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Customer Satisfaction: 6.5/10

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Store Description

Joybird is not just a store; it’s a production company that creates custom furniture from chairs and sofas to small decor elements like pillows, etc.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s US-based production that creates custom furniture units
  • Great customization options
  • Very convenient website navigation and purchasing process
  • Big selection of products
  • Excellent quality and proven track record
  • They don’t accept PayPal
  • Their 365 home trial feature sounds great but sounds a bit shady and conflicts with their return policies
  • Their support agents are not working 24/7
  • No warranty information on the product page
  • They do not specifically state what kind of carriers they use to deliver worldwide

Editorial Rating

Product quality★★★★★ (5)
High-quality product with a transparent production and customization costs. Since Joybird produces the furniture in their own workshops, they make their quality a key benefit of their brand.
Delivery★★★★ (4)
They offer their own delivery services, and they charge for it, it’s not free. Depending on the product, you’ll either pay $49 or $99 for the delivery.
Value for money★★★★★ (5)
The quality you get totally equals the price tag you see. It’s fair and square.
Website ease of use★★★★★ (5)
The design and navigation are absolutely great. You can navigate by the room type or different furniture types. You have the customization options available on almost every product page and can easily place an order in less than a minute without the need of signing in.
Product information★★★★★ (5)
They keep the brief product description very short. But they also give a lot of information regarding the specifications, dimensions, and construction details. You’ll also be able to download the assembling manual and all the needed product care information.
Product images★★★★★ (5)
One of the core advantages that they have is their fantastic gallery. They provide numerous pictures of every product they sell. You can not just review the close-up photos of the product itself, but also find pics of how this particular product will look inside your house.
Product options★★★★★ (5)
Usually, you can pick the color, material, and wood type for the main construction of your furniture unit.
Support★★★★ (4)
Joybird offers email, phone, SMS, and chat support. You can ask a question while surfing through their website. One of their support agents is usually online and can give you the advice you’re seeking. The support line is not 24/7 though.
Warranty★★★★★ (5)
Every Joybird product is usually covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty. This includes the key elements of your furniture: wood frames, springs, joints, bases, legs, and hardware.
Returns & Refunds★★★★ (4)
You can return the product within 365-days after the purchase. They call it a ‘365 Home Trial,’ and they actually allow you to return the product if you’re not satisfied with your product for a refund. If you request a return within 14-days after the delivery, they’ll even pay for the return shipment. Orders under $7,500 can be returned to Joybird for a full refund. Returning orders of $7,500 and over will result in a 20% return processing fee deduction from your refund. Orders returned to us due to non-scheduling of delivery will result in a 20% restocking fee. In case you request them to make individual customization to the product you order, they won’t accept the return.
Discounts/coupons★★★★ (4)
You can subscribe for their email newsletter and get Joybird promotions that website users do not see. A good offer that doesn’t require a significant effort from a client.
Payment options★★★★ (4)
You can pay with a credit card only. You can also split the payments between two credit cards and mention what part of the full amount should be deducted from each card. It’s really convenient sometimes. You can also use their financing option and pay for their furniture a small price on a monthly basis.

