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What Is KiwiCo?

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KiwiCo is a company that specializes in developing creative projects for children of all ages.

Sandra Oh Lin, the founder and CEO of KiwiCo (and a mother of 3), came up with KiwiCo kits to celebrate the natural creativity in kids. She emphasizes that it’s crucial to let children of all ages unleash their curiosity and creativity.

KiwiCo projects also promote thinking skills and problem solving, which gives Sandra hope these kits can raise the next generation of innovators.

KiwiCo Crate offers science and art projects, engineering boxes, craft kits, plus shares cooking recipes for kids, DIY projects, and more.

How Does KiwiCo Work?

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KiwiCo Crate is a subscription service. The company sends KiwiCo boxes either monthly or bimonthly right to your door. You can choose a subscription that lasts 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. There’s also a one-time purchase available.

Most monthly KiwiCo subscriptions cost $19.95 per month. Slightly more expensive options include Eureka and Maker Crates ($29.95 per month), Panda Crate ($39.90 per crate, which is shipped every 2 months), and more.
By signing up for a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription, you can receive discounts and save a few bucks on each crate.

There is also a Deluxe Subscription available. It involves a specially selected book shipped with your regular monthly box. The book is meant to complement the theme of the subscription. It can help your child immerse themselves deeper into the subject and explore more.

The Deluxe Subscription is available for most of the company’s crate lines, except Eureka and Maker Crates, for an extra $9.95 per crate.

Keep in mind that subscribing to KiwiCo means that you have to stick to it all through the subscription period. Let me explain: let’s say you have signed up for a 6-month subscription. If you want to cancel it only after 3 months, you won’t be able to do that. You can cancel only after the 6-month subscription period is complete.


KiwiCo Quality

In most cases, the quality of KiwiCo kits is more than just satisfactory. Most users agree that the company offers great value in their boxes, as each project and its components are thoughtfully designed and well-made.

Of course, for some shoppers, the quality may not be impressive enough for the price of the kits. That’s why for new shoppers, it might be a good idea to browse the reviews first (just to know what to expect).

KiwiCo Customer Reviews & Ratings

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KiwiCo is a rather popular company, which is why it has plenty of reviews to sift through to find out what users have to say about the crates and projects.

On TrustPilot, KiwiCo has a 4.6-star rating based on 3,200 customer reports.

One of the company’s most popular products – Kiwi Crate – has over 1,600 reviews on Influencer. The average rating there is 4.4 stars.

Additionally, there are more than 27,000 reviews on the company’s official website . The average rating of KiwiCo products is 4.7 stars.

Needless to say, the overpowering number of comments belongs to happy customers.

KiwiCo is favored for the way its projects are designed. They are well-thought-out, creative, intricate, and fascinating, without being too challenging (or frustrating). The company is also famous for using safe and environmentally-friendly materials (great news for eco-conscious shoppers!).

KiwiCo also does a great job of creating quality pieces that can withstand somewhat awkward little hands. Plus, somehow, KiwiCo manages to keep children interested every time – “My youngest LOVES his crates! He opens them right up and focuses on the task for hours sometimes. The projects are amazing! High-quality materials, well-engineered, easy instructions, and lots of cool extra info. Highly recommend!”  (source)

It’s also worth mentioning that KiwiCo’s customer support team is professional, client-oriented, and friendly. It might take you some time to reach them, but you won’t be likely to end up disappointed – “Question answered right away. It was kind of tricky getting around the bot at first, but the live person was very helpful.” (source)

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KiwiCo Promotions & Discounts

KiwiCo Promotions

The company allows shoppers to save more by paying for longer subscription services. The 12-month subscription offers the best value if you look at the price per crate.

Additionally, KiwiCo offers Bulk discounts to their customers. For example, when buying 10 individual crates, you can get 20% off. For 20 crates, shoppers receive 28% off. You can read more about the Bulk discounts on the company’s website.

KiwiCo also has regular holiday and seasonal sales (the biggest one being Black Friday). So, if you’re looking to save a few bucks on your KiwiCo subscription, you might want to check the KiwiCo’s website from time to time.

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KiwiCo Complaints


The majority of complaints among KiwiCo reviews cover customer service. While this isn’t a regular occurrence, sometimes KiwiCo’s customer support takes too much time to respond.

Some shoppers also report delivery issues and delayed shipping. However, it’s worth mentioning that this problem might be the responsibility of the shipping company and not the guys at KiwiCo.

Trying to cancel the subscription might also be challenging for some users, according to KiwiCo reviews. Chances are, you will have to be extra-persistent and talk to the customer support team regularly to make sure you won’t be billed anymore for your subscription once you cancel it.

Which Kiwico Subscription Box Is Right For My Child?


You can find out which KiwiCo Crate would be the most suited for your child by browsing the company’s official website. All of the projects are categorized according to age. So, you can simply pick a box based on how old your kid is. And don’t worry, the kits are thoroughly thought-out, so they should be ideal for the corresponding age groups.

Subscription Boxes for Toddlers and Preschoolers

KiwiCo currently offers two subscription box types for younger users – Panda (0-24 months) and Koala (2-4 years).

