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What Is Function of Beauty: Is It a Good Company?

Function of Beauty review

Launched in 2015, Function of Beauty is a company that specializes in customizable shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in treatments. The company has also introduced skincare products recently. What makes Function of Beauty stand out from the crowd is that this brand makes hair care products based on the customer’s hair type, color, goals, and scent preferences.

Function of Beauty has over 85K reviews online. The brand was mentioned by multiple media sources, including Insider, Allure, USA Today, NY Post, and more. Needless to say, this company has an excellent reputation, making Function of beauty worth purchasing from.

Additionally, the brand is safe for one’s hair and skin. Function of Beauty uses clean ingredients that are dermatologist-tested. It’s also worth mentioning that this company does not test on animals, chooses responsible sourcing, and uses recyclable packaging. With such an approach, Function of Beauty products are worth every penny.

Function of Beauty Customer Reviews & Ratings


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There are over 85,000 Function of Beauty reviews on the company’s official website. And all products have an excellent rating. For instance, the shampoo and conditioner combo has a 4.7-star rating, while the company’s skin serum has 4.9 stars.

The overwhelming majority of customers say that Function of Beauty products deliver pleasantly-shocking results thanks to their customizable approach – “I could tell the difference immediately the first time I washed my hair with these products. I love the customization aspect” (source)


“For the first time in many years, my hair is soft and clean and feels like it did pre menopause. My hair looks like young hair again.”

Many shoppers also praise Function of Beauty’s customer service, which can signify the true face of the company – “…I have never been treated with as much kindness as I just got from that email. So I highly recommend this product. Not only for the amazingness of the product but for the outstanding customer service. They really do care.”

As for the rare negative reviews, they mostly mention the size to price ratio, noting that Function of Beauty products can be overpriced for some users.

A few customers also note that they didn’t see any results. However, such occurrences are completely normal, as some people may require more time to see positive changes. After all, everyone is different, which is something Function of Beauty celebrates.

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Function of Beauty before & after

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Function of Beauty has a membership program called Function with Benefits. Members can get 20% off their first large shampoo and conditioner set, free shipping, access to exclusive colors and fragrances, and early access to new products.

The company also has a Student Discount, which involves a free hair mask with the first order of custom shampoo and conditioner. So, it’s more a gift than a discount, but can still help students save a few bucks.

Function of Beauty Scents

Function of Beauty currently offers hair and body products with the following scents:

  • go (c)oco – coconut
  • takes two to (m)ango – mango
  • true l(o)vender – lavender
  • strike a (r)ose – rose flower
  • nude peach
  • all (you) calyptus – eucalyptus
  • (pear) fection – pear

There are three scent strength variations available – light, medium, and strong. Customers can also choose a fragrance-free formula.
The skin products by Function of Beauty can be fragrance-free or with a 100% natural (Dew) You scent (with notes of citrus and cucumber).

Custom Shampoo & Conditioner

custom shampoo

Custom shampoos and conditioners are the most recognizable products by Function of Beauty. They offer various formulas to help customers achieve specific goals.

Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner works for most hair types (including straight, wavy, coily, and more), scalp types (dry, balanced, and oily), and hair structure variations (fine, medium, and coarse). Customers can also choose up to 5 goals they want to achieve using these Function of

Beauty products. They include deep conditioning, oil control, anti-frizz, fixing split ends, color protection, strengthening, and more.
Function of Beauty offers 7 scent variations (coconut, mango, lavender, rose, peach, eucalyptus, and pear). Shoppers can also go with the fragrance-free option.

And to make things fun, Function of Beauty allows customers to choose the color of their shampoos and conditioners. Of course, dye-free options are available, too.

Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner have over 85K reviews, the overwhelming majority of which are positive. Needless to say, these products are very likely to deliver desired results.

