Are M.Gemi Shoes Really Worth It?

M.Gemi Reviews

This M.Gemi shoes review has found out that from the perspective of satisfied customers, the M.Gemi handcrafted luxury shoes are definitely worth the hype.

Being a bit on the expensive side, M.Gemi footwear has won the love of thousands of customers around the world. With 142K followers on Facebook and 134K on Instagram, the brand has continued to grow rapidly and build a great reputation among shoe enthusiasts.

The brand launched in March 2015 in Boston as a predominantly digital-facing company selling handcrafted high-quality footwear with primary offices in Florence, Italy, Boston, MA, and New York City, NY.

Over the last six years, M.Gemi has been continuing to cooperate with Italian local artisans in Campania, Marche, Napoli, and Toscana, where they passionately have been hand sewing uppers, hand painting edges, and hand cutting leather. Some iconic models, like The Felize loafers, are usually sold out the same day they are restocked!

With a clear opinion that M.Gemi shoes are worth it, let’s still get the hang of the pros and cons.


  • Authentic hand-crafted design of each pair of shoes
  • Fast shipping
  • Comfortable return policy
  • Easy reachable and helpful customer service


  • Delivery available only for continental US buyers
  • Some customers reported troubles with getting the refund

Of course, it’s difficult to buy shoes online and nobody is safe from choosing the wrong size or uncomfortable fit. However, with good customer support, what M.Gemi offers, every shoe lover can minimize the chance of failure. Therefore, investing in a pair of quality shoes is worthwhile, especially when they last like M.Gemi.

M.Gemi Mens Shoes Reviews

M.Gemi Mens Shoes Reviews

Being originally a female shoemaker, with dozens of requests from men M.Gemi has ventured into the men’s shoe world. Today, the brand offers a great range of men’s footwear, including loafers, driving moccasins, boots, and sneakers. Plus, you can always pair your shoes with handcrafted M.Gemi belts.

M.Gemi men’s shoes are available in different styles and signature neutral colors within a price range between $228 and $298.

The Lucente Sneakers

M.Gemi Lucente Sneakers Review

The Lucente Sneakers are the most minimalistic shoes in M.Gemi men’s collection. Handcrafted in Marche, Italy, this pair of sneakers combines a sleek design with comfort. These sneakers feature a leather upper and matte rubber sole.

You can get them in three colors, white, black, and in a combination of black/white, for $228. Between, the Lucente in white color looks great paired with classy beige checked trousers.

The Netto Due Sneakers

M.Gemi Netto Due Sneakers Reviews

The Netto Due sneakers speak for the soul of the M.Gemi brand – a minimalistic and very clean design combined with expensive high-quality buffalo leather. Per the brand’s tradition, each shoe is hand-sewn and hand-painted in Toscana, Italy.

Available in rich walnut color, this pair of minimalistic sneakers will match both business and casual outfits. You can pair them with dark blue trousers and an orange roll-neck or t-shirt.

If you want to upgrade your footwear collection, these spectacular shoes are on sale right now – only $98 instead of $248.

The Dritto Boots

M.Gemi Dritto Boots Reviews

These classic Chelsea boots will not only keep you warm throughout the year but also spice up your everyday apparel.

Handcrafted in Toscana, Italy, this pair of M.Gemi’s feature elastic side panels and all-leather lining with a footbed. The Dritto Boots come in a very universal warm brown color. How $248 sneakers can look that good?

In case you don’t know what to wear with these “must-have” shoes, try to combine them with your favorite pair of jeans and a classic shirt in a light color.

The Banco

M.Gemi Banco Reviews

Built with comfort in mind, M.Gemi’s Banco moccasins are ready to serve on an everyday basis. You can wear them with literally everything: chinos trousers, jeans, slim pants or shorts.

A breathable all-leather lining and cushion footbed give a lightweight foot feeling. A rubber driving sole is extremely soft yet thick, so you won’t struggle when walking on stones or timber.

The Banco shoes are available in 4 different color combinations with a regular price tag ($228): light-brown with black, navy with red, olive with blue, and black with red. If you want to grab Banco’s at a discounted price, you can try to catch the last-chance pairs for $145 available in a combination of light brown with orange, and navy with black.

