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This can be your one and only stop in furniture and home goods hunting. Houzz offers you a powerful platform with the ability to find the best interior design ideas, trendy furniture pieces, and specialists to set them up. This way, Houzz can be considered your best bet if you’re not sure what style to go with and who will perform the works at your house. One website to rule them all — that’s the shortest description of this website, and it’s straight on point.


Houzz is not just another furniture and home goods store with classic departments. This is a platform that takes care of your interior design from A to Z. You can find not only fantastic furniture pieces and decor elements but also see the specialists that will set everything up or work on renovation for you.

Not sure what style or collection to go with? Houzz also offers a whole section on inspiration and ideas for your house. Discover thousands of options for each type of room in your home. This way, you’ll be able to find the best furnishing and design options for your house, order everything you need and find a crew to take care of the assembly and any other type of work.

Pros & Cons

  • Their ‘Hire a Pro’ feature is fantastic and convenient
  • They offer affordable pricing as well as luxurious pieces
  • They can give you lots of interior design tips
  • Thousands of sellers meaning a comprehensive selection of products
  • Convenient mobile apps
  • Not all of the merchant’s ship to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii
  • You have to sign up before you check out
  • Quality and service may depend on a particular merchant

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Product range

Aiming for the most convenient product browsing, they’ve decided to break down their menu into sections. Each section stands for a room (living room, kitchen & dining, outdoor, etc.). This is actually one of the best ways to sort a significant amount of products. With that being said, they strive to cover every need you may have while furnishing or designing your home. They can help you with the indoor decor elements and outdoor lounge furniture — dining sets, silverware, beds, coffee tables, chairs, and even laundry supplies. Houzz covers all the indoor and outdoor needs of the homeowner. We believe this website can provide you with a sufficient enough selection of furniture and home goods on the market.

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Up to 75 % OFF

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What makes this store good

Shopping by departments
Once you enter the Houzz website, you can get straight to the point and start shopping for the bedroom supplies or outdoor furniture. Just pick a corresponding section, and you’re good to go. This is very convenient and helps you avoid getting confused.

Ideas, photos and inspirational section
Getting decent advice on the interior design is excellent for those having second thoughts about their decision or those who know nothing about it. This is a robust platform that helps you find the right interior solutions.

Find a professional
A unique feature that other stores do not have. This makes Houzz not only a store, but also a platform for getting things done at home without the need for surfing the internet in search of professionals.

A lot of sales throughout the year
They have a separate ‘Sales’ section that always has something to offer. Houzz wants its products to fit every budget possible.

houzz shop review


The overall pricing policy of the Houzz store is excellent. They’re offering affordable mass-market furniture along with the luxurious options for those not having budget cuts. This is a great way to furnish your place without breaking a bank. Here is the layout of the pricing for the most popular products:
  • Twin Platform Beds starting with $140
  • Rugs starting with $5
  • Sofas starting with $190
  • Coffee Tables starting with $35
  • Armchairs starting with $30

Editorial rating

Product quality – 4
The product quality always depends on the pricing of the product you get. Since Houzz is the store with lots of affordable options along with the luxurious furniture pieces, it all depends on your choice. Most of the furniture is either really good or good enough to last for quite some time. If it’s a very budget purchase of an armchair that costs around $30, the quality may not be the best in the world, but it will be a good and comfortable armchair. It just may not be that stylish or last for decades.

Delivery – 4.5
They have five delivery options for their orders:
  • Standard
  • Standard Freight
  • Inside Your Door
  • Room of Choice
  • White Glove
Usually, it either depends on the sizing of your product or on the choice you make during the checkout process. Here are their delivery essentials: Standard delivery orders are shipped via FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS. Freight delivery orders will require an appointment and your signature. Freight deliveries work Monday-Friday. You will be able to choose the delivery timing.

Value for money — 4
Depending on the price niche that you shop, you may face a different price/value ratio. If you shop in the mid-end niche, you will get reasonably good and long-lasting furniture for your house. If you spend some time in the inspirational section, you will also be able to get not just a top-notch product, but also a stylish one.

Website ease of use – 4.5
houzz website While they’ve made some really great calls regarding the user experience like dividing the departments by rooms, they still have some issues with their overall design. The website is fast, relatively convenient. One of the problems that we see on the Houzz website is the amount of information screaming at you from every corner. It may be a bit overwhelming. But the overall experience is pleasant.

