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What Is HydroPeptide?

HydroPeptide review

HydroPeptide was founded in 2004 with one main goal in mind: to deliver skin transformation through the power of epigenetics. The company uses epigenetic science to influence the way genes express themselves. In other words, HydroPeptide skincare can make one’s genes behave differently, signaling the skin cells to look healthier. It may sound like magic, but this approach really works.

On top of that, HydroPeptide uses clean, 100% safe ingredients that are meant to help the skin from within. The company is also famous for its packaging, offering a truly luxurious experience to all customers.

HydroPeptide has thousands of followers on social media pages and countless happy customers all over the world. Needless to say, it’s a legit brand that stands behind its product. And while HydroPeptide belongs to the above-average price category, this skincare brand is certainly worth a try. After all, quality always costs a bit more.

HydroPeptide Customer Reviews & Ratings

HydroPeptide reviews

Most HydroPeptide reviews are gathered on the company’s official website, on each product page. This is very convenient, as shoppers can read about other people’s experiences before making a purchase.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that most HydroPeptide products have a 5-star rating. Customers are impressed by the results they see after using HydroPeptide skincare :

“I have been using your product for eight weeks now and, as a specialist in the skincare industry, I am actually super impressed with this product” 


“As an Esthetician, I use this product line in facials. I always recommend it for women looking to hydrate and reduce wrinkles. Your skin will look brighter and feel smoother with application.”  (source)

Shoppers also appreciate that even smaller amounts of HydroPeptide products go a long way when applied to the skin. Therefore, even though this skincare brand is a bit pricey, it’s going to last shoppers for a long time.

Of course, it’s possible to find some complaints among the HydroPeptide reviews as well. Most of them are centered on the price of these products. And yes, HydroPeptide isn’t cheap, but it’s not your ordinary skincare brand either. The company uses innovative technologies and expensive, natural ingredients. Logically, its skincare products are going to cost more.

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HydroPeptide offers free shipping on orders over $75 and free samples with every purchase. The company also has occasional holiday sales and seasonal deals. Therefore, shoppers should check HydroPeptide’s official website regularly if they are looking to save more.

HydroPeptide Popular Products Review

HydroPeptide can boast of an impressive variety of excellent skincare products, but some items are more popular than others. The company’s absolute best-sellers include:

  • Power Luxe cream
  • Eye Authority Anti-Wrinkle Serum
  • Solar Defense Tinted Sunscreen (Broad Spectrum SPF 30)
  • Face Lift Moisturizer
  • Power Lift Moisturizer
  • Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Power Serum (Lifting Wrinkle Treatment)
  • Pre-Treatment Toner
  • Cleansing Gel
  • Polypeptide Collagel Eye (Hydrogel Masks)
  • Nimni Face Cream
  • Moisture Reset (phytonutrient facial oil)
  • HydroPeptide Power Lift Moisturizer


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This rich moisturizer is among the most popular products by HydroPeptide. And there are countless reasons for that. The Power Lift Moisturizer uses shea butter and pineapple ceramides to lock the moisture inside the skin, keeping it glowy and nourished. It also has special peptides that lift and plump the skin, giving it a more youthful look.

The Power Lift Moisturizer costs $99. It is suited for dry skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and sensitive skin. The cream itself has a rich texture but doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It doesn’t leave an oily residue either, which is a common issue for many other anti-wrinkle moisturizers.

HydroPeptide LumaPro C Face Serum

HydroPeptide LumaPro C review

This Face Serum is rich in vitamin C that acts as a pigment corrector. It can reduce the appearance of dark spots, making one’s skin tone more even. Vitamin C also works to improve skin texture, leaving it smoother and healthier-looking. It’s also suitable for aging skin and can even reduce the results of sun damage. However, customers need to remember about sunscreen to preserve those results.