Customer reviews

Based on 498 reviews
17:51 16 Apr 22
I was surprised to see all the negative reviews. I think Joybird is a great company to deal with. I was given a delivery window of 7-10 am and my couch arrived exactly at 7 am on the dot. The sleeper sofa is gorgeous. It looks sturdy and well made. The color I selected exactly matched the swatch and is beautiful. I hope it holds up but so far very pleased and have already recommended the company to family and friends. My purchase was made more
Patrick G.
Patrick G.
06:39 30 Mar 22
My wife and I needed a sleeper sofa for guests and found one we liked on Joybird. The shipping estimate said we would receive our sofa in about six weeks,…
Varvara Mokrushina
Varvara Mokrushina
20:32 05 Mar 22
Very helpful people and set up. We went in looking for a couch (ready to ship, pet friendly and with specific dimensions. The woman who helped us showed different options and we were able to cross reference all the needs. Left with a couch to be soon delivered that is exactly what we were looking for and is meeting all of our needs. All the while having a very clear idea of what it will be when it more
Coral Perch
Coral Perch
19:10 05 Dec 21
I recently downsized to a smallish condo and searched for weeks, online and in person for a sofa sectional. I so appreciate Joybird for their outstanding online and telephone customer service. Sometimes it’s difficult selecting fabric upholstery online, but the Associate posted an array of possible fabric choices and actually looked up my existing furniture pieces to coordinate the fabric choices! Wow! When was the last time you received such personalized sales assistance!! His suggestions were right on point and I selected a perfect choice to upholster the Joybird Preston Sectional with bumper! Very happy with the sales price and sales support at Joybird. As a result of this experience I also purchased the Ackley bedroom dresser and 2 nightstands, too!read more
Emily Newhouse
Emily Newhouse
15:25 02 Mar 21
edit!old review written in the heat of the moment! new review below!While I don’t have the horror stories of others and I now feel so LUCKY I don’t now that I’ve read some of them. Here’s mine.I’ve had issues getting sectionals connected in the past.When it came time to connect the couch, they said the couch hadn’t come with a connector. I said this was unacceptable. They said you need to call Joybird. I called my boyfriend who called them. In that waiting time, one of the men said he might go down to the truck and see if there was an extra connector. They basically, I think, took the connector from someone else’s shipment so that I could have one!One of the couch is too small and doesn’t come right up to the other side of the other sectional. I have to MOVE it over and then there’s a space on the other side. This is UNACCEPTABLE in a $3,000 couch. I have now noticed, it’s true you cant’ flip the couch cushions over as other people shared. So I don’t know what this is going to do for longevity.Also I am sitting on it right now and the cushion feels still to me. Perhaps it will soften over time.I don’t know if I will be keeping this couch but for NOW it is the ONLY sectional sofa that also has a pull out couch that we were able to find…My last couch was an ABC Carpet and Home Cobble Hill couch. I spent WAY too much time on it. But I did have it for a good 5 years. Though we did have a stint with an infestation which the whole apartment had to be treated for. And the couch was never the same…editi wrote this long thing and then didn’t save it….1 year later- this couch is great! pullout couch really helped us with our sleep issues if one of us needed to sleep in the other room!had great times on the couch!ps we keep a foam mattress topper conveniently in the compartment and then the sleepinh experience is great!read more
Jon Battles
Jon Battles
22:40 06 Feb 21
Awesome staff and very aware of keeping everyone safe.Looking forward to my new couch!
Spencer L.
Spencer L.
09:09 06 Feb 21
Really friendly sales associates and great customer service in-store. One of the associates, Kyle, even notified me that there was an even bigger sale than…
Kristine E.
Kristine E.
08:40 07 Jan 21
I know there’s a lot of bad reviews for Joybird as some people had a bad experience but I just wanted to share the great experience I had with them. I…
Preetha V.
Preetha V.
13:16 20 Dec 20
Buying Chelsea day bed from ‘Joybird’ was a joyful experience for us. We are completely satisfied with the quality, colour, design, comfort of the product….
Helen D.
Helen D.
08:48 16 Sep 20
Not here to discredit anyone who’ve had a negative experience with Joybird. Just wanted to share my positive experience to give a ray of hope for those…
Elliot Lobell
Elliot Lobell
15:21 01 Feb 20
We found our sleeper sofa at Joybird’s showroom in Brooklyn and ordered it almost immediately. But then we read the reviews of how horrible the delivery experience was. It was the complete opposite! Our sofa came exactly when we were told it would and the delivery guys did a great, quick job! We couldn’t be happier with our experience and aside from that it’s SUPER more
Zack Andresen
Zack Andresen
23:42 03 Jan 20
Not a big review person but had to share my positive experience with Joybird to balance some of the negativity on here. I was hesitant to order based on some of these reviews but am so glad I did.First, the in-store experience was solid. We worked with a Lead Stylist named Sonia who did a great job of walking us through all of our options, answering our questions, and ultimately helping us order our couch.Second, our couch arrived 10 days earlier than the estimated date, which was a pleasant surprise.Third, the delivery/install process was super smooth. Guys we’re in-and-out of my fourth floor apartment in 10 minutes without a trace that they’d been there. Last – and perhaps most important – the couch is so damn comfortable. So excited about it.That’s all. Great work, Sonia and the Joybird more
Diane V.
Diane V.
11:47 23 Dec 19
It seems like people come to Yelp to leave negative reviews for Joybird, so I just wanted to chime in about my positive experience (winter 2019).Yes, we…
Andrea N.
Andrea N.
16:51 05 Nov 19
I might have been one of the luckier ones based on the review below but my experience was pretty seamless and successful. This process will take at least 5…
Avid A
Avid A
22:07 22 Sep 19
Nice if you like to see the furniture and chat with the reps to get opinions, highly recommend the brand and the store.

