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Is Hope Health Supply a Legit Company?

Hope Health Supply

Hope Health Supply is a family business that was founded during the pandemic in 2020. The company sells quality protection masks, supplements, and health accessories – all of the products users may require to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Even though Hope Health Supply hasn’t been around for a very long time, this is a legitimate company. The brand name was mentioned in such reputable sources as NBC News, CBS, USA Today, FOX, and Buzzfeed. Therefore, Hope Health Supply is safe to buy from.

Is  Hope Healthy Supply It Worth It?

Given the fact that Hope Health Supply offers a variety of options, reasonable pricing, and impressively fast shipping, the company is worth buying from. Additionally, Hope Health Supply has thousands of happy customers and reviews, which prove this is a trustworthy company.


  • covers a wide variety of protective masks and accessories, so every shopper would be likely to find something they need
  • competitive prices and regular sales to help users save more
  • super-fast delivery in most cases
  • friendly and helpful customer service representatives


  • some of the masks don’t seem 100% comfortable to some users (this might depend on one’s head size and the mask model that they choose)
  • the company hasn’t received the FDA’s approval yet.


Hope Health Supply

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Hope Health Supply Customer Reviews & Ratings

Hope Healthy Supply Review

Hope Health Supply has over 5,000 reviews on its official website. There are also over 150 customer comments on TrustPilot, with an average rating of 4.1 stars.

Now, most shoppers agree that Hope Health Supply offers competitive prices and delivers orders extremely fast:

“I was able to find exactly what I needed, the prices were competitive, and the orders arrived quickly. I will order from them again.”

Therefore, users don’t have to wait long for the necessary protective products and thus, can remain safe.

Many customers also note that Hope Health Supply goes above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service:

“We received a defective breathing instrument. One contact with Hope Health Supply to a no-questions-asked response and quick replacement of the instrument. Very pleased with the product and customer care.” (source)

As for unhappy customers, there aren’t many of them. Most complaints about Hope Health Supply are centered around the size of some of the face masks:

“They are VERY tight on me and my husband is not able to wear them at all.”

However, it’s worth noting that this issue may be subjective. After all, every person’s face is different, so the mask may also fit differently. Additionally, Hope Health Supply has a special Face Mask Finder on its website, which means shoppers can find an ideal mask for their face size.

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Hope Health Supply Coupon Codes and Promotions


Hope Health Supply

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At the time of writing this Hope Health Supply review, the company was offering a couple of promotions. Some of the items were on sale (which happens regularly), so shoppers can always save a bit more money but browsing through Hope Health Supply’s website.

Additionally, the company allows users to save 15% by buying its subscription. This way, the goods will be delivered automatically with the chosen frequency.

Hope Health Supply also offers free shipping on orders over $50, which could be great news for users who prefer to buy in bulk.

Is Hope Health Supply FDA Approved?

Hope Health Supply is registered with the FDA. However, registration does not mean authorization, approval, or clearance by the FDA. This might be explained by the fact that Hope Health Supply is a relatively young company. It’s still on the way to receiving the FDA’s approval. That being said, Hope Health Supply’s masks meet the general guidance from medical experts, which means they can be considered safe.

The Most Popular Products

  • Face Masks
  • Accessories
  • Supplements
  • Kids

Are KN95 Masks from Hope Health Supply Good?

KN95 Mask Review

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KN95 masks by Hope Health Supply meet the standards set by medical experts, so these masks should do their job well.

What’s great about these masks is that they are very comfortable to wear. The nose bridge is flexible and soft, so it shouldn’t cause pain or irritation. The ear loops are stretchy but gentle. Therefore, they can work for different types of users and head sizes without causing too much pressure on the ears.

Shoppers also note that KN95 masks are constructed very smartly, without any gaps that could let the bacteria in:

“This mask fits me better than any other mask I’ve tried (and I’ve tried countless other types). It doesn’t have any gaps that let air in the sides, and yet it’s easier to breathe in for longer than my other masks.”

Where Are Hope Health Supply Masks Made?

Hope Healthy Supply masks are manufactured in China. All of the masks are also tested in a lab in the US.
It’s also worth noting that by making its masks abroad, Hope Health Supply is able to offer such competitive prices.


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