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Customer Satisfaction: 8.0/10

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MiniOlie Customer Reviews & Ratings

Most customers have expressed satisfaction with Miniolie’s products, leading to a commendable average rating of 4.0 out of a potential 5 stars.

Top Positive Review

“I am absolutely delighted with the product variety that the Miniolie company has offered.

I had received an adorable baseball cap, a T-shirt & shorts set, and a warm romper sweatshirt, all of which were amazing in quality and perfect for my babies’ fall wardrobe.

The cap was particularly cute and thick with a smiley face on it, and it came in a green color that I thought was perfect for the season.

The clothing items are all not only cute but also very functional, given the changing weather conditions in our area.

I found the clothes versatile and well-suited for different occasions. I also enjoyed the sizing options since my baby is a bit chunky.

I was thrilled to find super cute feeding stuff at very reasonable prices. I found a nice silicone tableware for just 3.95 dollars.

Additionally, I was able to score some beautiful Bear velcro sandals, some fun ruffled florals dress with bag, and a collection of wonderful casual shirts.

All these great deals really made me feel that I got the best value for my money.”

Top Critical Review

“Disappointed with my purchase. I ended up with items that bore only a passing resemblance to the high-quality product images shown on their website, leading me to suspect they might be running a drop-shipping operation.

The overall quality of the four combinations of neck tee and shorts I ordered was pitiful – loose threads everywhere, uneven seams, and flimsy, low-grade fabrics. When I sought a resolution, I was given the choice of returning the items at my expense or settling for a measly refund.

It’s safe to say that the product quality is disappointingly poor, and even when you receive your items, they’re unlikely to meet your expectations. Now, I’m left with a poor-quality product that’s unfit for gifting and merely serves as a desk ornament.”

Key Info

  • Free shipping:  Yes. On orders over $79
  • Shipping time: 6-25 days
  • Returns period: 14 days


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