Guys at KiwiCo believe that at such a young age, kids require a foundation for learning. And it can be achieved through playing and exploring.

That’s the main aim of Panda and Koala crates – to allow little kids to explore different materials, concepts, tools, and more to get a healthy boost for their creativity.

Panda Crate (0-24 Months)


Panda Crate Review

Panda Crate features simpler (yet just as fascinating) projects suited for hands-on learning at the earliest stages of life.

Panda Crate subscription costs $39.90 a month. The projects it includes are designed in partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital, so every box is backed with research.

Every Panda Crate includes a set of products developed for each specific age group. They are:

  • Bond with me (0-2 months)
  • Sense with me (3-6 months)
  • Explore with me (7-12 months)
  • Count with me (13-18 months)
  • Discover with me (19-24 months)

Each crate comes with a detailed guide for parents. There, you can find some extra tips on how to enhance your baby’s learning experience and contribute to their healthy development.

And don’t worry: every component of Panda Crate by KiwiCo meets the necessary safety requirements.

Koala Crate (Ages 2-4)


Kiwico Koala Review

Koala Crates focus on STEAM learning that involves Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Each box contains a themed project that refers to one of these science subjects.

Koala Crates promote imaginative play, help develop motor skills, and are meant to help kids unlock their natural creativity.

KiwiCo’s Koala Crates start at $16.95 per month (for a 12-month subscription, which offers the best value). For $24.90, you can make a one-time purchase (ideal for new customers who are feeling a bit hesitant).

Every kit includes a magazine that contains puzzles, stories, and DIY ideas parents can try with their little ones while waiting for the next Koala Crate to arrive.

Subscription Boxes for Kids

KiwiCo kits for children were designed for younger learners aged 5-11. They incorporate STEAM-based projects and activities that focus on further exploration of the world. Plus, each crate for kids promotes curiosity and creativity.
The projects are designed so that parents could participate too. This gives families more chances to bond over fun tasks.

Kiwi Crate (Ages 5-8)


The best part about Kiwi Crate is that it allows parents to pick a specific line that could interest their child the most (plus, should be the most age-appropriate).

Kiwi Crate starts at $19.95 for a 1-month subscription and $16.95 for a 12-month service. The kits focus mostly on science and art, but from the perspective of fun, of course.

The most popular projects in the Kiwi Crate are:

  • Arcade Claw (create a fun claw game with pom-poms)
  • Fun with Flights (build a kite)
  • The Science of Trees (balancing tree game)

Atlas Crate (Ages 6-11)


Atlas Crate Review

Atlas Crate focuses more on geography and culture. These projects inspire kids to learn about other cultures and develop an appreciation for foreign customs and traditions.

Atlas Crates costs $19.95 for a monthly subscription. However, you can save more when purchasing a 12-month subscription plan.

The best part is, the Atlas Crate introduces new knowledge gradually, so your kid isn’t likely to be overwhelmed. The first box includes the World Crate. It’s a general overview (plus a DIY globe). Next, KiwiCo starts introducing countries one by one.

Each Atlas Crate comes with the Atlas Adventure Book pages. The Adventure Book includes not only the fun information on each country but also activity ideas your kid can try to immerse themselves deeper into the culture.

Subscription Boxes for Teens

The KiwiCo’s subscription boxes for teens are a bit more complicated (and a lot of fun nonetheless). They can be used by teens independently or with parents as an interesting family activity.
There are four subscription options available:

  • Tinker Crate – ages 9-16+, focusing mostly on science and engineering
  • Doodle Crate – ages 14+, focusing on crafts and creativity
  • Maker Crate – ages 14+, which covers mostly art and design
  • Eureka Crate – ages 14+, covering engineering and design.
  • Maker Crate (Ages 14+)

Maker Crate


Maker Crate Review

The Maker Crate boxes are designed to unleash your child’s inner artist. The kits from this line focus mostly on creative projects, art, and inspiration.

Maker Crate starts at $24.95 a month (with a 12-month subscription). A monthly subscription is $29.95.

The most popular projects are Macramé Planters, Punch-Needle Pillow, and Terrazzo Clay Organizers.

It’s also worth mentioning that the instructions accompanying each box are super clear and easy to follow – “The best part though is the directions. They are incredibly easy to follow, and real-world information about parts you are making is weaved in as well.”

Another cool thing about the Make Crate is that all of the projects are functional. This means you will be able to use/display them in your home instead of leaving them somewhere to collect dust.

Eureka Crate (Ages 14+)


Eureka Crate Review

Focusing on design and engineering, Eureka Crate is very likely to interest both teens and older users. Each Eureka box inspires users to learn more about how everyday objects work while sparking creativity and the thirst for inventions.

The kits start at $24.95 (with a 12-month subscription).

Some of the projects that belong to the Eureka line include Articulated Desk Lamp, Electric Pencil Sharpener, and Wooden Ukulele. By building functioning objects with their hands, children and adults alike are encouraged to explore their engineering skills.

Doodle Crate (Ages 14+)

Doodle Crate Review

Starting at $16.95 a month, Doodle Crate focuses on arts and crafts suited for teenagers and older users. Each box is designed to help teens express themselves, learn different techniques, and also practice tenacity.

