matte black, black, and black&white colors.

Men’s OOahh Sport Slide model comes in azul, black matte, navy white, black, and slate colors. This model can be purchased for $59.95.

Men’s OOriginal Sport model can be chosen in graphite, matte black, azul, cloud, and matte mocha colors. Men can buy this model for $59.95.

Men’s OOriginal Sandal is the simplest model available only in black and navy sold for $49.95.

The range of Oofos sandals for women is quite wider than for men. Every woman can choose between 59 models in:

  • OOahh Sport Flex ($84.95)
  • OOahh Luxe Slide ($69.95)
  • OOahh Sport Slide ($59.95),
  • OOlala Limited ($69.95)
  • OOlala sandal ($59.95)
  • OOriginal sandal ($49.95)
  • OOriginal Sport sandal ($59.95)

The color palette for women’s Oofos sandals is truly extensive. Women are free to choose between black bandana, red bandana, light pink bandana, desert snake, firecracker, tiger lily, black gator, leopard, black and white leopard, gray leopard, snow leopard, leopard flora, violet leopard, white aqua, white silver, white pink, white yellow, black camo, purple camo, and, of course, classy black, white and navy.

Oofos Clogs

Oofos Clogs Review

Women Oofos Clogs are versatile shoes for comfortable day-to-day use. A proprietary footbed helps to reduce pressure on knees, ankles, and other joints.

Women’s collection of Oofos Clogs include 12 models available in the following colors: black, navy, white, gray leopard, leopard, purple camo, green camo, black camo, purple camo, snake, and tiger lily.

Classy Oofos clogs in black, white and navy are selling for $69.95, while the rest of Clogs models cost $79.95.

Women’s Oomg Low Shoe

Women's Oomg Low Shoe Review

In the best brand’s traditions, the Women’s Oomg low shoe line is designed to provide stable arch support.

Within the Oomg Low Shoe line women can choose between 15 different models in various colors and styles. All of them feature a 6 mm heel and reduce ankle energy exertion by 20%.

Oomg Low shoes can be purchased for $119.95 or $129.95. When on final sale, the pair of Oofos can be grabbed for as low as $79.99.

Oofos Sizing

Most Oofos shoes, including OOriginal, OOahh, OOlala, and OOcloog come in the whole size only from 1 to 14 for Men (US) and from 4 to 16 for Women (US).

For women who usually wear a half size, the brand recommends to size up, while men in such cases have to size down.

When it comes to the width of Oofos shoes, they usually come in medium unisex width.

For those who have wider feet, the brand recommends checking out such models as OOriginal, OOriginal sport, and OOahh Sport Flex.

Oofos buyers with narrow feet must have a look at the OOlala shoe style.

Oofos Shipping Policy

Oofos men's shoes

Oofos has several ways of shipping to offer: standard (5-10 business days) and express (1 or 2 business days).

Standard shipping is free of charge and is provided by UPS and USPS. Those who are interested in express shipping can choose 1-day ($24) or 2-days ($38) delivery options. Keep in mind that in the case of 1-day delivery, the order has to be placed before 1 PM ET.

Plus, orders to be delivered with an express shipping method can’t be sent to a PO Box, only to a physical address.

Oofos customers located out of the US, have to visit Oofos international websites to place an order and check available options for shipping there.

Oofos is available in:

  • Australia
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • UK
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • News Zealand

Oofos Return Policy

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve bought your Oofos pair of shoes online, in-store, or from one of the authorized brand’s retailers, you can always turn it within 30 days after the purchase.

If purchased from the official online store, you can place your return on To do so, you need the email address you’ve used for making a purchase, six-digit order number, printed return label, and RMA form.

You can expect your refund within 20 working days. And the cherry on top – all the returns and exchanges are free of charge.

For those who’ve purchased Oofos shoes in-store or through an authorized brand’s retailer, the return process is slightly different. To receive a refund, you have to return your purchase to the store or retailer where it was bought.

In case, the store where shoes were purchased can’t help you with a refund or exchange, Oofos will take care of this by offering you a pair of the same value. But, proof of your purchase from an authorized retailer has to be provided.

Oofos Warranty


All Oofos shoes sold on the official brand’s website or from authorized internet-based and brick-and-mortar resellers are covered by a 6 months warranty from the date of purchase.

The Oofos warranty policy covers premature wear within 3 months after the purchase, including peeling, strap breaking, and toe post breaking.

Keep in mind that normal wear and tear, squeaking, shrinkage due to heat exposure, and product misuse are not eligible for a return, exchange, or any warranty claims.

Worse luck for customers who have purchased their Oofos shoes from eBay, Poshmark, ThredUp, and from unauthorized third-party sellers on Amazon are not foreseen by Oofos warranty policy.

As stated on the official brand’s website, Recovery Footwear and JackRabbit are the only officially authorized sellers on Amazon.

Summary Verdict

This Oofos review has found out that everyone, from medical workers to sports enthusiasts and professional athletes, will be able to find a perfect pair of Oofos shoes.

Whether you are in need of recovery after a foot or leg injury or someone with a daily lower back or foot pain, or you are someone who is just looking for a daily comfortable pair of shoes, Oofos is unquestionably the right brand to look at.

Here is the sum of pros and cons detected by this Oofos review.


  • The brand donates 2% from each purchased pair of shoes to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Comfortable, lightweight, machine washable, humidity resistant
  • The extensive color palette for both men and women
  • Free delivery and exchanges
  • Comfortable reward system with points that can be exchanged for a discount
  • Thousands of positive customers reviews


  • Quite expensive
  • With the only disadvantage related to a comparably high price tag, Oofos shoes are definitely worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Oofos?

The first place to look for Oofos shoes is Besides this, there are 395 official partners-retailers around the world offering a wide range of Oofos products. Plus, selected Oofos models are available on Amazon, eBay, Nordstrom, and Walmart.

What does Oofos mean?

With a mission to make everyone feel better, the brand’s name OOFOS means a combination of a revolutionary OOfoam technology with a biomechanically engineered footbed.

Do Oofos have good arch support?

Oofos shoes are designed to take the stress off of your arches and cradle a footbed. It doesn’t matter how long you wear a pair of Oofos shoes, your aches will always feel supported and in comfort.

Are Oofos clogs slip resistant?

Even being not certified slip resistant, Oofos clogs are resistant to water. This makes them a perfect pair of shoes to be worn in slippery areas like the pool or beach.

How to contact Oofos?

If after reading this Oofos review you’ve been left with some unanswered questions, feel free to get in touch with Oofos customer support team via email at; by submitting an online request at; by calling at 1-888-820-7797.

Oofos customer support service is available Mondays through Fridays from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.