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What is LegacyBox?

LegacyBox Reviews


LegacyBox is a company that helps people digitize their memories. Guys at LegacyBox work with outdated media formats and convert them into more time-suitable media (thumb drive, cloud, DVD).

LegacyBox works with such analog media as tapes (VHS, MiniDV, PAL, Video 8, and more), film (8mm and 16 mm), pictures (including 35mm slides and photo prints), and audio (audio cassettes and reel-to-reel).

LegacyBox is one of the most popular companies for those who want to digitize home movies, pictures, and audio recordings to preserve their memories.

How Does LegacyBox Digitizing Kit Work?

The way LegacyBox memory kits work is quite simple. However, the process involves a few steps:

  1. Picking and purchasing the most suitable LegacyBox kit. The company offers various options that cover different quantities of items you can digitize. You are also free to choose the way your memories are going to be preserved: on a thumb drive, on a digital cloud, or on DVDs.
  2. Selecting the memories you would like to preserve. This might be the hardest part, as LegacyBox can digitize a limited number of items per kit. So, you might have to spend a lot of time choosing which photos, videos, or audios you want to send to be digitized.
  3. Packing and sending out the items you’ve chosen. After you’ve picked and purchased the kit, LegacyBox will send you a package with a prepaid shipping label. It will also include instructions and safety barcodes for each of your items. The latter serve to make sure all your media can be safely tracked throughout the digitizing process, so you will need to add barcodes to each of your items. Additionally, you need to preserve the original box and send your memories in it using the prepaid UPS label.
  4. Digitizing. The whole process is done carefully by hand. The company also provides updates along the way, so you will be aware of every step in the process. LegacyBox digitizes users’ memories at their facility in Chattanooga.
  5. Receiving all the media. You are going to get all your original items back, plus the digitized copies. Based on the method that you choose, you might get access to a digital cloud, a thumb drive, or a DVD disc (labeled if there are more than one).


LegacyBox Quality Review: What Do Customers Think

LegacyBox reviews

LegacyBox has over 400 reviews on SiteJabber. The company has a customer rating of 4.2 stars.

On LegacyBox’s website, the selected reviews are presented (with a 5-star rating), but you cannot browse through more.

Therefore, I was focusing mostly on SiteJabber and my own experience for this LegacyBox review.

Now, one of the strongest suits of the company is its convenient service. You don’t have to make much effort to get your memories digitized, as the LegacyBox kit will arrive at your door with a prepaid return shipping label. All you have to do is pick the items you would like to digitize.

The company can also boast of great customer service. If you call LegacyBox, you will talk with a real person, not just an automated chat system. The company representatives are helpful and polite, which makes the experience with LegacyBox much more pleasant.

It’s also worth mentioning that the quality of the media you get back is surprisingly good, even when converted from older items. The company does not offer enhancements or editing, but they convert the media without losing its original quality.

Of course, for some customers, LegacyBox’s services may seem overpriced.

That is understandable, as older media often lacks quality and turns out just the same when converted into a more modern format.

Additionally, it’s crucial to remember that no one is protected against accidents. Sometimes, packages get lost on their way, and the same can happen to you as well when sending memories to LegacyBox. Of course, such occurrences are extremely rare. But they are possible, so I think it’s worth keeping this aspect in mind.

Check out more honest reviews to decide whether this company is worth your money.

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LegacyBox Promotions & Coupon Codes

LegacyBox promotions

At the time of writing this LegacyBox review, all digitizing kits were on sale with a 50% discount (coupon code: SPARK).
The company often has seasonal and holiday sales as well, so you might want to check their website from time to time if you’re looking for good deals.

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LegacyBox Customer Service Review

How Does LegacyBox Work

Overall, the customer service at LegacyBox is more than just satisfactory. The company allows its customers to talk to real people instead of chatbots or pre-recorded audio messages. LegacyBox is also always fast to respond to unhappy reviews trying to solve their clients’ problems.

Another cool thing about LegacyBox is that it keeps its customers updated during the digitizing process. The company sends updates on each step of the process.

Additionally, the company representatives are always polite, helpful, and swift with their responses.

Legacybox Alternatives

  • iMemories
  • Southtree
  • Costco Home Video & Photo Transfer
  • Forever
  • Kodak Digitizing
  • iMemories vs Legacybox

One of the key differences between iMemories and LegacyBox is that the former allows users to access their digitized memories through the iMemories app using pretty much any device. LegacyBox, on the other hand, offers cloud storage on Google drive.