The Corso

M.Gemi Corso Reviews

The pair of M.Gemi’s Corso Shearling drivers is a warmed-up version of classic Corso moccasins. Being handsewn from a locally sourced Tuscan suede, these drivers will keep your foot warm during cold autumn evenings.

Available on a sale for $175, you can pick the Corse Shearling moccasins dark biscotti, grey and black colors. Thanks to the neutral shades of leather, these classy drivers can be combined with blue jeans, black pants, or beige chinos.

The Barca

M.Gemi Barca Reviews

Made by hand in Veneto, Italy, the Barca drivers represent the essence of the Italian style. Comfortable and good-looking – an excellent mixture for a day-to-day pair of shoes. Featuring a calf leather upper and sturdy treaded sole, the Barca shoes feel as comfortable as slippers.

The Barca drivers come in a dark hickory color and will look outstanding when paired with black trousers and t-shirt with a beige checked jacket or shirt over. Since the Barca shoes are on sale right now, you can get them for only $75 instead of $228.

M.Gemi Women’s Shoes Reviews

M.Gemi Women’s Shoes Reviews

The selection of M.Gemi female shoes is wide. Available in a variety of styles and colors, M.Gemi sandals, heels, drivers, flats, and sneakers will complement any outfit. The prices for female shoes vary between $198 for the cheapest model in the M.Gemi collection and $328 for the most expensive one.

M. Gemi Women’s Italian Flats Review

The Katia

M. Gemi Katia Reviews

Made with a traditional Italian technique, the Katia loafers have a comfy glow-like design. The simple yet stylish silhouette is sure to put some extra pep in your style.

Available in navy, crema, blood orange, classy black, and tan colors, you can pick up a pair matching best to your everyday style for $248. Go for jeans and a white t-shirt if you want to keep your outfit relaxed.

The Eva

M.Gemi Eva Review

It’s hard to beat classics, but these updated M.Gemi’s combine a modern chunky sole and a classy loafer silhouette. The Eva shoes feature a 55mm heel, contrasting leather lining, and comfortable cushioned back heel counter.

Wear them with a denim skirt and simple white shirt to fully lean into the Italian aesthetic. You can choose the Eva in sand, navy, black, and tan colors selling for $278.

The Edetta

M.Gemi Edetta Review

You can’t go wrong with a pair of M.Gemi Edetta moccasins. Featuring a stylish pointed toe and eye-catchy leather keeper detail, this pair of Italian flats will make any attire look put together. Skinny jeans and ankle trousers are a perfect match for your Edetta flats.

The $248 Edetta moccasins come in all black, pecan, leopard, and violet dust.

M.Gemi Women’s Heels Review

The Marlena

M.Gemi Marlena

There are plenty of heels claiming to be comfortable, but most fail to be so when it comes to a long working day or sightseeing. The Marlena classic pumps feature a stable sculpted heel with a wide base perfect for tackling long distances without aches and pains. You can choose the height of your heel between 90mm (3.5”) and 55mm (2.1”).

The Marlena heels cost $328 and are available in navy, black, or tan. Pair them with a little black dress or wide-leg trousers.

The Lustro

M.Gemi Lustro

In the mood for something cheeky but still classy? These Lustro high heels are flattering to the foot and simply add a chick mood to any outfit. A 90mm (3.5”) block heel doesn’t just look stunning but is easy to walk.

For $298, you’ve got several styles to choose from: warm natural patent, black patent, warm grey, and taupe. They will look great when paired with a structured bag, ankle width checked trousers, and a black sweater.

The Esatto

The Esatto

These classic yet sexy stiletto pumps with a pointed-toe heel are designed to dress up any attire. Of course, a 90mm (3.5”) heel isn’t for everyday walking across town, nevertheless, the Esatto shoes are pretty comfortable.

Available in 6 different shades, these M.Gemi’s will look great when combined with a pair of skinny jeans, classic structured bag, light sweater, and jacket. They can be purchased for $298.

M.Gemi Sandals Review

The Lizza Concavo

M.Gemi Lizza Concavo

If you are looking for a versatile day-to-night pair of sandals, Lizza Concavo is the one to have a look at. These M.Gemi’s feature a 20mm (0.78”) platform and 55mm (2.16”) block heel. Available in beautiful light blue color, beige, and black, they are perfect for putting a touch of color into your look.

