lovesacs furniture review

Lovesac is a popular name on the furniture market. Naturally, it drew my attention and I decided to learn more about the brand and whether it’s worth buying from.

I have purchased one of the company’s best-sellers – the Lovesac Sactional Sofa. I have been testing it for over a month, so now I have a pretty good idea of how this sofa performs, what it has to offer, and whether Lovesac stands behind its products or not. Curious to learn more? Then let’s dive right in.


The first thing I’ve noticed about the Lovesac Sactional is that it was slightly pricier than many regular couches. While the price is dictated mostly by its size and sectional design, I feel like it might still be a deal-breaker for some shoppers. That being said, Lovesac has regular sales (including Black Friday), allowing shoppers to get this sectional sofa for a more attractive price.

Now, the shopping process was smooth. I was pleasantly surprised with Lovesac’s website layout. It allowed me to pick the couch and choose all the details fast and without much effort. Basically, I was able to build my own couch, and it was a lot of fun.


I was warned that the sofa would arrive in around 3-4 weeks, which is fine considering that Lovesac usually builds its products after receiving orders.

Surprisingly, the sofa actually arrived after a week and a half. Now, it might be an issue if you haven’t had the time to free up some space for the new couch. Otherwise, such fast delivery is an excellent bonus in most cases.

The Lovesac Sactional arrived in multiple boxes, making it easier to bring inside the house. Not only was it smaller thanks to being packed into several boxes, but it was also more lightweight and easier to carry. This makes Lovesac ideal for people who often move or, let’s say, live upstairs and don’t wish to carry a huge sofa to the top floor.

Another aspect that made me very happy was the packaging. Every part and detail was labeled. It made the unwrapping process so much easier, as I knew exactly what was where and could take out the parts in order.

I also love the fact that there were assembly instructions on each box for every particular section of the Lovesac sofa. Moreover, the instructions were very clear (dummy-proof, I would even say). Which leads us to the next step – the assembly.

Setting Up

Even though the step-by-step instructions were pretty straightforward, it took me around an hour and a half to get the Lovesac Sactional Sofa set up. The process was easy but involved many details. For example, if you don’t place the cushion covers exactly as they should be according to the instructions, the sofa may end up looking weird. So, make sure you line the cover seams with the corners and edges of both frames and cushions.

Otherwise, you will end up spending an extra half an hour as I did.

I also want to warn you about the process of putting the covers on. They are pretty tight, so getting them onto the cushions or sofa frames might be somewhat finicky. On the bright side, tight covers will ensure the sofa doesn’t have any unattractive folds or creases when assembled.

It’s also worth mentioning that the set-up process is much easier when you have help. So, don’t be shy to ask someone to assist you.

Aside from the covers, the rest of the process was super easy. The final part is the most fun – that’s when you decide how you will arrange your Lovesac Sactional. I, for one, had four base pieces and five sides, which allowed for seven different set-up combinations.

And that’s what makes Lovesac so great. When you get the sofa in your actual space, you can experiment with different configurations to see which one suits the room the most. For example, I was planning to make my Lovesac into a two-seater with two ottomans. But it ended up looking too small for my spacious living room. So, I turned it into a three-seater sofa with an ottoman for comfortable lounging.

One of the somewhat negative things I noticed during the assembly is that one of the covers wasn’t labeled. While I could assume what section it belonged to based on how it looked (compared to other labeled covers), it did seem like the guys at Lovesac weren’t very attentive when preparing my order. Or they just felt a bit lazy that day, who knows.

Comfort and Functionality

Another cool thing about Lovesac sectionals is that they allow for extra storage. You can choose to have a hidden storage compartment in every bottom section of the couch. To use it, you will only need to take the cushion off and open the compartment. Yes, it’s that simple.

I personally decided to have only one storage section. It turned out to be pretty spacious, so I used it to keep extra blankets.

You can also get the bottom storage (which is a compartment not inside the base of the couch but underneath it). To keep your stuff there, you need to remove the cushion, flip the base section, put your blanket/pillow in there, and secure it with metal bars.

