LANE 201

Rating 4.0

Customer Satisfaction: 8.3/10

Category: Clothing & Accessories Stores

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Pros & Cons Based on Customer Reviews


  • A wide selection of trendy styles for all occasions
  • Quality materials used for all clothing products
  • Easy returns and shipping policy
  • Rewards program for frequent shoppers
  • Positive customer reviews on social media platforms


  • Slightly higher prices than competitors in some cases
  • Some items may not be true to size according to reviews
  • Limited availability in some styles due to seasonal changes
  • Some customers have reported issues including slow delivery times or poor customer service
  • Limited international shipping

Top Review

Celina Jones: “I love shopping. I love clothes. I love fashion. I love Lane 201; I’ve been shopping there since I was in high school. So I have a bunch of items from Lane 201. It’s a boutique here in Fort Wayne.

This is the live a little leopard squirt and yes; it’s a squirt, you know shorts in the back, skirt in the front. I feel like I can do salsa with this. It’s so comfortable, it’s like a silky material and the pattern is so cute – so, yes, I’m obsessed with it.

This skirt top is called ivory. It’s a little bit cracked here but with this score, it looks like a vibe. Everything is a size small. I definitely do need to get this tailored just a little bit.

It’s a little bit tighter on my shoulders but other than that everything fits beautifully. It’s so comfortable and I really love this outfit.

I thought these earrings were gonna be small hoops but they’re actually like legit hoops. I thought they’re gonna be like the tiny little ones but I still like am obsessed and in love.

These are the Cecilia hoops they are gold and they’re like a chain, like a hoop.

They’re very cute. They’re very comfortable. They’re not going to be a crazy light hoop so don’t think that these are going to be like super lightweight they’re also not crazy heavy.

This is the charcoal ribbed long cardigan, again very very long. It goes literally past my knees mid-shin; I really love it. The material is super soft; it does have that ribbed material here.

The sleeves are nice and long – so they feel really cozy and then the buttons on here are kind of like wood buttons.”

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