Now, the boxes are well-thought-out and feature original crafts. Some of them may be a little more challenging than others to help kids nurture their persistence.

Each box comes with access to online tutorials. They include extra tips and tricks your child can use in the process.

Tinker Crate (Ages 9-16+)

With an in-depth look at engineering and science, Tinker Crate is meant to help learners of different ages explore their skills and innovative thinking.

The Tinker Crate boxes start at $16.95 for a 12-month subscription. A monthly subscription costs $19.95.

The Tinker Crate line is mostly based on STEM learning – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This gives users a chance to test their skills on multiple levels.

The most popular projects include Trebuchet, Hydraulic Claw, and Walking Robot.

Each Tinker Crate box comes with quality parts for the project, detailed step-by-step instructions, the Tinker Zine (a magazine with extra activities and interesting science content), and access to online tutorials that share more tips and tricks.

Most Tinker Crate projects can be handled independently. However, they also give parents and children a chance to work together and bond over an exciting science project.

KiwiCo Return Policy

Unfortunately, KiwiCo subscription boxes are not eligible for returns.

You can only return the items you’ve bought from the KiwiCo store. In this case, the items have to be unused and of course, not damaged.

You will have 60 days to apply for a return to get a full refund. The return shipping costs are paid by the customer.

You will need to send the items to KiwiCo’s location in Lathrop (11928 Harlan Road) in their original packaging. Do not forget to provide your account name, order number, and the reason for the return.

Verdict: Are KiwiCo Crates Worth It?

KiwiCo subscription boxes are a unique service that is certainly worth a try.

KiwiCo crates offer great value: knowledge, practice, entertainment, and inspiration for kids of all ages. Each project and subscription box is designed with a lot of thought and care, meant to help children learn through play. Plus, the company uses safe and quality materials in every box.


  • unique toys and projects that could potentially keep any child interested and engaged
  • projects developed with STEAM learning in mind to help kids improve their skills and learn more while playing
  • offer a great chance for parents to bond with their children while working on projects together
  • safe and quality parts in every box
  • age-appropriate tasks and projects for the optimal learning pace
  • easy-to-navigate website
  • convenient subscription service with timely deliveries
  • cover a wide range of ages to satisfy more shoppers
  • free shipping within the US
  • International shipping available
  • less pricey when compared to most of the competitors


  • customer service representatives may take longer to answer depending on the situation and the number of requests, which may disappoint some users
  • some of the project components may seem a bit flimsy, especially given the price of each box (however, this may vary depending on the project)
  • based on the reviews, some delivery issues may be possible

Lovevery vs KiwiCo

The first difference between Lovevery and KiwiCo is the age categories these two companies cover. While Lovevery focuses on younger kids (ages 0 to 4), KiwiCo projects are designed for all age categories. Therefore, there’s more to choose from.

Next, Lovevery ships their subscription boxes every 2-3 months. With KiwiCo, you can subscribe to a monthly service. This means Lovevery might be more suited for those users who try to keep the number of toys in their home moderate.

Lovevery is also more expensive than KiwiCo projects, so the latter would be a better solution for value seekers.
At the same time, Lovevery usually packs more toys and activities in each box than KiwiCo. This may justify the higher price point.

KiwiCo vs Amazon STEM

What sets KiwiCo and Amazon STEM apart is the fact that KiwiCo creates projects for a wider range of users. While Amazon STEM service focuses mostly on children aged 3-13, KiwiCo covers ages from the first month of life and all through adulthood.

Additionally, while Amazon STEM specializes in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) knowledge only, KiwiCo offers more, including art projects, design games, and geography boxes that explore foreign cultures.

So, Amazon STEM would be ideal for those parents who want to target STEM learning specifically. And KiwiCo would work for those who want more creative options.


How much does KiwiCo cost monthly?

KiwiCo boxes start at $19.95 for a monthly subscription. You can save more if you purchase a 6- or a 12-month subscription.

Where are KiwiCo products made?

KiwiCo’s projects are designed and made in the US.

How to cancel KiwiCo?

To cancel your KiwiCo subscription, you need to go to your user cabinet on the company’s website. Once you log in, you will see the list of your current subscriptions. To cancel a subscription, click “Edit” and then “Cancel Subscription”.

Make sure you cancel the subscription by 11:59 pm PST on the day before your renewal and billing date. Otherwise, you will be automatically charged for the next KiwiCo box.

For auto-renewing subscriptions, it’s not optional to cancel in the middle of the subscription term. You need to receive all the planned boxes and cancel the subscription after the term is completed.

Does KiwiCo take PayPal?

KiwiCo accepts PayPal for both project subscriptions and Store orders.

Should you sign up for KiwiCo?

Yes, if you want your kids to enjoy the combination of effective learning and fun play. You might also use the KiwiCo projects as a chance to spend more time with your child and do more things together.

Can kids do Kiwi Crates without help?

Yes, but this would depend on the project. Most of them are designed to be handled independently, but some of the more complex aspects may require a bit of assistance.


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