The LumaPro-C Face Serum by HydroPeptide costs $148. It’s not the cheapest skincare product in the line, but customers claim that the serum lasts a long time. And most importantly, it delivers noticeable results – “Saw results after about 3 weeks. One bottle lasted about 5 months using twice a day. This has become a skincare staple.”

Eye Authority

Eye Authority review

Eye Authority is like a magical all-in-one solution for eye puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines. However, HydroPeptide does not use magic. Instead, the company uses natural crushed pearls to brighten the skin and peptides to reduce wrinkles and puffiness.

The Eye Authority eye cream costs $78. Reviews prove that it can handle such issues as dull skin around the eyes, fine lines, and dark circles. It also makes the skin firmer. Naturally, this can prevent new wrinkles and fine lines, helping HydroPeptide customers keep their skin looking younger and healthy longer.

Solar Defense Body SPF 30

Solar Defense Body SPF 30

Healthy skin is not possible without quality sunscreen, and guys at HydroPeptide know that. The Solar Defense is a broad-spectrum sunblock (SPF 30) that can prevent sun damage and, thus, keeps one’s skin healthier and better-looking.
The Solar Defense costs $48. It’s water-resistant and, thus, can be used at the beach or by the pool. This is a spray sunscreen, which makes application much easier.

Another cool thing about the Solar Defense is that it uses natural botanical ingredients. They are meant to soothe the skin (perfect for hot days) and keep it nourished. Therefore, each customer can take care of their whole body with the Solar Defense.

Lash Serum

Lash Serum review

This eyelash serum is another popular product by HydroPeptide. It is suited for both lashes and brows, working to make them stronger and grow fuller. In other words, the Lash Serum can help eyelashes and brows reach their true potential. HydroPeptide uses biotin and hair-volumizing peptides. They make the hairs healthier and stronger, thus boosting their growth.

The Lash Serum by HydroPeptide costs $98. Many customers consider it the best product for lashes, noting that the serum can guarantee excellent results:

“After using almost every night for a few weeks, I really see results – lashes are definitely the longest they’ve ever been.”

5X Power Peel

5X Power Peel review

These peeling pads by HydroPeptide are meant to make one’s skin smoother and brighter. The 5X Power Peel uses effective (but gentle) exfoliators to get rid of dead skin cells. As a result, the peel can smooth away the wrinkles, make the skin look fresher and brighter, and boost the skin’s natural collagen production.

The 5X Power Peel by HydroPeptide costs $68 (for 30 treatments). Each peeling pad comes in individual packaging for improved convenience. The pads are small enough to allow users to target specific areas they would like to brighten up. Plus, the 5X Power Peel can be used on the neck and decollete.

Nimni Face Cream

Nimni Face Cream review

The company’s patented anti-aging booster cream can become a real salvation for wrinkled skin with hyperpigmentation or lack of firmness. The Nimni Face Cream uses time-release retinol to aid collagen production and make the skin look healthier. More collagen also means an even tone and fewer fine lines.

The Nimni Face Cream starts at $110. However, considering the results, this cream is definitely worth the price:

“This is a must-have in my skincare routine. It plumps my skin with moisture. I’ve noticed that my fine lines and wrinkles have been reduced. I’ve also noticed that my skin looks firmer, especially around the mouth area. I highly recommend this product, it is well worth the price. I will never be without this one.”

Cleansing Gel

Cleansing Gel review

This face wash is suited for all skin types, which makes it a universal cleansing solution. The Cleansing Gel by HydroPeptide is very gentle and does not contain sulfates or parabens. At the same time, it deals with impurities effectively while preserving the skin’s natural lipid barrier.

This product costs $48. It uses a blend of natural components that work not only to get rid of make-up and other impurities but also to make the skin look healthier in the long run. The Cleansing Gel contains moisturizing peptides, so it can help reduce the number of fine lines. Plus, natural extracts serve to protect the skin from environmental damage and can improve its tone after regular use.

