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Is Fresh Clean Tees A Legit Company?

Fresh Clean Tees review


Fresh Clean Tees is a men’s clothing retailer that focuses on quality, comfortable, and affordable t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and hoodies.

The company was founded in 2015 by husband and wife Matthew and Melissa Parvis. Their initial goal was to create a men’s clothing brand that would offer no-frill designs suited for pretty much any taste.

Additionally, the couple believes that basic clothes should be stylish and quality-made. While other retailers save on fabrics and production for such simplistic pieces of clothing like tees and hoodies, guys at Fresh Clean Tees make sure they use only the highest quality fabrics.

The company’s clothes are stylish and comfortable, plus rather affordable when compared to many competitors on the market. Therefore, Fresh Clean Tees seems like a perfect option for any modern guy.

Fresh Clean Tees Quality Review

Fresh Clean Tees Review

Guys at Fresh Clean Tees pride themselves on the quality of the t-shirts (and other items) they are selling. And countless reviews prove that they have the right to do so.

Customers note that Fresh Clean Tees clothing is well-made. The t-shirts use quality fabric and withstand regular use quite easily. The same goes for washing.

Fresh Clean Tees uses an extra-soft cotton + polyester blend that’s easy to care for. This fabric also holds up well with time, so these t-shirts can work as daily wear for you.

I was also impressed with the stitching quality. Every seam is neat and seems quite sturdy, with no loose threads or shredded ends. To me, that’s one of the most important indications of the clothes’ quality.

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Fresh Clean Tees Customer Reviews & Ratings

Fresh Clean Tees

Fresh Clean Tees has plenty of reviews on its official website (more than 17,800). The average rating is 4.7 stars.

Other than that, there aren’t many Fresh Clean Tees reviews available online. You can find a couple of independent articles breaking down the company and its products, but most of the real customer comments are gathered on Fresh Clean Tees’ official website.

Now, I believe it’s worth mentioning that most of the shoppers are crazy about the fit of these t-shirts – “These shirts are really what they say they are. They fit perfectly in every way” and “I’m 6′ 4″ and have always had trouble trying to find t-shirts to fit. These t-shirts fit perfectly on my shoulders and long torso.” (source)

Most Fresh Clean Tees customers also note that the company’s clothing is super pleasant to the touch and extremely comfortable – “10/10 on comfort. They are the most comfortable shirts I’ve ever owned.”

Shoppers are also happy with the customer service the company provides. They note that their requests are processed fast and smoothly, which is always a huge bonus when it comes to online shopping.

As for the complaints, some shoppers note that Fresh Clean Tees t-shirts are a bit overpriced for them. There are also a couple of customer reports mentioning delivery issues. However, the shipping company might be responsible for those, and not Fresh Clean Tees.

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The company has regular sales, so you might want to check the dedicated Sale category if you wish to find a great bargain. You can also subscribe to the Fresh Clean Tees newsletter, where the company shares exclusive deals and coupons. By signing up, you can also get 15% off as a new customer.

You can also save more by getting a subscription with Fresh Clean Tees. It will give you access to unique collections, colors, and limited edition items. Plus, each subscription includes free shipping.

Fresh Clean Tees vs True Classic Tees

To tell the truth, there isn’t that much of a difference between Fresh Clean Tees and True Classic Tees. Both companies use cotton and polyester for their t-shirts, so the final product feels soft and comfortable.

The prices are also similar, although Fresh Clean Tees is a bit cheaper and offers better deals on their t-shirt packs.

The main difference between these two retailers has to do with shipping. While Fresh Clean Tees uses DHL, True Classic Tees ships with FedEx. As a result, the latter often takes less time to deliver orders.

Additionally, Fresh Clean Tees offers free shipping on orders over $75, while True Classic Tees has the same deal but for orders over $60.

Fresh Clean Tees Longline

Fresh Clean Tees Longline

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The Longline collection is ideal for taller shoppers. Each t-shirt in this category is 3 inches longer than the rest of the Fresh Clean Tees items.

The company uses 100% cotton for the Longline collection, which means these t-shirts are more breathable. Another cool thing is that the fabric is pre-laundered to avoid shrinkage after washing, which is essential for tall individuals.

