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About Faherty Brand

Faherty is a clothing company that focuses on good fabrics and a relaxed fit. The company offers summer-inspired pieces for men, women, and children, plus a wide range of accessories, underwear, and even blankets.

Faherty is a relatively young brand, but it already has an impressive customer base. The company was founded in 2013. One of the founders, Mike Faherty, has almost a decade of experience in fashion (working under Ralph Lauren), allowing him to experiment with different styles and fabric blends to create the most comfortable pieces for the Faherty brand.

The company also makes its contribution to the environment, as Faherty chooses to work with organic fabrics and ethically sourced materials. The brand also uses non-toxic fabric dyes. This means Fahety’s clothes are safe even for people with skin sensitivities.

Is Faherty Brand Legit?

Faherty has been in business for almost 10 years. It’s a legitimate, recognizable brand that has a good reputation and thousands of loyal customers. The company has over 32K reviews on its official website, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. Needless to say, Faherty is a brand loved by many, making it safe to buy from.

Faherty Clothing Quality

Faherty has been in business for almost 10 years. It’s a legitimate, recognizable brand that has a good reputation and thousands of loyal customers. The company has over 32K reviews on its official website, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. Needless to say, Faherty is a brand loved by many, making it safe to buy from.

Experiences & Complaints​

Most customers say that they love the brand’s products, particularly noting the quality and the overall feel of the clothes:

“The fabric is so soft. This top is very comfortable and well-made and I like the neutral color, looks great on a tan. It can look dressy as well as casual. I’ve worn it so many times this summer. It washes well – I hand wash it and let it air dry, it does not need ironing. I liked it so much that I also bought it in white.”

Another thing shoppers love about Faherty is the versatility of the brand’s pieces. According to many customers, the brand makes universal clothing that can be used on various occasions and always looks stylish and flattering:

“This top is so effortless. It can be worn with jean shorts on a warm sunny day or with nice slacks on a night out. The fit is perfect. Love it!”

As for complaints, there aren’t many. That being said, some customers mention occasional delivery issues. While this can be disappointing, shipping delays don’t always depend on the brand, and Faherty always tries to handle such issues as quickly as possible.

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Faherty Brand’s Top Picks

The company offers a wide variety of clothing items and accessories suitable for different occasions. However, some pieces are more popular than others, and this review will take a closer look at what makes them special.

#1 All Day Shorts

Faherty’s famous All Day Shorts are a number one pick among countless customers. These shorts are loved for their relaxed fit, flattering cut, and fabric quality. They are available in an impressive range of colors, from black to pastel pink. Prices start at $98. Faherty covers sizes from 28 to 42. The shorts are also available in multiple length variations to satisfy more customers.

The pros: An impressive variety of styles and colors. Comfortable fit. Popular among men of various age categories and social groups.

The cons: Occasional complaints about the price being a bit too high.

#2 Polo Shirts

Faherty shirts

The company carries over 40 types of polo shirts. The selection includes long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve items, sporty models, casual shirts, and more. The color variations are quite versatile, too. Prices start at $98. However, many items are on sale, going for as cheap as $59. Faherty also has a special Movement collection that includes classic-looking polo shirts that are made using performance fabric for improved ease of movement. 

The pros: Quality-made. Plenty of models to choose from for any occasion. Compatible prices and regular discounts.

The cons: May run a little short for people who are 6’2 tall and more.

#3 Cardigans

Inspired by the sun, Faherty designs more than just summer clothes. The company also has a nice selection of cardigans for both men and women. Faherty uses cotton in most cases, making its cardigans warm and cozy but breathable at the same time. The cardigans are available in sizes XS to XXL for both women and men. There are multiple colors to choose from, so every shopper can find something that will suit their style. Prices start at $99 for items on sale and $168 for regularly-priced pieces.

The pros: Relaxed fit for an extra-cozy feel. Plenty of models and colors to choose from. Organic cotton composition, making these cardigans suited for people with sensitive skin.

The cons: Some of the items may run small, so it’s better to check the size table and the reviews before finalizing a purchase.

#4 Dresses

Carrying over 200 models, Faherty offers a wide selection of dresses suited for almost any taste. The styles vary and include long models, medium dresses, short pieces, various sleeve lengths, pastel colors, prints, elegant dresses, casual models, and more. There are also kids’ dresses available. Prices start at $78 for kids’ models and $148 for women’s dresses.

The pros: Quality fabrics. Flattering cut. Various styles to suit different tastes, body types, and personal preferences. Easy to care for.

The cons: Some customers wish these dresses by Faherty were slightly cheaper.

Faherty Brand Pros & Cons


  • offers an impressive range of products, including shorts, dresses, accessories, cardigans, kids’ clothes;
  • blankets, and more;
  • works with natural, safe fabrics;
  • covers various styles, sizes, and colors, giving shoppers more chances to find exactly what they need;
  • regular sales and attractive discounts;
  • several physical stores, allowing shoppers to try the clothes on;
  • friend referral program to help existing and new customers save more;
  • International shipping available;
  • 60-day returns and exchanges (free).


  • higher price point that might not work for all shoppers;
  • occasional delivery delays.

Verdict: Is Faherty Brand Worth It?

All things considered, Faherty is a good brand that can boast of high product quality and stylish items. There are a few negative comments about the company online, but happy reviews significantly overweigh the complaints. Additionally, Faherty offers free returns, making the company 100% safe to buy from.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Faherty brand’s clothing take to ship?

Faherty typically delivers orders within 4-7 business days depending on the location. Some occasional delays are possible during the holiday season.

What is Faherty brand’s return policy?

The company gives shoppers 60 days to return or exchange products they didn’t like. Returns are free. Customers can drop the items at any of Faherty’s locations or send them back via mail using a prepaid label the company will provide.

How long does Faherty Brand’s clothing take to be refunded?

Refunds are usually processed within 14 business days.

What is the Faherty brand’s warranty?

The company offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all products. This means Faherty will offer an exchange or a free return at any point if there’s a manufacturing issue.

Does the Faherty brand have sales & coupon codes?

Faherty has regular sales and often shares various coupons to help shoppers save more. Right now, the company offers up to 40% off on a selection of items, including men’s shirts and polos, women’s dresses and shirts, beach accessories, and kids’ clothes. 

Where are Faherty clothes made?

The company claims that its clothes are made in the US.

Why is Faherty so expensive?

Clothes by Faherty are more on the pricier side because they are made using quality fabrics and safe, organic materials. They are also quite versatile, which means shoppers can get as much use of every item as possible.

How to enter a discount code on the Faherty website?

Shoppers can enter a coupon code upon check-out during the payment step. The promo code box is located at the bottom. Shoppers can paste the code in the box and press “Apply”.

Where to buy Faherty brand?

Clothing and accessories by Faherty are available on the company’s official website ( and at several brick-and-mortar stores (in New York, Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco, and more).


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