The regular price of the Lizza Concavo model is $128, but you can grab them in pale blue color for only 65 bucks at the moment. No doubt, they will look gorgeous with a floral summer jumpsuit.

The Mare

M.Gemi Mare Reviews

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Mare heel sandals. A 55mm (2.16”) block heel makes them very comfortable and easy to wear. The Mare shoes come in three classy colors: black patent, clay, and white. That’s why they are so easy to be combined with any casual outfit. You can simply wear them with baggy beige trousers, a crop top, and a fashionable Dior saddlebag.

You can buy Mare sandals for $278. Or wait for a sale and grab them for only $50.

The Celia

M.Gemi Celia Review

The Celia sandals are a pair of shoe everyone needs for summer. With leather-wrapped cushy foam straps, you can wear them all day long. You can try them out in black, white, and tan colors. Plus, they are available in three heel heights.

Being sold for $198, you can wear the Celia sandals with everything from a lightweight summer skirt or dress to classy business trousers.

M.Gemi Felize

M.Gemi Felize

M.Gemi Felize signature flats are an undeniable brand’s best seller. Believe us or no, they sell out in the blink of an eye. Handcrafted in Toscana, Italy, these shoes come in a variety of colors and styles. Classy oval toe, leather and rubber sole, minimalistic leather lining – these details make Felize moccasins so special.

One Felize left a comment on the official M.Gemi page saying “I love my Felize, I have two pair blue and pink and will be ordering a third pair in black. From the first step I was hooked. I have a bunion on my right foot and struggle to find comfortable shoes, but the Felize are great.”

You can purchase Felize moccasins for $198 and wear them with ripped skinny jeans, a white shirt, and a grey classy jacket.

M.Gemi Sizing

For a comfortable customer experience, M.Gemi provides a size chart and fit notes for every shoes model. Men’s shoes sizes are available from 40 to 48 (Italian Sizing) and 7 to 15 (US Sizing). Women collections come in sizes varying from 35 to 43 (Italian Sizing) and from 5 to 12 (US Sizing).

In case of any struggles with choosing the right size, the M.Gemi customer support team is ready to give a tip regarding the best fit.

M.Gemi Promotions & Discounts

We have found that the very first discount everyone can get is a $50 off welcome gift. For those who are subscribed to the M.Gemi newsletter, the brand offers exclusive personal promotional codes with up to 20% off. Plus, M.Gemi loves to surprise customers with discounts on occasions like Mother’s day ($60 off) and the brand’s anniversary (up to 20%).

For those who like to splash out on some last-chance items from previous collections at significantly lower prices, M.Gemi has a Before They Go section. And, of course, don’t forget about bi-yearly seasonal sales where you can grab a pair of luxury shoes with up to 70% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy M.Gemi?

Since M.Gemi is a predominantly digital-facing company, the full collection of the brand’s handcrafted shoes is available on the official website Besides this, some selected samples of signature footwear are at hand in Bloomingdale’s luxury store chain. Online platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Lyst also offer a wide range of M.Gemi shoes, however not the entire line.

When does M.Gemi have sales?

Twice a year, at the end of the Autumn and Spring seasons, M.Gemi offers up to 70% off. The best way to not miss a brand’s twice-yearly sale is to sign up for M.Gemi’s newsletter.

How long does it take to get M.Gemi referral credit?

Once your friend purchases with your referral code, you will immediately receive a $50 store credit via email. The great this is that there is no limit on the number of friends you can refer!

Who else sells M.Gemi shoes?

Besides the official online store, selected M.Gemi models can be purchased via Amazon, eBay, Zappos, TheRealReal, Orchard Mile, and Lyst.

How long for M.Gemi shoes to ship?

M.Gemi offers several ways of shipping: free shipping, 2nd-day air ($15), and next-day air ($30). The estimated delivery time for free shipping orders is between 3 to 6 business days after the package was shipped. The 2nd-day air shipping orders will arrive in 2 business days, while the next day air orders – just in 1 business day.

How to contact M.Gemi?

You can reach out to the M.Gemi customer support team by calling +1-844-574-4364 or by sending them an email at The M.Gemi customer support service is available from 10 AM to 7 PM any day from Monday through Friday.

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