Obviously, some small or miscellaneous stuff will simply fall out after you flip the base back. Therefore, this storage option is suited for things like blankets and pillows only. It also won’t work if you keep your Lovesac sections attached (as you won’t be able to flip the base).

So, in my opinion, this storage option is less practical than the under-the-cushion compartments I’ve mentioned before.

Now, as for the comfort levels and performance, the Lovesac Sactional made me very happy. First of all, this couch has a very substantial feel to it thanks to the sturdy frame. It can handle active movements and a bigger weight load.

Secondly, I appreciate how comfortable the cushions are. They are supportive yet cradling, which results in a very balanced feel. And because the cushions can deliver optimal support, they didn’t “swallow” me and allowed me to get up without making much effort (excellent news for people with bad knees or back pain).

You might also appreciate the fact that all of the covers are removable and machine-washable, which would make cleaning so much easier.

Technical Details

If you are feeling nervous about committing to a sectional sofa you’ve never seen or tried sitting on, you don’t need to worry. Lovesac gives its customers 60 days to return furniture if they aren’t happy with it. However, I have to admit: after using my Lovesac Sactional for over a month, I haven’t thought about returning it even once.

I’d also love to mention that Lovesac offers free shipping on all orders within the contiguous US. This is a huge plus, considering that sofas are pretty bulky and large parcels typically cost a lot to ship. Therefore, Lovesac customers can save a few bucks on delivery.


The Lovesac Sactional was designed with comfort and durability in mind. The high-quality DurafoamTM technology provides support and ensures that the cushions will maintain their shape over time. In addition, the removable and machine washable fabric makes it easy to keep the sac clean. The only downside is that the sac is not inexpensive, but the quality is worth the price. Overall, the Lovesac Sactional is a great option for anyone looking for a comfortable and durable piece of furniture.

About Lovesac Company

Lovesac Review

Lovesac is a furniture company that’s been around for more than 20 years. The founder’s first creation was the Lovesac, an eight-foot-wide foam-filled seat. These days, the company has over 70 retail showrooms across America. It was also named the fastest-growing retailer by Furniture Today in 2017. Some of the Lovesac seats (Moviesacs and Sactionals Seats) can be found in the first rows in movie theaters. The company was featured on Forbes and other media channels.

It’s also worth mentioning that since 2019, the company has been using repurposed plastic bottles to make the upholstery fabric of their Sac and Sactionals Inserts. It’s a part of their partnership with Repreve, which is great news for all the eco-conscious consumers out there (and our planet).

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What Do Real Customers Say: Reviews & Ratings

On the Lovesac website, their Sactionals have an average rating of 4.6 stars.

First of all, the number of positive reviews significantly overweighs the number of complaints. And even among the negative reviews, most shoppers note that they simply did not like the feel of Lovesac furniture.

Most users agree that the furniture feels comfy and sturdy:

 “We chose the Lovesac Sactional for our living room primarily because of the fabric. We knew with young children and pets that we would need something that was easy to clean and that would stand up to regular wear and tear. The Lovesac Sactional fit the bill perfectly.  We also appreciated the fact that there is an option to order replacement seat and back cushions if necessary. While the Lovesac Sactional is more expensive than some of its competitors, we feel confident that it will be worth the investment in the long run.”

Many reviewers also appreciate the customization options Lovesac furniture allows for:

 “I like being able to reconfigure the design to whatever I want” and “Great functional furniture that allows you to easily rearrange the seating set-up.”

It’s also worth mentioning that the Lovesac furniture does not work for everyone:

“Couch was not as comfortable as I hoped.”

Naturally, this aspect is subjective. In other words, you can’t know whether the Lovesac would work for you or not until you test it yourself.

There aren’t enough reviews on Yelp to reach any conclusion. And there are only 4 reviews on TrustPilot, which isn’t enough either. As for Reddit, most users agree that the Lovesac furniture is worth investing in, although some aren’t satisfied with the price and note that some of the Lovesac pieces aren’t comfortable enough to justify their price tag.

