What Is Mashvisor?


Founded in 2014, Mashvisor is a real estate analyzing tool that helps investors find the best properties, study the market fast, analyze their investment and potential revenues, learn more about the neighborhood, etc. And investors can achieve all of that without doing any research. Mashvisor does it for them and provides extensive, helpful data to find the best deals. It’s the best time-saving solution for investors who want to make sure they make the right choice every time they buy new property.

Mashvisor has over 7K followers on Facebook and a high rating online. It’s not a mainstream service, so the number of reviews might seem limited, but the majority of them are happy. Additionally, Mashvisor was mentioned by such trustworthy media sources as Forbes, C-net, US News, Entrepreneur, and more. Needless to say, it’s a legitimate company that can guarantee a safe experience and impressive results.

Pricing: How Much Does Mashvisor Cost?

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Mashvisor offers three plans. This allows customers to be flexible when choosing a service package that meets their exact needs. These plans include:

Lite, which costs $17.99 per month if paid annually and $22.99 when paid once every three months. This plan allows investors to analyze individual properties, calculate income, and estimate rental rates. It’s a pretty basic plan that covers the essentials and can be enough to help investors discover the potential of their desired properties.

Standard, which costs $49.99 per month if paid annually and $69.99 when paid once every three months. This plan offers more investment opportunities, helps investors find the most profitable objects, compare rental rates, and find properties based on their personalized expense profiles and target profits. This plan also includes heat maps that reveal the most lucrative neighborhoods.

Professional, which costs $74.99 per month if paid annually and $99.99 when paid once every three months. This is a true all-in-one package for investors who want the most detailed analysis. It allows customers to find multifamily and foreclosure properties, analyze larger databases, and access client outreach campaigns. This plan also gives real estate agents a chance to get PDF property analysis reports, helping them save more time when preparing information for potential clients.

There’s also a free 7-day trial that gives customers a chance to test Mashvisor’s services without buying a plan.

Mashvisor Customer Reviews & Ratings

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As mentioned before, there aren’t that many Mashvisor reviews online, as the company offers a specific set of services that work for a smaller portion of the population. Nonetheless, there are plenty of happy Mashvisor customers who have a lot to say about the company. For instance, Mashvisor’s rating on TrustPilot is 4.5 stars.

Most customers agree that Mashvisor provides all the needed information to help investors and real estate agents find the best deals:

“This is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to become a real estate investor. Detailed and thorough, this service leaves nothing out.” (source)

It’s also worth mentioning that Mashvisor is easy to work with, offering comprehensive information and straightforward tools, making its plans suitable even for beginners:

“I am new to real estate investing. Mashvisor has made it super simple even for a Newbie like me to identify & evaluate good deals for rental properties that fit my criteria at a glance. It has allowed me to work numbers like a seasoned pro and saved me a lot of time & effort.”

Of course, there are some complaints too (as no one is perfect, including online services like Mashvisor). The complaints focus mostly on occasional issues with the info not being up to date. That being said, Mashvisor constantly works on improving its services, so such occurrences are pretty rare.

How Does Mashvisor Calculate Insurance Expense?

Insurance expenses belong to annual recurring expenses, which Mashvisor calculates using a fixed default (based on the nationwide average). The nationwide average for homeowners’ insurance is $83 per month. If customers are interested in multi-family units, Mashvisor will calculate the insurance expenses using the data from the company’s personal source.

How Does Mashvisor Obtain Data?

Mashvisor has multiple data sources. They include Zillow, AirBnb, MLS sources, HomeAway, Realtor.com, Auction.com, Redfin Walk Score, etc.
It’s also worth mentioning that Mashvisor obtains the same data from different sources to ensure its accuracy.

Mashvisor collects all the available data, analyzes it, and provides handy reports to the customers to help them save time on research. Mashvisor updates data once a month and MLS listings – daily. The company also frequently tests the data search results and its algorithms to make sure customers get only relevant, accurate information.

Finding Properties to Buy

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Finding a suitable property to buy has never been easier. Mashvisor gives its customers access to an extensive nationwide database, so they can search for the best investment opportunities (even long-distance ones).