Items in the Longline collection include Slim Fit t-shirts with curved and split hems. Prices start at $16 for items that are currently on sale and $20 for regular offers.

Fresh Clean Tees covers sizes from S to 3XL in this collection. Shoppers note that the sizing chart of Longline t-shirts is pretty accurate, which means more chances for users to enjoy a flattering fit.

Fresh Clean Tees Hoodies

Fresh Clean Tees Hoodies

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Fresh Clean Tees offers 12 hoodie models, which is rather impressive for basic clothes. Prices start at $28. At the time of writing this Fresh Clean Tees review, all of the hoodies were on sale (an awesome deal for the fall season).

The company offers hoodies in different styles, including both zip-up models and pullover hoodies. The color variety may seem pretty basic at first, but I think it’s a perfect assortment that would blend with virtually any wardrobe.

Fresh Clean Tees sticks to neutral shades that are super easy to combine with other clothing items. Great news for those who hate spending time in front of their closet trying to decide what to wear (and how to wear it).

For the hoodies, Fresh Clean Tees uses a cotton + polyester blend. There’s also a fleece lining for extra coziness. Hoodies are available in sizes S to 2XL.

Fresh Clean Tees Sweatshirts

Fresh Clean Tees Sweatshirts

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To be frank, the assortment of sweatshirts on the Fresh Clean Tees website isn’t that overwhelming. However, what they lack in variety, they make up for in quality.

Fresh Clean Tees sweatshirts are made using top-notch cotton and polyester, plus a fleece lining. They are extremely soft to the touch and work great for everyday wear.

In this category, the company covers sizes from S to 2XL.

Shoppers note that Fresh Clean Tees sweatshirts are very comfortable to wear and, in most cases, have a rather flattering fit –

“I knew their shirts were amazing but this sweatshirt wins everything. It’s a perfect fit and probably THE softest, most comfortable sweatshirt I’ve ever worn.” (source)

Fresh Clean Tees Bomber Jackets

Fresh Clean Tees Bomber Jackets

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Fresh Clean Tees currently offers two types of bomber jackets: windbreakers and fleece models. Both are quality-made and come in rather neutral shades that are super easy to blend into different outfits.

Prices start at $32. At the time of writing this Fresh Clean Tees review, all bomber jackets on the official website were on sale.
In this category, the company covers sizes from S to 2XL. However, since the Fresh Clean Tees bomber jackets are on sale, you might find the sizing a bit limited, as many of the items have been sold out.

It’s worth mentioning that users are very satisfied with the fit and the quality of these bomber jackets – “This is a super-soft bomber jacket. Great quality and material.”  (source) They also note that Fresh Clean Tees jackets hold up very well with regular use and don’t shrink after washing.

Verdict: Is Fresh Clean Tees Worth It?

Fresh Clean Tees reviews

All things considered, Fresh Clean Tees is worth buying from. Chances are, this might become your favorite company and a go-to place for basic t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets.

Fresh Clean Tees products can boast of exceptional quality, and that’s more than enough to love them for. However, they are also stylish and sleek.

Additionally, I was surprised to discover how easy it was to combine Fresh Clean Tees clothing with different outfits and styles. Therefore, these t-shirts and hoodies are rather universal and would work for a wide range of users.


  • quality fabrics and manufacturing, so these t-shirts (and other items) are durable
  • basic clothing items that are super easy to incorporate into your existing style
  • extremely soft fabric, pleasant to the touch and suited for everyday wear
  • great customer service
  • wide variety of items to choose from, even though Fresh Clean Tees specializes in basic, casual wear
  • flattering fit in most cases
  • subscription service available for those who want to save more
  • great price to quality ratio
  • free shipping on orders over $75


  • might seem a bit overpriced to some shoppers
  • ships within the US and Puerto Rico only
  • occasional shipping issues are possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fresh Clean Tees located?

Fresh Clean Tees headquarters is based in San Diego, California.

Are Fresh Clean Tees slim fit?

Yes, most of the Fresh Clean Tees items have a slim fit. Nonetheless, you can also find models that would work for users who prefer a looser fit.

How much does Fresh Clean Tees cost?

Fresh Clean Tees t-shirts start at $17 (and only $8 for items on sale). The subscription service starts at $44.


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