What Is MeUndies?

MeUndies reviews

MeUndies is a Los Angeles-based underwear and loungewear brand designed for women and men. The company was founded in 2011, and since that time, it has gained huge popularity throughout the world, especially among U.S. consumers.

MeUndies makes trendy essentials to fuel self-expression with a focus on comfortability and softness. It offers undies, socks, tees, bralettes, swimwear, and a collection of loungewear of different sizing and styles so that everyone can find the product to meet one’s taste.

In the catalog of MeUndies products, you’ll find everything from items with fun patterns and bright colors to classic colors. The brand sources the softest and most comfortable fabrics of the highest quality. Every MeUndies piece you put on your body will move with your body due to the super-stretchy fabrics that are also very light and breathable.

Along with the quality and durability, the company also provides an opportunity to save money while shopping on the official website if you subscribe to MeUndies.

MeUndies Customer Reviews & Ratings

MeUndies Customer Reviews

MeUndies is in great demand among consumers. Many clients of the brand note the exceptional quality and durability of the products:

“I have used MeUndies for years and actually haven’t worn anything else since…” (source)

Besides, the company constantly updates its underwear and loungewear collection, pleasing customers with new exclusive designs:

“I love my monthly MeUndies deliveries! It keeps with a fresh and updated selection of undies spread out over time…”

However, some MeUndies customers have started to complain about the products’ quality lately, which to their opinion had worsened in comparison to last year collection:

“I’ve been buying Meundies for almost 3 years and I used to love them. All of the underwear I’ve purchased in the last year have cheap fabric and have fallen apart becoming no longer wearable, where as the underwear bought prior to this past year are still in perfect condition…” (source)

As for the customer care, most MeUndies clients are satisfied with the client support that is always ready to assist users with any questions relating to shopping on the website:

“The first time I tried to order product from the website I was having some issues. Chatted with an agent and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had…”

MeUndies Promotions, Discounts & Coupon Codes

MeUndies offers holiday promotions and sales for both new and loyal customers. For example, in advance of Valentine’s Day, you can get a 25% discount with a promo code MATCHING25 if you get a pair of matching undies for you and your significant other. Besides, the brand has a lucrative subscription program, which allows receiving the best deals with an impressive discount.

If you’re buying MeUndies products for the first time, you can also get a 15% off your first order for all items except packs. This discount is auto-applied at checkout, so you don’t need to type any promo codes to use this proposal.

MeUndies Subscription Review

MeUndies subscription is an excellent opportunity to purchase exclusive underwear and loungewear designed by this brand with a discount. Once you become a member of this program, you get a chance to be among the first clients who receive the latest undies updates for a special price.

What does it look like in practice? Every month, you’ll choose a pair to highlight your individuality, saving up to 30% on each order. Thus, over time, you’ll build a collection of the softest undies and bras for all cases.

Want to know how much is MeUndies membership cost? The price is quite affordable: $16/month for men’s undies, $14/month for women’s undies and loungewear, and $8/month for socks for both genders. Regardless of what style, cut, or size you choose, the price is the same for all items in your mailbox.

MeUndiesWomen’s Basics: Bras, Underwear, Socks, and Tees

MeUndies women

MeUndies offers fun and affordable underwear and loungewear for all tastes. If you’re looking for a way to fill your drawer with quality undies, this brand will impress you with a variety of styles and designs. All products are made of super-soft and comfy material and have a waistband that does not roll down while being worn.

The MeUndies collection comprises undies, bralettes, apparel, swimwear, socks, and accessories. Regardless of which design or style you prefer, all items are represented in a diversity of sizes: from XS through 4XL. However, consider MeUndies underwear run small compared to other brands when choosing an appropriate option.

Although the undies of this brand are not the stretchiest underwear on the market, it differs in a high level of comfort. Read on to get more details about the MeUndies products to ensure it is worth your attention.

Supportive Bralettes

MeUndies Supportive Bralettes

If you are looking for a comfortable, durable bra for an affordable price, MeUndies’ bralettes will fit you perfectly! The brand’s line comprises three different forms: U-Back, T-Back, and Triangle, with a wide selection of colors, patterns, and prints.

Every bralette is made of a blend of MicroModal® and elastane, creating a gentle and flattering feel. Besides, each bra has a flexible black elastic band for optimal comfort and support without a pushup wire.

Although some consumers may find these bras a bit pricey, they are definitely worth the money. Besides, you can save up to $10 for each item if you become a member of MeUndies.


MeUndies Swimwear review

MeUndies is famous not for its excellent selection of undies and loungewear but for its fantastic swimwear collection that involves tops, bottoms, swimsuits. All pieces represented on the site are available in various colors and sizes so that every girl and woman can feel stunning!

MeUndies swimwear is made of recycled nylon fabric, making the clothing eco-friendly. The fabric is super soft, quality, and comfortable, essential for swimsuits. Moreover, each item looks great as the colors and patterns are designed according to the latest trends.

If you want to stand out with your brand new bikini, mix classic colors and limited-edition prints to get an exclusive set. All tops and bottoms perfectly match each other, and you can create a swimsuit even from the items represented in different MeUndies swimwear collections.

Women’s Lounge Pant

Women's Lounge Pant review

This MeUndies Lounge Pant is one of the top-selling products on the official brand’s website. If you like comfy yet stylish loungewear that can give your home outfit a more feminine look, this item is exactly what you need.