Perfecting Gloss

Nimni Face Cream review

Using the Perfecting Gloss by HydroPeptide can help customers achieve two things: make their lips look more defined and increase their fullness. This is a lip enhancement treatment that plumps the lips and keeps them moisturized. By nourishing the lip skin, the Perfection Gloss can also reduce the appearance of lines.

This product by HydroPeptide costs $38. It’s available in 6 shades, so it can work with any skin type and make-up style. Shoppers also appreciate the texture of this lip gloss, saying that it’s easy to apply and feels comfortable on the lips:

“This product goes on smooth and I can feel the tingling as it plumps my lips. It is not sticky like other plumping products and it leaves a shiny glow on your lips… So pretty!”

Power Serum – Lifting Wrinkle Treatment

The Power Serum is among the company’s best-selling products. This lifting treatment works to combat wrinkles, making the skin firmer and nourished. The Power Serum by HydroPeptide combines powerful peptides and moisturizing hyaluronic acid to treat sagging skin and make it more elastic. It can also help customers protect their skin from future visible signs of aging.

The Power Serum costs $144. It comes with a handy dispenser and spreads easily over the face. Therefore, this product is likely to last for a long time. It’s also ultra-gentle on the skin and isn’t likely to cause irritation or breakouts. But the best part is – the Power Serum delivers consistent results even when customers are still on their first bottle.

HydroPeptide Shipping Review

HydroPeptide ships all over the US and Canada (however, Canadian shoppers need to order through HydroPeptide.ca). Ground shipping for orders up to $74.99 costs $8.95. The good news is, ground shipping is free for orders over $75. Shoppers can also pay $18.00 for a faster 2-Day shipping service.

HydroPeptide typically processes the orders within 24-48 hours. Shipping usually takes up to 10 business days. However, the delivery speed will depend on the shopper’s location.

The company does not offer International shipping, unfortunately. That being said, HydroPeptide products are sold by several authorized retailers, some of which have International shipping (Amazon, for example). Here’s the full list of these retailers.

HydroPeptide Return Policy Review

The company gives shoppers up to 30 days to return new, unopened items for a full refund. To apply for a return, customers need to contact HydroPeptide via phone (1.800.932.9873) or email (support@hydropeptide.com).

Typically, refunds are issued within 4 weeks. They take this long because the company has to wait to receive the return items (5-10 business days), process the returns (3-5 business days), and wait for the shopper’s bank to process the refund request (5-10 business days).

Verdict: Is HydroPeptide Worth the Money?

HydroPeptide is an innovative brand that delivers impressive results in most cases. It uses clean, safe ingredients and has a scientific approach to skincare. Needless to say, HydroPeptide is most certainly worth trying at least once.

It’s also worth mentioning that countless HydroPeptide customers have been purchasing skincare products from the company for years. Some of them have tried other brands but decided to go back to HydroPeptide. This proves that the company makes effective products that deliver real results. So, it’s easy to assume that they are worth the money.


  • innovative approach to skincare using gene science and delivering noticeable results
  • most products last for a long time and, thus, offer good value for money
  • free shipping on orders over $75
  • online consultations


  • not the cheapest skincare brand available on the market, might not work for shoppers on a tight budget
  • some of the products may cause irritation in people with extra-sensitive skin


Where to buy HydroPeptide products?

HydroPeptide products are available on the company’s official website and through multiple authorized retailers (including Amazon, Apothecarie.com, Dermstore.com, BeautifiedYou.com, and more).

Is HydroPeptide a clean brand?

Yes. HydroPeptide uses clean ingredients that are free of phthalates, sulfates, fragrance, gluten, parabens, polyethylene glycol, and phenoxyethanol.

Where is HydroPeptide located?

HydroPeptide is located near the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest US.

Is HydroPeptide natural?

HydroPeptide uses a variety of natural components, so this skincare is safe for the skin.

Who makes HydroPeptide?

HydroPeptide skincare products are manufactured in the US. The process is overlooked by the company’s Chief Geneticist, Dr. Neal Kitchen.


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