Product range

Joybird offers furniture for every corner of your home. You can order beds, dining tables, sofas, coffee tables, and decor elements to compliment your interior. So surfing through the store may result in choosing almost every part of your home indoor and outdoor look.

What makes this store good

– Custom designs and own production

Since Joybird produces furniture on their own, every order you make is going straight from their workshop. They offer unique designs and customization options for every piece they sell. For example, you can open the product page with one of their sofas and customize the color, material, and wood type. It gives you a lot of freedom while customizing the product to fit your room.

– Selection

Joybird sells pretty much every possible piece of furniture that you may need at home. They even produce outdoor furniture and small decor elements like mirrors, rugs, and wallpapers. Their indoor furniture selection includes units for your bedroom, living room or even kitchen (dining tables).

– Quality

Basically, they produce the furniture of high-class quality. Since they position their brand as a self-made producing company that covers the production process from A to Z, they keep up with this and deliver the high-end pieces of furniture.

– Environment protection

This store supports environment protection initiatives. For example, they plant trees for every order they ship. As of today, they say that they’ve already planted 441, 849 trees. Large pieces of furniture like sofas are equal to 4 trees, etc. This makes Joybird a very attractive brand for eco-friendly enthusiasts and those who genuinely care for the resources of Earth.

– 365 Home Trial

You have a year for a wear and tear test of their furniture.

– Great knowledge base and resources

They have a lot of learning resources to help you design your room, pick the right furniture for your house, and select the best tools for product care.

– Hassle-free delivery

Every order they deliver is not just delivered to your porch. They bring it inside and put it wherever you need it. This is a must-have for a furniture company since some products are really heavy and big. However, not every store has this kind of service. Joybird gets a huge plus for that.

Joybird furniture


Since Joybird is a production brand and they offer a lot of customization options, their furniture can be pricey sometimes. However, considering the fact that the average sofa in the US goes for 1,000 dollars, Joybird has very close options as well.

You can find sofas for $1500 or order a customized leather sofa for more than $3000 — this way they kind of cover a few niches of affordability.

They also offer to finance your order and making it available for a few monthly payments. This is their way of making their furniture affordable for true furniture enthusiasts that are low on a budget right now, but still, want to taste the Joybird products. The average pricing for their key positions is:

  • Sofas start at $1350
  • Chairs start at $400
  • Beds start at $1400
  • Dining tables start at $600
  • Coffee tables start at $150

As you can see, the pricing is reasonable considering the customized production of the furniture.

Joybird sofa review

If you have a hard time choosing between all the different sofa styles from Joybird, Well, you’re definitely not alone!

However, such a wide selection is a good thing because you get to better match the couch to your taste as well as your home decor.

Today, we’ll be reviewing 6 of the Joybird sofas to help you pick the perfect match, so let’s hop in!

Hughes Sofa

Hughes Sofa

The Hughes sofa won over thousands of customers thanks to its classic yet modern vibes. It makes a dashing center to build your living room around, offering a sophisticated design.