Lovesac Best-Selling Products

  1. Sactionals & Sofas

  2. Bean Bag Chairs

  3. Shrink Kits

  4. SuperSac

  5. PillowSac

  6. Squattoman

  7. Footsac Blanket

Sectionals & Sofas

Lovesac Sactionals Sofas review

The Lovesac Sactionals and Sofas are multi-functional, customizable pieces of furniture that allow users to pick different set-ups and rearrange them post-purchase according to the room layout.

There are 164 custom fabric options (non-returnable) and 164 standard colors and patterns available for the cover. Of course, there are different fabric types, including velvet, leather, tweed, polylinen, and more.

You can choose among three filling types and levels of support: Standard Foam (a bit on the firmer side), Down Blend (cradling), and Lovesoft (lofty and soft). You might also add drink holders and power hubs for increased convenience.

Needless to say, the sactionals allow for an incredible level of customization. Most users also note that this Lovesac furniture is pretty durable“It’s the easiest couch to move, easiest to clean, and the most durable couch I’ve ever had. It has survived four moves and three puppies.”

However, it’s worth mentioning that sactionals can be quite pricey, especially if you add more pieces or choose extra customization features. For example, you will need to pay more than $2,000 for the smallest set available – 2 seats plus 4 sides.

Bean Bag Chairs

Lovesac Bean Bag Chairs

Now, let me warn you right away: the Sac isn’t your regular bean bag chair. The Sacs are filled with Durafoam – a durable and comfortable material that can provide just the right balance of support and cushioning.

One of the coolest things about the Sacs is their removable cover. You can wash yours regularly to prevent dust and bacteria build-up (and to keep your Sac looking fresh and new). Additionally, you can buy new covers separately and change the design of your bean bag chair as many times as you want.

The majority of reviewers agree that the Lovesac Sacs are very comfy and make a great spot for lounging and relaxing – “This is the second one my wife and I have purchased. We gave our first one to our daughter and her family. Super happy with this huge comfy piece for additional seating/lounging in our family room!”


“I have chronic pain and can’t usually sit in any one position for any length of time. This is the most comfortable piece of furniture I own. I could sleep all night in this thing… In fact, I have.”

Just like with the Sactionals, not everyone is happy with the price tag (as the cheapest Sac available starts at $600). However, it’s worth saying that this price can be somewhat justified by this product’s quality – “Heavier than you think it will be, but the quality is definitely there.”

There are 6 sizes available, 165 standard colors, and 165 custom covers (which cannot be returned). The sizes include the BigOne, the SuperSac, the MovieSac, the PillowSac, the CitySac, and the GamerSac.

Shrink Kits

Lovesac Shrink Kits

Shrink Kits are meant to help you transport your Sac more conveniently. There are kits available for the SuperSac, the BigOne, the PillowSac or the CitySac, and the MovieSac. Each Shrink Kit costs $65 and includes a large duffel bag, 3 plastic bags, and clear instructions on how to compress your Sac (you will require a vacuum for that).

Some reviewers note that the Kit doesn’t always work perfectly – “Once you get past a certain shrink point (about 30-40%), the sac clumps into a tight ball and you can’t reshape it without letting it reinflate. We couldn’t get it small enough to zip, and if you can’t zip it, it just resumes its normal size in about 2 days.”

However, the number of positive reviews is greater, noting that the Shrink Kit is rather easy to use and offers good results in most cases:

“I was super skeptical since the reviews are so bad, but we really didn’t want to have to sell our Lovesacs just because we are moving (moving them at full size is not an option). We bought one and crossed our fingers that it would work out… and it did! We were able to shrink the super sac down small enough we actually put it and the cover for it in the supplied duffel bag. It has been over 2 weeks and the duffel bag has not exploded… lol, so I think we are good to go.”

SuperSacLovesac SuperSac

The Lovesac SuperSac is around 5’ wide and 3’10” high. It can be a great option for those who want something large and cozy without making it overpower the rest of the furniture and “eat” space in the room.

The SuperSac can even fit more than one person (depending on their size, of course), which also makes it an excellent spot for cuddling. Most users agree that theSuperSac is very comfortable – “It’s like laying in a cloud. We have had a total of five of these and loved every one.”

However, because of its size, the SuperSac can be “a pain to fluff up”. Additionally, it may seem too bulky to some users and might not be suited for smaller living spaces.