At the same time, iMemories charges users per item (for instance, $12 per tape or 50ft. of film and $0.50 per photo). LegacyBox has bundle offers, which may work better for those users who want to deal with larger projects at once. The iMemories service might be more suited for smaller orders (for instance, one tape and a bunch of photos).

Southtree vs Legacybox

When comparing Southtree and LegacyBox, it’s safe to say that Southtree offers users a more DIY approach.
While LegacyBox sends a pre-paid package for users to send their items and makes a 1:1 transfer, Southtree lets their customers choose the resolution they want their memories converted to.

Additionally, with Southtree, users are responsible for packing and mailing their media on their own.

So, Southtree might be a better option for those users who want to have more control over their media items (and probably those who have more experience in this field and know what would work better for them).

As for LegacyBox, it might suit those users who want a simpler, fuss-free process. It would also work for first-time customers who haven’t tried digitizing their memories before.

LegacyBox vs Costco

While Costco and LegacyBox cover pretty much the same formats, Costco’s digitizing services are more expensive.

Additionally, with LegacyBox, you get notified every step of the process, so you can always know what’s going on with your memories and how soon you might expect to receive them back. With Costco, you can only check the order status yourself, which doesn’t always offer super-timely updates.

Costco shares your digitized memories through a cloud. You can order a DVD or a USB for an additional price.
With LegacyBox, you get to decide which digital source you would prefer (Google Drive, thumb drive, or DVD), and the price will be added to your kit.

Forever vs Legacybox

Forever and LegacyBox are quite different in terms of the service spectrum each company offers.

With LegacyBox, you can transfer your memories from old media to a new format and preserve them longer.

With Forever, you can do the same, plus a few extras. Forever offers digitization services that give users more freedom to handle their memories.

The company sells storage spaces, where you can keep your memories for generations. Forever will convert the files into a more modern format as the years pass. You can create virtual photo books and organize the media any way you like it.

There is also a Forever app where you can organize and share your digitized memories.

There are also printing and scrapbooking software available, so you can get a little more creative with your media.

Of course, Forever also offers a simple digitalization service just like LegacyBox. The prices are the same, except for the additional cost of the thumb drive or DVD (at LegacyBox, the prices are lower).

So, I think it’s safe to assume that Forever would be more suited for those users who want more options and creative opportunities. But if you’re a first-time user like me, LegacyBox might be a better (and simpler) option.

Kodak Digitizing vs LegacyBox

At first sight, Kodak Digitizing and LegacyBox seem pretty much the same. However, the main difference is the price. LegacyBox offers more affordable media kits than Kodak.

The higher price point might be explained by Kodak’s experience in the field and reputation. This might also be the decisive point for first-time users who are worried about their memories. I mean, since Kodak has been around longer, new customers might find it easier to trust this company.

But for those who want a better quantity to price ratio, LegacyBox would be an excellent solution.

Verdict: Is LegacyBox Worth It?

With LegacyBox, digitizing your memories has never been easier. The whole process is quite effortless and would be ideal for first-time users. Plus, LegacyBox is among the most affordable digitizing services available these days (compared with most of the competitors).

Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that LegacyBox is certainly worth giving a try. With LegacyBox, you can get your old memories digitized conveniently and safely, even without leaving your home.


  • deals with an impressive range of formats and analog media types
  • convenient shipping
  • excellent customer service
  • cheaper than many of the competitors
  • faster processing available for an extra fee;
  • personal approach, as each item is hand-digitized by professional technicians


  • pricey, especially given the fact that you can digitize some of the media yourself (for photos, for example, you can use a simple scanner and save as many as you want)
  • some users complain that the company has lost their memories (which might actually be the responsibility of the shipping company)
  • 1:1 transfer without any enhancements, so the quality of the final product is going to be the same as the original (which may disappoint some users)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does LegacyBox cost?

The current prices of the LegacyBox kits are as follows: $27 for 2 items, $130 for 10 items, $260 for 20 items, $510 for 40 items. The prices of the storage options are: $5.99 for digital access (through Google Drive), $5.99 for a thumb drive, and $5.99 for a DVD disc set.

Where is LegacyBox located?

The headquarters of LegacyBox is located in Chattanooga, TN.

How long does LegacyBox take?

LegacyBox usually takes around 6-8 weeks to digitize memories. For an additional fee, you can request faster processing ($24.98 for 3-4 weeks and $49.98 for 10 business days).

How to contact LegacyBox?

You can reach the LegacyBox’s customer support via one of the following channels:

  • email: questions@legacybox.com
  • phone: (800) 797-8210 (Monday – Friday: 8:00am – Midnight EST; Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST)


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