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About Maiden Home 

Maiden Home furniture

Maiden Home is a luxury brand that designs original furniture by hand-selecting materials and meticulously designing each piece with great detail. Their artisan partners in North Carolina specialize in woodworking, tailoring, and upholstery techniques to make each piece of furniture ordered.

Maiden Home is headquartered in New York, New York, United States, and was founded in 2017 by Nidhi Kapur.

Check this Maiden Home review to explore more details about the company and its most terrific pieces, and figure out what people think about this brand.

How Good Is Maiden Home Furniture?

When it comes to furniture, quality is always a top priority for Maiden Home. Their customers report that the furniture is well-made and the fabrics are of great quality.

Every piece of the Maiden Home collection is made of naturally based textiles and premium materials at the highest quality standards.

Thanks to the cooperation with the leading textile mills and leather tanneries like Moore & Giles, Crypton Home, and Sunbrella, Maiden Home offers designer-level quality.

But what really sets Maiden Home apart from other brands is its attention to detail.

Every little element of their furniture is designed to perfection, which is why it’s so popular with discerning customers who appreciate high-quality craftsmanship.

Their pieces are designed to stand the test of time, and they come with a lifetime warranty so you can be sure that your investment is protected.

If you’re looking for furniture that is built to last, then Maiden Home is the brand for you.

What are things to keep in mind when choosing a Maiden Home sofa?

If you choose the Warren sofa, please keep in mind that if you are taller than 5′, the back cushions of this sofa may be a bit low for you. Also, the Nickel Chenille fabric can roll in areas where you sit the most.

“We’ve had our Warren last month, and I was nervous about the low back. It is definitely low; the top of the back sits right at my shoulder blades. At first I thought about sending it back, but we seem to have gotten used to it. The only other issue we’ve had is with the Nickel Chenille fabric pilling in the areas we sit in the most”

Is Maiden Home furniture good for pets?

If you have pets, you can choose a sofa with pebbled leather from Maiden Home. This type of leather is more durable than other fabrics and is easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about scratches or other marks on the sofa.

“We needed a couch that would be comfortable and suitable for our two retrievers. We made a choice in favor of Maiden Home and did not regret it. I chose pebbled leather for its easy-care properties and resistance to scratches. So far, I’ve been very happy with my decision.”


Maiden Home

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Experiences & Complaints​

Many Maiden Home customers point out the exceptional quality of the furniture the company offers for the best price:

“I’m so impressed with the quality of my Ludlow sofa. It’s a Sofa for Life”


“I love this bed! The quality exceeds my expectations…”

Another Maiden Home quality that impresses clients is excellent customer support. Thanks to the friendly and experienced managers’ assistance, you’ll always find the item that would meet your requirements and expectations:

“Choosing a color was more difficult than naming my children but, Maiden Home was very helpful with all the samples and I am in the end super happy with the color we chose…”

Maiden Homes’ Top Picks

Sullivan Sectional

Maiden Home Sullivan

Maiden Home Sullivan Sectional is a real jewel of the Sullivan furniture collection. This elegant and comfy sofa will last long thanks to its liquid repellent and fade-resistant fabric.

You can buy Sullivan Sectional in any color and finish out of a diversity of represented options.

If you’re having difficulties with choosing an appropriate fabric and size, ask the website manager for further assistance, and you’ll be satisfied with your pick.

Feel free to match Sullivan Sectional with the ottoman and chair from the same collection. Besides, Maiden Home offers excellent coffee tables that can also go well with Sullivan Sectional furniture

Carmine Sofa

Maiden Home Carmine Sofa

The minimalistic yet luxury Maiden Home Carmine Sofa is made to add uniqueness to any design. It is definitely worth its money, which is $2,500.

Carmine Sofa is represented in 67 fabrics, eight sizes, and four finishes, so you will surely pick the design that would fit your apartment. Moreover, the site offers beautiful Carmine Ottoman that goes perfectly with the Carmine Sofa.

Perry Chairs

Maiden Home Perry Chair

This light and airy Maiden Home Perry Chair will bring coziness and elegance to your apartment. Its price is $2,400, which may seem a bit high for a chair, but once you take a seat at this fantastic furniture, you will fall in love with the luxe, touchable texture of this premium New Zealand shearling.

Perry Chair pairs well with many design styles, so you can feel free to match this furniture with any piece from the Maiden Home collection.

How Much Are Sofas from Maiden Home?

The prices for their sofas and sectionals begin from $2,900. The most expensive sofa they offer is The Muir sofa, which costs $9,895.

Does Maiden Home Have Sales?

No, Maiden Home does not have sales on the website.

How Long Does Maiden Home Furniture Take to Ship?

The expected delivery time for Maiden Home furniture is unfortunately quite long, often taking several weeks or even months.

This is due to the company’s reliance on a third-party delivery service which frequently experiences scheduling issues and delays.

As a result, customers often have to wait an extended period of time before their furniture finally arrives.

What Is Maiden Homes’ Return Policy?

Maiden Home has a transparent return policy in case you want to exchange or return the order. You just need to contact the company within 30 days of delivery to return your furniture.

However, note that if the received piece is damaged, soiled, or excessively used, MH will refund you the total amount minus 10% of your purchase price to cover the pick-up and donation of your piece.

Before leaving a return request, you should also ensure your order can be accepted at all. You can check out the list of requirements for the returns or exchanges of purchased pieces here.

Who Makes Maiden Home Furniture?

The Maiden Home pieces are made in the North Carolina region (North Carolina and Virginia) and  produced by the best American artisans who specialize in custom upholstery. 

How to Contact Maiden Home?

To contact Maiden Home support, you can call their phone number mentioned on the website or email directly to

Verdict: Is Maiden Home Furniture Worth the Money?

Maiden Home offers unique, high-quality furniture. If you’re considering buying from Maiden Home, know that you’re investing in furniture that will last for many years.

While the upfront cost may be higher than other brands, the long-term value makes Maiden Home worth the investment.


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