Function of Beauty Wavy Hair Shampoo at Target

Function of Beauty Wavy Hair Shampoo at Target

This Function of Beauty shampoo base is formulated using fermented rice water to keep one’s curls strong and bouncy. This shampoo has a light structure and thoroughly cleans the hair without making it heavy. It’s also worth mentioning that this Function of Beauty product features the company’s most popular scent – peach.

Customers note that the Wavy Hair Shampoo can transform one’s curls and make them easier to maintain – “I love it! I have lots of thick hair and this totally makes my hair soft and manageable! It enhances my waves and smells great. Love this!” (source)

Custom Body Wash + Lotion

custom body wash lotion

The custom body wash and lotion by Function of Beauty are individually formulated to make sure every customer’s skin receives exactly what it requires. This body wash and lotion combo can work for balanced, dry, and very dry skin. The selection of fragrances is the same as in the shampoo and conditioner set. Customers can also choose the color of the products or go with no dye at all.

The custom body wash + lotion combo by Function of Beauty has over 3,600 reviews and a 4.9-star rating. Customers appreciate the quality of these products by Function of Beauty and the results they deliver – “My skin looks amazing since switching to this. No more dry flaky skin. Love it and I will never change. My holy grail!”


“I love how moisturized my skin feels after getting out of the shower. The peach scent is one of my absolute favs too. Highly recommend!”

Function of Beauty Shipping

Function of Beauty ships across the US (including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands) and a selection of locations abroad. They include Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, and more.

Shipping typically takes around 7-9 business days (including the process of formulating customers’ unique products). However, delivery dates will depend on the destination. For instance, the US orders typically arrive within 1-6 business days, while deliveries to Canada may take about 14-20 days.

Shipping with auto-renewals is free. For one-time purchases, shoppers will need to pay $7.99 for shipping.

Function of Beauty Return Policy

Function of Beauty customers have 30 days to contact the company in case they aren’t happy with the product. Function of Beauty offers free one-time reformulations to make sure the formula can meet the customers’ needs. However, the original purchase is not refunded.

If the customer’s needs cannot be met with a reformulation, shoppers can apply for a refund within 30 days of the delivery date. Refunds are typically issued within 7-10 days.

Verdict: Is Function of Beauty Worth the Money?

Function of Beauty is a trustworthy company that takes care of its customers. The brand has impressive recognition and thousands of reviews, making it safe to purchase from. And considering Function of Beauty’s personalized approach and impressive results, the products are definitely worth the money.


Is Function of Beauty causing hair loss?

Occasional reviews report hair loss after using Function of Beauty, but it’s a rather rare occurrence. Hair loss can also occur due to lifestyle changes, stress, environmental factors, and more. So, there’s no direct proof Function of Beauty causes hair loss.

Where to buy Function of Beauty?

Function of Beauty products are sold through the company’s official website. Base formulas and boosters can be purchased through Target.

What scent is Function of Beauty at Target?

All Function of Beauty products sold at Target have the peach scent.

How to use the Function of Beauty booster shots?

To use Function of Beauty booster shots, customers need to take several steps:

  • snap open the boost shot packaging
  • pout one shot into any (or every) Function of Beauty product – shampoo, conditioner, mask, or leave-in treatment
  • shake or stir thoroughly for about 15 seconds
  • use the Function of Beauty products as usual

How to cancel Function of Beauty?

To cancel Function of Beauty’s auto-renewal subscription, customers need to log in on the company’s website, go to “Your Subscriptions”, select “Manage”, and select “Cancel Subscription”.

How much does Function of Beauty cost?

Function of Beauty shampoo + conditioner set starts at $29.99. The custom leave-in treatment costs $19.99. The hair mask is $19.99.

Where is Function of Beauty made?

Function of Beauty products are made in the USA.

Who owns Function of Beauty?

Zahir Dossa is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Function of Beauty.

How to track Function of Beauty orders?

Function of Beauty will add a tracking number to the customer’s account after finalizing the purchase.

Where is Function of Beauty located?

Function of Beauty is headquartered in New York, NY, USA.


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