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Is Ergonofis a Legit Company?

Ergonofis reviews

Ergonofis is a famous Canadian manufacturer that provides excellent hand-made desks, chairs, and related accessories. The signature detail of the brand is tabletops made of natural, high-quality wood species and modern adjustable constructions.

Ergonofis is a legit company in all respects. The store offers an excellent selection of items for anyone looking for high-end standing desks to improve health and productivity. Ergonofis products perfectly combine functionality and style and fit any interior design.

The prices on the site range from $900 to $2,300 for desks and from $50 to $630 for related accessories. All items come with a warranty, so you won’t need to worry about their return in case of necessity.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Ergonofis customer reviews

With over 1000 reviews on the official website, Ergonofis is considered a trustworthy company that perfectly deals with its purpose. Most consumers are satisfied with their purchases and the way the company processes orders and made a delivery:

“My desk is really beautiful. I am loving it. Works great! Thank you for the masterpiece! It was very well packaged for shipping too…” (source)

Another thing noted by many brand’s consumers is that Ergonofis promptly solves all the issues related to the products’ delivery and return. Whatever your problem is, you can always rely on professional and friendly support due to the store’s customer focus:

“These desks feel incredibly sturdy and look great. Shipping was delayed due to flooding in BC, but Ergonofis was communicative throughout the process…”

As for the complaints, some customers mention minor defects in the purchased products. Yet, they recommend Ergonofis furniture anyway, as it makes the working routine comfortable:

“The raising and lowering mechanism work great. The build quality of the desk is also solid and beautiful. Only negative comment I have is that the grommets that were added into the desk were roughly cut…”

The Sway Desk

Ergonofis The Sway Desk review

This unique handmade standing desk made of the best wood species is considered one of the most popular premium office tables made in Canada. Thanks to the frame with an integrated interface and a sturdy adjustable base, you can feel free to control the height of the desktop, thus adapting it for your comfort.

The Ergonofis Sway standing desk is probably the best-selling product on the website. It comes in three different sizes and four species of Canadian hardwoods: Maple, Cherrywood, Birch, and Walnut. The frame can also be made in two various colors: Black or White, depending on your preferences.

As for the assembly process of this desk, it won’t take you much time or effort as everything is thought out to the smallest detail. You can easily assemble the Ergonofis furniture right at your apartment, thus saving on handyman services.

YouToo Ergonomic Chair

Ergonofis YouToo Ergonomic Chair review

This refined yet minimalistic ergonomic chair which is easy to adjust and install is a true best-seller. It is created to make the working routine comfortable and help people avoid back pain and other health issues related to sedentary work.

The chair design, i.e., dynamic til, is made to relieve stress on your lower back and support the lumbar spine. The YouToo chair seat slider assures an optimal ergonomic position so that you can spend the whole day at your desk without getting pain in your back or knees.

Currently, the product is available in five different colors and three fabric options. Besides, if you order more than three chairs at once, you can choose from more colors to create more exclusive designs for your interior. As for the chair installation, every item comes with an instruction, so you can easily do it on your own in just 10 minutes.

The Alive Desk

Ergonomic The Alive desk review

The Alive Desk is an excellent example of how simple things can combine comfort and technology. With this beautiful standing desk, you can forget about a tedious working routine, as it will make your time spent at the table and computer more comfortable and enjoyable.

The adjustable frame of superior quality allows you to adjust the height of the desk to place your knees at an angle of 90 degrees, the comfiest position. The installation process is also quite simple. You get a guide that ensures you can install the desk even if you’ve never done this before.

At the present time, the store offers Alive Desk in two wood species: Walnut and Maple, three sizes, and two frame colors: Black and White. Besides, when ordering the picked item, you can add grommets to allow cords to freely pass through the desk surface.

The Shift Desk 2.0

Ergonofis The Shift Desk 2.0 review

This is the first sit-stand desk with a soft touch work surface, which is made to turn your working routine into an enjoyable and comfortable pastime. The item is available in five colors: Ice white, Pale grey, Graphite grey, Sahara, and Deep black, and in three different sizes.

The table is antimicrobial and resists fingerprints. Besides, it is highly resistant to heat and scratches, so you don’t need to worry that the condition of your desktop may worsen within time.

The Shift 2.0 comes in two different boxes, one for the frame and another for the tabletop. The assembling process is pretty simple. Still, take into account it is better to place the desk parts on cardboards while installing it; otherwise, you may scratch the surface.

Desk Shelf

Desk shelf review

With this fantastic handmade desk shelf, you can easily place two screens at the same level, thus helping position your neck in a comfortable ergonomic posture. Besides, it allows you to free up space on your table so that you can store the things you want to keep close at hand.

Made of 100% premium solid wood, the item can perfectly complement your interior design. You can pair it well with the Ergonofis desk from Sway or Shift collections.

You can order this product to be made from Cherrywood, Maple, Walnut, and Birch. As for the color solutions, the shelf is now available in five different soft-touch laminate options: Sahara, Deep black, Graphite gray, Ice white, and Pale grey.

What Is Ergonofis Cable Management Solution?

If you are looking for an efficient cable management solution for storing your cables, this option will meet all your expectations. With a 9-outlet surge protector power strip and reusable and adhesive cable ties, you can effortlessly organize the wires from your desk.

This solution allows you to plug in all of your electronic devices along with the Ergonofis desk in one place using the single power strip cord. Another advantage of this option is that you can easily fix your cables to the privacy screen using reusable cable ties without cutting them.

Trial and Returns

The company provides all customers an opportunity to return orders within 30 days of the ship date if they are disappointed with their purchase. So, it’s an excellent chance to test the item during dome time to ensure this furniture truly changes your working routine for the best. However, note that this 30-day risk-free trial can be applied only to sit-stand desks.

In addition, if you decide to return your purchase, you should be aware that the company only covers the shipping fees in Canada. Thus, if you order desks outside Canada, you will have to pay a return fee of the same amount as the forward shipping fee to send the item back to the store.

If you still want to return the desk, you need also consider the following requirements:

  • the desk needs to be undamaged and in its original packaging
  • custom desks are final sale, so you can return or exchange them
  • the trial period is applicable one time only, meaning you can’t exchange or return a desk more than 1 time
  • if your 30-days trial period expires, you can’t refund your sit-stand desk

Ergonofis Shipping

Currently, Ergonofis ships orders only to Canada and the United States. However, there are regions in these two countries that the company does not ship to.

Ergonofis delivers all products within 5-20 days except the YouToo chair, which takes 3-6 weeks to ship due to its massiveness. If your order includes multiple products, you most likely get them in separate shipments.

Ergonofis Warranty

Ergonofis provides a warranty on all products. Thus, the wood surface of the Sway, Suar, and Alive desks come with a 1-year warranty. If you purchase an item with laminate, you will get a 3-year warranty. All accessories, including shelves, cable management solutions, etc., usually come with a 1-year warranty as well.

However, there is one product that can be warranted for 12 years from the original date of purchase, the YouToo chair.

If you have any issues with your desk, chair, or other products purchased in this store, you can change them during the warranty period. Yet, consider in a case with the wood top, you will get another surface with equal worth, as the solid wood is subject to minor cracks, slight bendings, scratches, color changing, etc.

Does Ergonofis Have a Showroom?

Yes, it does. Ergonofis strives to provide an opportunity to experience its desks to everyone due to a diversity of showroom partners. Currently, it has showrooms in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and New Brunswick. So, you can feel free to try the brand’s products across Canada.


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