The price starts at $1,250 and would depend on the cover type and the accessories that you choose.


Lovesac PillowSac

The PillowSac measures 75 x 54 x 54 inches. It is meant to fit two adults in a seated position, although some reviewers note that that’s not always true and would depend on your build. However, what makes the PillowSac special is its convertible design.

You can change it to a peapod shape for extra-comfy lounging, as the Sac will gently hug you all around and kind of cradle you like a soft nest. Alternatively, you can lay it flat for sleep.

This makes the PillowSac an excellent solution for overnight guests and smaller rooms (where you don’t have enough space for a guest bed).

The PillowSac starts at $900 and is available in a variety of cover fabrics and colors.


Lovesac Squattoman

The Lovesac Squattoman measures 20 x 20 x 18 inches. This compact piece of furniture would be ideal for smaller rooms when you need to add an extra seat. The Squattoman would also come in handy if your Sactional does not have a footrest.

Starting at $200, the Squattoman comes in more than 160 cover variations, including artificial fur and velvet. Plus, there are custom designs available as well, which offer a wide range of bright colors and patterns.

Despite its compact size, the Squattoman is durable and promises reliability in use“Sturdy! This little ottoman withstands the grandkids using it as a diving board, trampoline, and even roller ball!”

Many users also note that this model is quite versatile – “It works perfectly for resting feet and for sitting on it.”

Footsac Blanket

Lovesac Footsac Blanket

What makes the Footsac Blanket stand out from the crowd is the smart foot pocket designed to keep your feet warm and snug. Each blanket measures 50 x 70 inches, with an 18-inch deep foot pocket. The Footsac comes in 7 color and fabric variations and starts at $150.

Now, shoppers agree that this blanket has an extremely convenient design“The foot pockets at the bottom ensure I can pull the blanket up and it won’t slide off my feet.”

The price is the main concern among the reviewers, but it can be justified by this blanket’s smart design and quality.

Lovesac Prices

Cost of Sofas

The smallest Lovesac couch available combines 2 seats and 4 sides. It starts at $2,470 (as it’s currently on sale), but the price will depend on the cover type and the filling that you choose. If you are looking for sectionals for kids, there’s a smaller option available – 1 seat + 1 side at $1,000.

You can also buy the covers separately. The side covers start at $100, while the seat covers cost $300 and up.

If you already have a Lovesac couch and want to add extra parts, you can get sectionals separately. For example, the seat inserts start at $700, side insets $300, and back pillows at $125.

Cost of Pillows

Lovesac throw pillows   start at $60 if you get both an insert and a cover, $35 and up for the cover only, and $25 and up for the insert.

Lovesac Return Policy

While the company offers free shipping across the US, you will need to pay the return shipping fee yourself. The return window is 60 days, according to Lovesac’s Home Trial conditions. To apply for a return, you need to contact Customer Service. Make sure that you have the original receipt number.

Keep in mind that you can’t return just one component of the furniture from your order. For example, if you were sent a seat insert, a cover, and a back pillow, you can’t return just one of those items. Additionally, custom products, floor models, and sales items are not eligible for a refund.

Lovesac Promotions & Discounts

Lovesac reviews

The company has a Heroes Discount Program that offers a 30% discount to active or retired U.S. Service Members (or their registered dependents), active first responders, healthcare workers, and teachers.

Additionally, sometimes you can get up to 20% off on Sactionals. There are also plenty of items in the Clearance section available, including Squattomans, throw pillows, the SuperSac, and Sactional pieces.

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Home Reserve vs Lovesac

Home Reserve is also pretty popular, and the company’s approach is very similar to Lovesac. The idea is the same: removable covers and the ability to rearrange the layout of the furniture.

Home Reserve also sells chairs, ottomans, pillows, and loveseats. The main concern among the customers is regarding the frame used for Home Reserve couches and sectionals. Some users note that it’s relatively thin wood that might not hold up that well with time.

However, Home Reserve products are much cheaper and made in the US, which is something Lovesac cannot boast of.