The Hughes sofa features a tufted back and signature flared arms sitting on top of angled legs. The arms are built at a low profile to serve as a headrest as well, making this sofa suitable for formal and casual use.

The seating dimensions of the Hughes sofa are 76″w × 25″ d × 18″h, and its overall dimensions are 90″w × 37″d × 33.5″ h. It’s available in 2 fabric options, either upholstery or leather, so you can add your personal touch of coziness to the house.

Roddy Sofa

Roddy sofa

The Roddy sofa is a true representation of sleek meets modern. The design of this couch adopts a “less is more” attitude, featuring a lengthy bench along with a tight back adorned with button embellishments.

What makes the Roddy sofa really special is the clean-cut profile that highlights its finely tailored lines. There are no loose cushions to disrupt the smart look of the sofa, and the angled legs offer an edgy unconventional feel to your home.

The Roddy sofa is a great option for family rooms since it provides plenty of space for the whole gang. The seating dimensions of the Roddy are 81″w × 24″d × 18″ h, while its overall dimensions are 90″ w × 36″d × 34″ h

Liam Sofa

Liam Sofa

If you’re looking for a sofa to satisfy your knack for vintage design, then the Liam sofa may just be the one for you. Joybird added a contemporary spin on a classic concept to create a timeless masterpiece in your living area.

Based on the Chesterfield sofa, the Liam sofa features large rolled arms, tight diamond button-tufting, as well as a high back sitting on unique legs. Delivering eye-catching elegance, the Liam sofa works wonders as a showpiece, available in upholstery and leather options.

The Liam seating dimensions are 77″w × 26″ d × 19″ h, with overall dimensions of 96″w × 38″ d × 33″ h.

Aubrey Sofa

Aubrey Sofa

The stunning Aubrey sofa is what happens when the energetic 1960s geometric lines meet the contemporary sleek minimalistic approach.

You can spot an Aubrey sofa out of a million others thanks to its distinctive swoop arms design. The tufted high back curve dips down to meet the stylish winged arms.

Offering a modern twist on an old school look, the Aubrey sofa features a 3-piece cushioned seat, angular legs, along with generous foam padding to make your experience extra cozy.

The Aubrey sofa has an overall dimension of 85″w × 37″d × 19″h, its seating dimensions are 78″w × 24″d × 19″ h.

Eliot Leather Sofa

Eliot Leather

Nothing says it’s time to relax and unwind like a nice leather couch. So if you’re on the hunt for such an inviting piece of furniture, you should certainly consider investing in the Eliot Leather Sofa.

This sofa is made of soft authentic premium-grain leather, with a high back that shows off 2 rows of strong button tufting. The seat holds 2 loose plush cushions, the arms are a low-profile build, and the legs are hand-carved into a tapered shape of outstanding detail.

The longer you use the Eliot Sofa, the more you’ll notice gorgeous wrinkles start to appear, a proof of all the good times the sofa has witnessed. The seating dimensions of the Eliot are 78″w × 25″d × 18″ h, while its overall dimensions are 84″w × 36″d × 33″ h.

Is this shop legit?

This shop is featured in press and has numerous positive reviews on the internet. They have an excellent reputation of the company that goes an extra mile to resolve any possible issues that you may face during your furniture order.


1Do I need to sign up to make a purchase?

No, you don’t need an account. You can place an order as a guest. They don’t require you to make unnecessary steps while placing the order.

2Can I track my order after the purchase?

Yes, you can either track your order by the order number or use your existing account to follow your shipment.

3Do they provide tracking numbers for the shipped packages?


4What delivery services they use?

They ship themselves, but they charge $49 or $99 for the shipment depending on the product type/price.

5Do they have location restrictions?

They ship their product to any US state. They don’t ship to PO boxes.

6Do they offer gift cards?

They offer digital and printed gift cards. You can either choose one of the defined amounts or get a custom gift card.