The pants are super soft and sustainable. Besides, unlike most other loungewear represented on the web, this item is made of breathable and static-resistant fabrics, making it impossibly cozy.

Those preferring more fitted styles love the relaxed wide-leg style of these pants. Besides, the pair features a comfortable stretch waistband with flatlock stitching and subtle side-seam pockets perfect for your phone or snacks.

Here’s what people think about this women’s lounge pant:

“Amazing! These are my new favorite pants. They fit great and are so comfy. The only complaint I have is that they are very long, so another length option for these pants would be awesome, but I’m not holding that against them…” (source)

MeUndies Men’s Basics: Underwear, Socks, and Tees

MeUndies Mens review

The market is overwhelmed with women’s bras and undies, but when it comes to men’s underwear and loungewear, stores usually provide a quite poor selection. Yet, MeUndies has fixed this problem once and forever, as it suggests a rich collection of comfy and stylish underwear, socks, and tees for men.

The undies section involves a variety of styles: from boxers to thongs. All items come in over 20 colors, patterns, and funky prints. Durable stitching keeps everything supported and in place, fitting well for any figure. Boxer briefs contain MicroModal® and elastane, making them 3x softer than regular cotton underwear.

MeUndies also offers boxer brief packs with 3 to 10 pairs of the best MeUndies boxers. Thus, you can get more products and save up to 25% on a pair.

MeUndies socks collection comprises crew, quarter, ankle, and no-show items, so whether your style is, you will easily find an appropriate pair to liven up your outfits. The price is quite affordable, especially if you join the MeUndies membership and agree to receive a fresh pair every month.

Breathe Boxer Brief W/ Fly

Breathe Boxer Brief review

This Boxer Brief with Fly is ultra-soft and comfy men’s undies designed specifically for your everyday activity. Thanks to a moisture-wicking, quick-dry material, your boxers will always be dry and stay put. Besides, the fabric is super-stretchy and ultra-light, meaning you won’t feel its presence even while training.

The classic boxer brief option is available in 6 colors and 7 sizes (from S to 4XL). Besides, there is an extensive collection of exclusive designs, which involves 15 different patterns for those who wish to brighten up their undie wardrobe.

Check the consumers’ opinion about MeUndies breathe boxer brief:

“I’ve tried a lot of boxer briefs, and these are the best yet! I’m a 34 waist, and the Large fits me perfectly. The fabric is super smooth and comfy, and they feature a well-designed anatomical pouch. The legs don’t ride up…”

Hacci Hoodies

Hacci Hoodies review

If you want to expand your collection of loungewear, these Hacci hoodies, pants, and shorts are exactly what you need to pay attention to. MeUndies customers love the hoodies of this brand for their high quality and excellent designs. Besides, they are made of the softest material, making your loungewear the comfiest clothing in your wardrobe.

The hoodies are available in different colors and sizes so that every client has an opportunity to buy exclusive MeUndies items. The Hacci loungewear will give you the best feel, thanks to the excellent soft fleece. Besides, you will always look great in such stylish clothing. As for the prices, they are more than affordable for MeUndies members.

MeUndies Size Chart

Women’s Sizes

MeUndies Women’s Size Review

Men’s Sizes

MeUndies Mens Sizes

MeUndies Shipping

MeUndies provides Free Standard Shipping on all US orders. As for the international orders, they have a flat rate depending on the location:

  • $3.00 for Canadian Members
  • $6.00 for Canadian Non-Members
  • $12.00 for all other international locations

The company also offers expedited shipping options for US customers via FedEx, which allows them to deliver orders within 1-2 business days.

MeUndies Return Policy

You can return your order purchased on MeUndies’ official website within 45 days. To send the item back to the store, you need to visit a self-service returns portal and process your return by adding all the necessary order details.

However, not all purchases can be returned and refunded. Underwear, socks, bralettes, apparel, and accessories should be unworn and unwashed. Swimwear also has to be unwashed and in the original condition with a hygiene sticker still in place. All items should be sent back in the original condition they were received.

Verdict: Is MeUndies Worth the Money?

Summing up, MeUndies underwear and loungewear may seem pricey for some consumers, yet they are definitely worth the money. The clothing is incredibly soft and comfy due to the high-quality materials. The website features an excellent collection of items for all tastes and sizes.

MeUndies aims to please all customers with exclusive designs and lucrative proposals so that everyone can get a pair of fantastic undies. Many consumers have already noted the quality and durability of the brand’s items, so if you want to add something special to your underwear collection, join the membership and order MeUndies products with a good discount.

MeUndies Alternatives

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  • Calvin Klein


Why Is MeUndies So Expensive?

MeUndies offers extraordinarily comfortable underwear of limited designs, so every item is absolutely worth the money. Besides, you can subscribe to the membership to get special pricing on every product MeUndies carries.

Where to Buy MeUndies?

You can buy MeUndies products on the official website, as well as other retailers and online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc.

How to Cancel MeUndies Membership?

To cancel your MeUndies membership, you need to visit your account, select ‘Manage Your Pair’ on the membership you would like to cancel, and click the ‘End Membership’ button.

Where Are MeUndies Made?

MeUndies products are manufactured in Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Los Angeles, where the brand’s headquarters is located.

Where Does MeUndies Ship From?

MeUndies ships all orders from the warehouse based in San Diego, CA.


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