Sectional couch prices (start at)

  • Home Reserve $1085
  • Lovesac $2470


  • Home Reserve 10 years on frames
  • Lovesac Lifetime on Sactionals hard insert pieces

Home trial

  • Home Reserve 30 days
  • Lovesac 60 days

Comfy Sack vs Lovesac

Comfy Sac and Lovesac have a similar idea – comfortable lounging with the ability to remove and wash the cover while protecting your sac and keeping it fresh. While both sacs feel quite comfy, they use different types of filling.

The Lovesac uses shredded Durafoam, and Comfy Sacks – Comfy Foam, high-grade polyurethane foam.

Because Comfy Sac specializes in lounge sacs mostly, the company offers a wider variety of options and sizes than Lovesac. It’s also worth mentioning that Comfy Sac products are made in the US.

Sac prices (start at)

  • Comfy Sack $159
  • Lovesac $600


  • Comfy Sack 5 years
  • Lovesac Lifetime on inserts, 3 years on covers

Home trial

  • Comfy Sack 30 days
  • Lovesac 60 days

Yogibo vs Lovesac

Yogibo makes versatile sacks, bean bag chairs, pillows, and more accessories all meant to help you feel as comfortable as possible at home (and outdoors).

The company uses fine EPS foam for the filling that feels squishy and conforms to one’s body effectively. However, it’s worth noting that Yogibo products are significantly cheaper than Lovesac items.

Sac prices (start at)

  • Yogibo- $139 (Yogibo Mini)
  • Lovesac $600


  • Yogibo 1 year on seams and zippers, optional protection plans available for an extra fee
  • Lovesac Lifetime on inserts, 3 years on covers

Home trial

  • Yogibo None, but there is a 14-day return window
  • Lovesac 60 days

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Lovesac furniture cost?

The smallest Sactional couch starts at $2,470. It includes 2 seats and 4 sides.

Where to buy Lovesac furniture?

You can buy Lovesac furniture in one of their showrooms or on their official website There’s a showroom locator on the website where you can find the closest place to buy Lovesac furniture from (if you want to test and sit on it first). Some Lovesac items are also sold at Costco, Best Buy, and Wayfair.

Why is it called Lovesac?

The name derives from the company’s first design – the Sac.

Who is the owner of Lovesac furniture?

The founder and CEO of the Lovesac company is Shawn Nelson.

What is the Costco Lovesac furniture deal?

For member customers only, the Costco Lovesac deal offers a bundle that includes 4 seats, 5 sides, 2 throw pillows, 2 drink accessories, a FootSac, and a table. The bundle costs $3,400.

Can you buy Lovesac furniture in stores?

Yes, some of Lovesac items are sold at Costco, and Best Buy. You can also check one of the Lovesac showrooms.

How is Lovesac furniture shipped?

All Sac inserts are shipped shrunken in a sturdy nylon duffel. Covers are shipped separately. Sactional seats and sides are shipped in separate boxes in order to maximize shipping efficiency.

How long does it take to get a Lovesac?

In most cases, Lovesac products arrive within 1-4 weeks from the purchase date.

Does Lovesac furniture negotiate?

No, unfortunately. The company does not negotiate the cost of their products.

What is the most durable Lovesac furniture fabric?

Most customers note that Rhinoplush and Corded Velvet feel quite sturdy and hold up very well.

Is Lovesac furniture made in the USA?

Most of Lovesac products are made in China.

What is Lovesac furniture filled with?

The company uses shredded Durafoam, which is squishy to the touch and can pleasantly mold to one’s body.

Can you sleep on a Lovesac?

Yes, if you pick a larger model like the PillowSac (if you lay it flat), the BigOne, the SuperSac, or the MovieSac.

How to Contact Lovesac

You can contact the company via email at The company notes that they typically answer within 48-72 hours. You can also turn to phone support – 1-888-636-1223. The phone hours are Mon-Sun, 9 am – 1 am EST.
The company representatives can also be reached via the chat box on their website. The chat hours are Mon-Sun, 9 am – 1 am EST.

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Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
Hi, I’m a furniture consultant with the industry expertise. I worked with the most prominent furniture and home goods retailers in the US. My 8+ years of experience in furniture production management made it clear for me how crucial it is to know what stores and manufacturers you can or cannot trust.
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