Customers can search for great properties based on the city they choose, the desired budget, the rental strategy, the property type (single-family, multi-family, condo, etc.), and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Mashvisor will use its algorithms to find a suitable investment for every user.

Additionally, the company’s search tool will look for rental properties for sale that similar users were interested in, factoring in the customer’s search patterns on Mashvisor’s website. The company’s property finder can also help investors and real estate agents discover the best usage of a potential property (short-term or long-term, for example).

Once customers decide on the city they want to explore, they can study each property in detail. Mashvisor provides real, accurate pictures, relevant prices, and detailed info for each property. This makes Mashvisor a one-stop destination for investors and realtors who want to get all the needed info in one place (and save hours of research).

Property Analysis

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Property analysis by Mashvisor involves multiple tools and several steps to make sure customers find something that suits their needs perfectly.
First, Mashvisor analyzes the location. The company’s tools allow customers to find out what tenants they might want to target, what rental strategy they should choose, and how to approach marketing. The company also covers occupancy rates and rental expenses in that area. In other words, Mashvisor teaches investors how to use a property to the fullest based on its location.

Next, the company’s tools allow customers to calculate the potential income and cash flow on the desired property. Since Mashvisor extracts data from multiple sources, the estimations are accurate and can give investors a clear picture of what they will be dealing with.

Another essential step when it comes to property analysis is vacancy and occupancy rates. Mashvisor provides both long-term and AirBnb-type occupancy rates to help investors pick the most optimal strategy.

Customers can also use Mashvisor to estimate the return on investment of their desired rental property. And here’s the best part – there’s no need to make calculations! Mashvisor will give its customers full access to the estimates.

Mashvisor Competitors and Alternatives

It’s hard to find a company that offers such an extensive list of services and tools as Mashvisor. Most competitors have a lower number of tools or somewhat limited packages. Here are a few examples:

  • AirDNA, which focuses mostly on short-term vacation rental analytics. Subscription plans start at $19.99, which is slightly more expensive than Mashvisor’s service packages.
  • Estated, which offers a database containing over 112 million properties nationwide. It gives customers an easy way to collect accurate, complete data when doing property research. However, Estated doesn’t have as many analysis tools and filters as Mashvisor, which means Estated customers will have to do a large portion of work on their own.
  • BiggerPockets, which shares lots of real estate educational materials. It also provides access to multiple forums where investors and real estate agents can discuss their business, find solutions, and share their experiences. BiggerPockets also has a couple of real estate investment calculators, but they are pretty basic. The subscription plans start at $19.99.
  • Reonomy, which is centered on commercial properties and all the accompanying research. There’s no subscription plan, but customers need to buy individual licenses that cost $3,600 per year. Because Reonomy works with commercial properties, it’s not suited for investors who want to find great long-term or AirBnb rentals.

Mashvisor vs. AirDNA: What People Say on Reddit

Mashvisor and AirDNA are pretty similar, as they both work to help customers find the best investment opportunities. That being said, there are some differences between the two companies.

For example, users note that Mashvisor has a more user-friendly layout. It also offers a larger set of tools and in-depth analytics, while AirDNA presents more general data.

At the same time, AirDNA has a diverse selection of subscriptions, making it a bit more flexible in terms of service packages.

It’s also worth mentioning that AirDNA offers only demos, while Mashvisor has a free 7-day trial, allowing customers to test all of the available tools.

Verdict: Is Mashvisor Worth the Money?

Mashvisor is an all-in-one analytics tool for investors and real estate agents who want to find the best properties without wasting much time. The company offers extensive research and tons of helpful, relevant data. Needless to say, these factors alone make Mashvisor worth trying out. But it’s also worth noting that the company offers great value, as its subscription packages are reasonably priced.


  • multiple analytics tools that provide a deeper understanding of the rental market
  • uses data from multiple resources to compare findings and present only relevant information
  • several subscription packages to choose from, allowing for more flexibility in use
  • reasonably priced and offers excellent value for money
  • easy to use


  • data is updated monthly, so sometimes reports might not be up to date