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About Elephant in a Box

Elephant in a Box review

The Elephant in a Box is a US-based manufacturer of foldable and portable furniture, which can be easily assembled by one person. The company uses honeycomb technology, found in aircraft and aerospace industries, to engineer Elephant in Box sofas, beds, and ottomans so that they can recover their original shape after unpacking.

Each piece of sofa is small enough to fit in the back of your car, so you don’t need to worry about its portability. Also, the company produces furniture from wipeable and wrinkle-resistant fabric, meaning your order will be delivered in excellent condition even though it will come to you in a compact box. Plus, this sofa weighs a mere 98 pounds itself, which is another good reason to pay attention to it.

Thus, if you are looking for a durable, sturdy sofa that will be easy for you to take while moving to other accommodation or traveling, Elephant in a Box is definitely what you need. Keep reading to learn more about their furniture.

How Good Is Elephant in a Box Furniture? 

Elephant in a Box’s furniture is all about stylish, comfortable design, quality, durable materials, and sturdy constructions. Although the brand uses an innovative approach to furniture manufacturing, all items represented on the site are available for affordable prices.

The Elephant in a Box’s products are easy to assemble and put into their original shape. Plus, the furniture is designed to meet the rigors of excessive use and has very low-maintenance. With the Elephant in a Box sofa, you don’t have to worry about grease, grime, or stains, as you can remove and clean the covers in the washing machine.

In addition, when we speak about the Elephant in a Box sofa, it comes with an air-channel feature, which allows it to remain stable under heavyweight. The furniture can endure 400 times its weight effortlessly and keep its original shape even after constant use.

Experiences & Complaints

At present, Elephant in a Box has 189 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars on Trustpilot.

According to most of the brand’s consumers, the ordering process on the website is simple and fast, while delivery and customer support are highly professional. This is what people say about the Elephant in a Box sofa,

“We love our Elephant in a Box sofa! I can’t express how much I am satisfied with my purchase, as everything was above and beyond, from ordering to delivery. Our guests were truly surprised by the fact that this beautiful sofa came to us in a box, as its base is firm and the back cushions are so comfortable! I would highly recommend this brand!”

Another great thing about Elephant in a Box is its warranty.

Many brands simply ignore this essential detail, but if you buy the Elephant in a Box furniture, you can always rely on a lifetime guarantee on all structure and hardware and a special warranty for the fabric, valid for three years.

Customers do really appreciate this, as it makes them more sure about their purchase.

“I purchased my Elephant in a Box sofa over a year ago, and all this time, it held up pretty well. However, some of its parts started to give out over time, so I had to change them. I thought it would cost me a lot, but fortunately, I contacted customer support, and they reminded me about the warranty that comes with the sofa. The job they did was fantastic, as they shipped me replacement parts asap. Now my couch looks like it’s new!”

Although the Elephant in a Box’s customers are mostly satisfied with their furniture, there are some notes about its comfortability. Here’s what the buyers say about the Elephant in a Box sofa.

“Overall the sofa gets its job done so I can’t say that I’m not satisfied with this purchase. However, the bottom cushion is stiffer than I expected it to be, which makes it not as comfy as I wanted. I wish it would be softer.”

How Does Elephant in a Box Work?

The Elephant in a Box sofa is not only the strongest and most portable sofa on the market but also the easiest to assemble.

Thanks to the HoneyComb Support Technology, which makes the couch five times lighter than the others, it can be assembled in less than 5 minutes by a single person. Thus, even if you have no experience with furniture assembly, you will easily deal with it on your own.

To assemble the Elephant in a Box sofa, you have to stretch the couch ends so that the sofa can take its original shape. After that, you need to adjust the lower and upper cushion brackets. And, finally, put the cushions in place

About Elephant in a Box’s Top Picks

All Elephant in a Box pieces differ in excellent quality and innovative design, which makes them highly in demand on the market.

But some of the items are more popular among the brand’s consumers, and there’s obviously a reason for that.

Check out the Elephant in a Box’s top picks to ensure this store is actually worth your attention.

Dynamic Sofa

Dynamic sofa

The Elephant in a Box Dynamic Sofa is probably the most demanded item the store offers. It comes with detachable armrests that make it more functional and add more space while turning it into a sectional. The couch is represented in two colors: navy blue and gray, and it can easily suit three people.

The pros: Versatile minimalistic design. Easy to assemble. Lifetime warranty and free return.

The cons: Some customers mention the sofa is not as soft and comfortable as expected.

Bed Base Queen

You won’t find such a lightweight and strong bed base as this Elephant in a Box Bed Base Queen. While weighing only 68.3lbs, it may hold more than +8,000 pounds. You can easily set up the bed base without tools for a few minutes. Plus, it comes in a box one person can carry and can make it through any door/space, so you don’t need to worry about how you can pack it while moving elsewhere.

The pros: The Bed Base Queen can be easily got back to its size for super easy storage. If you order it online, the store has fast and easy purchasing and delivery processes.


If you lack a place for your guests on your Elephant in a Box Sofa, this Ottoman can really come in handy. It can make your sofa a chaise or a lounge to accommodate more people. Or, you can simply use it as a side table, but a comfortable one!

The pros: Excellent durability and portability. Next-day delivery.

The cons: Not many color options.

What Is the Weight Limit for the Elephant in a Box?

The Elephant in a Box can hold up to 400x its weight, which makes it easy for assembly and disassembly by one person in less than five minutes.

How Long Does Elephant in a Box Shipping Take?

Elephant in a Box ships all orders across the USA on the next business day for free via the Ground (UPS / FedEx) delivery service.

What is Elephant in a Box’s Return Policy?

Elephant in a Box provides hassle-free returns to all orders no matter the reason. Thus, you can return any product at no cost if the item you’ve purchased has any defects or damages, or in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

What is Elephant in a Box’s Furniture Made From?

The brand applies patented HoneyComb Support Technology (HoST), which implies using engineered cellulose fibers sheets cut and glued with a proprietary design. This is how Elephant in a Box creates an incredibly flexible and compressible material for producing the nicest comfortable, long-lasting sofas, beds, and ottomans.

Does the Elephant in a Box Have a Warranty?

Elephant in a Box offers a lifetime guarantee on all structure and hardware, as well as the standard 3-year warranty for the fabric.

How to Contact Elephant in a Box’s Customer Service?

You can contact the Elephant in a Box’s customer support via phone at +1 (315) 757-4688 from Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm EST) or at any other time through email at happy@elephantinabox.com. Or, you can simply fill out the contact form on the website.