Product information – 4
Since Houzz is a marketplace where sellers can submit an application and start selling their products, not all of them have perfectly clear information. However, most of them include a brief description, specifications, and dimensions. These are the essential pieces that almost every product includes, and it’s great.

Product images – 4
Not all of the products have enough pictures to see the whole picture. Some of them just include one-two pictures where you’ll only get to know the product from one side. It’s not convenient and makes it hard to imagine how the product will fit into the interior. The bestsellers and trendy products have enough pictures and are usually excellent.

Product options – 4
Depends on the product. Some of the furniture pieces can be ordered in various colors and may be produced using different fabrics. Some of the products are sold just as is. Usually, the most popular products are sold with a few additional options available for order.

Support – 5
You can email them or call in case of any questions through the Contact Us page. One of their most significant features is their help section. You’ll find tons of valuable insights there along with the step-by-step guides on how to use their website, mobile app, and hunt for a right specialist.

Offline Stores
They’re just operating online; it’s an eCommerce project without the offline stores.

Mobile App
They have launched the Android and iOS applications to ease the experience of their users. The apps have thousands of great reviews and 5-star ratings, which makes it a great option to shop through their mobile applications.

Warranty — 3.5
All the store says about the warranty is that the manufacturer’s warranty may cover some of the product. That’s it. All additional information should be requested from the merchant of the particular product. It’s very inconvenient.

Returns & Refunds – 4
You can return your product within 30 days after the initial purchase. The item should be in original condition and include the original packaging. Items that cannot be returned are marked as ‘non-returnable.’ Also, product shipped to Canada by Houzz directly cannot be returned.

They do not have a special section or policies regarding the eco-friendliness. If you do in-depth research, you will be able to find a few eco-friendly products, but that’s still not their primary focus.

Country of production
This is a marketplace where thousands of merchants sell their products. It’s hard to tell the country of production; there are many of them.

Discounts/coupons – 5
They have a special section with promotional deals and just sales. It’s very extensive and always has something to offer. Houzz is your best bet when you’re hunting for a good deal. Also you can find Houzz coupon codes on our page.

Up to 75 % OFF


Up to 75 % OFF

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Payment options — 5
They have a very extensive list of payment options. You can use the PayPal, AmEx, Discover, VISA, MasterCard, and the Houzz Credit Card to check out.


Houzz bestsellers

Recommended if
  • You want to furnish your place without breaking a bank
  • You want more payment options that other stores offer
  • You need a wide product selection
  • You’re looking for inspiration and tips
  • You want to hire a professional for renovation works
Not recommended if
  • You don’t want to sign up before the checkout
  • You want to make an international order
  • You need custom furniture with lots of options or handmade upgrades
  • You do not like mass-market products

Is this shop legit?

Yes, it’s a very well-known and reputable store.


1Do I need to sign up to make a purchase?
Unfortunately, you do. And this is very inconvenient.
2Can I track my order after the purchase?
Yes, using the website of the shipping company and the code from your inbox.
3Do they provide tracking numbers for the shipped packages?
They send you a tracking number to the email inbox.
4What delivery services they use?
FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, and various freight shipping companies.
5Do they have location restrictions?
They operate on the continental US, but some of their merchants can also ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
6Do they offer gift cards?
Yes, you can order an eGift Card for the amount up to $500. It’s a digital gift card, not a physical one.

Up to 75 % OFF


Up to 75 % OFF

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Expires Today

Customer reviews

Dawn Courville
Dawn Courville
21:17 09 Apr 19
Great experience
Adriana Van Der Graaf
Adriana Van Der Graaf
15:52 28 Jan 19
Very nice building and easy to find
Adriana Van Der Graaf
Adriana Van Der Graaf
15:52 28 Jan 19
Very nice building and easy to find
Mason Hernandez
Mason Hernandez
15:26 05 Jan 19
People are friendly and decorated beautifully.
carrie benowitz
carrie benowitz
20:50 18 May 17
While house hunting I’ve enjoyed using Houzz for many interior design choices. I love the ability to save the ones I like and go back and build my dream home all in one super user friendly site. It’s like the Pinterest for all things home related.
Christa Colton
Christa Colton
17:06 18 May 17
If I want inspiration – Houzz is my first stop! I can spend hours looking at all the options they have available! So many products that I’m currently obsessed with. I definitely recommend Houzz to anyone looking for inspiration and options.
Kim Driesbach
Kim Driesbach
01:27 12 May 17
Love Houzz! I have bought several items from their website and loved them all. Great variety and options available.