What is Cleancult?

Cleancult Review

Cleancult is an environmentally friendly brand offering a wide range of plant-derived household cleaning products varying from bar soaps to laundry detergents that come in non-toxic cruelty-free packaging.

Founded in 2017 by Ryan Lupberger and Zachary Bedrosian, Cleancult is committed to sustainability and saving the environment. With each recyclable packaging, refill system, and signature plant-based cleaning formulas, the brand makes the environment a happier and healthier place to be.

Is Cleancult A legit Company?

With more than 62K of followers on Instagram and almost 22K on Facebook, Cleancult has a well-deserved status of a trustworthy and legitimate brand. Besides this, in 2020 the brand was awarded first place in the Best Dish Soap category by Parents Magazine.

Cleancult Quality Review

Cleancult Quality

In a never-ending battle of effectiveness between chemical and plant-based cleaning products, Cleancult promises its eco-friendly 100% natural-based cleaning solutions to still show high-quality performance and sanitize properly.

Ingredients, such as coconut oil and citric acid, are the two key ingredients used by Cleancult in their plant-based formulas that are scientifically proven to be high-quality natural antiviral and antibacterial cleaning agents.

The effectiveness of Cleancult products that hundreds of buyers are raving about on the brands’ website proves that you don’t need to use harmful unnatural solutions to tackle grease and grime, a high-quality cleaning product, like Cleancult, works just as well as chemical products.

Cleancult Customer Reviews & Ratings

Cleancult Customer Reviews

With available reviews on Cleancult official website, it is easy to follow what actually customer think about the brand and its environmentally safe products. To provide you with a clear overview of the Cleancult, we have gone through thousands of customer reviews. Here is what we have found out.

The average score for Cleancult products based on the rating of buyers on the official brands’ webpage is 4.5/5 stars. The majority of comments highlight the concentrated formula of solutions that lasts long, beautiful smell, effective on grease, and gentle on hands.

One satisfied buyer wrote, “I am thrilled with the no-suds aspect of this dish soap! And I am thrilled that it has NO odor, except the slight scent of citrus. It cleans my hand-washed dishes and utensils to perfection with a squeaky-clean finish! LOVE the product!” 

Another reviewer mentioned, “This soap is everything I could ask for: cleans without drying; leaves no residue; is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. The lemongrass scent pick me up in the morning and calms and soothes throughout the day. Wonderful!”.

Even with thousands of positive reviews, there are always drawbacks. In the case of Cleancult, some buyers find brand solutions too difficult to wash off hands and too pricey in comparison to other alternatives.

Cleancult Ingredients

Being famous for using only natural non-toxic ingredients, Cleancult makes its products from coconut oil, olive oil, citric acid, and potassium soap. All these natural ingredients are famous to be antibacterial and antifungal, suitable for disinfection. And what is the most important – safe for your health.

How Does Cleancult Works

In order to order Cleancult cleaning products, the customer has to sign up and choose a subscription plan.

When setting up an account before making the first purchase, customers are asked to choose the variety of products they want to buy and select a comfortable time for shipment of the next purchase then.

Once products from the first purchase are finished, the brand will automatically send refills for the same set of products as during the very first buy, but only in recycled paper-based milk cartons.

Since the reorder feature is automatized, it is important to mention that it is also fast cancelable and adjustable. So, if you want to pause your Cleaning Plan, you can easily do so in the Service account.

For those who are not sure what kind of cleaning products to start with, Cleancult offers a range of bundles consisting of everything that is needed for a new cleaning routine from only refilling sets to bundles with glass dispensers.

Cleancult Subscription Types

Cleancult review

With an idea to fully simplify the cleaning routine of every customer, Cleancult offers three individual membership schedule types: monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly subscriptions.

Each subscription plan gives customers the freedom to choose a range of products they like and in a quantity they prefer.

But for those who are not sure what kind of cleaning products to start with, Cleancult offers a range of bundles consisting of everything that is needed for a new cleaning routine.

From complete home bundles with 5 refills, 1 reusable tote bag, 4 bar soaps, wool dryer balls and 5 refillable glass bottles including tablet jar, laundry bottle, hand soap and dish soap dispensers, and an all-purpose spray bottle to bundles including only refills – feel free to pick the one you need the most.

Cleancult Hand Soap

Cleancult Hand Soap

Cleancult’s range of hand soaps isn’t big, however, enough to find the preferable one for everyday use. You can choose between 4 scents: blue sage, grapefruit basil, lavender, and sweet honeysuckle. All are coconut-based, gentle, and safe.

Cleancult liquid hand soap refill sells for $9.99, while a refillable hand soap dispenser is available in 4 colors and can be purchased for $14.99.

Cleancult Dishwasher Tablets

Cleancult dishwasher tablets are available only with a fresh lemongrass scent. For $14.99 you get a refill paper-based pack of 32 tablets.

For consistent eco-friendly usage, you can pair Cleancult dishwasher tablets with a refillable tablet jar, available in 5 colors and sells for $14.99.

Cleancult Bar Soap

For bar soaps, Cleancult offers the biggest variety of their signature scents. You can choose from lemongrass, sea spray and aloe, bamboo lily, blue sage, grapefruit basil, juniper and sandalwood, and sweet honeysuckle scents.

You can get a bar soap for $4.99.

Cleancult Complete Liquid Laundry Bundle

This liquid laundry bundle is a perfect choice for those who are not sure which scent they prefer the most. Therefore, Cleancult offers a way to shop all available scents and, of course, save some money.

Besides all scents, this bundle includes one glass laundry bottle, reusable laundry bag, wool dryer balls, and stain stick. All of these for $59.99 instead of $96.93 when you buy separately each product.

Cleancult Liquid Laundry Detergent Refill

Cleancult laundry refills come in paper-based milk cartons and in only 3 scents options: juniper and sandalwood, sea spray and aloe, and fragrance-free. Manufactured to last 64 loads, the formula is strong yet paraben and phthalate-free.

Laundry refills are available for $9.99 and can be paired with a glass laundry bottle for $14.99. In case you want to buy a set of laundry detergent refills, Cleancult has a liquid laundry variety bundle selling for $34.99.

Cleancult Promotions & Discounts

Cleancult review

You can always find nice sale deals in the section Bundle&Save on the official brand website. Cleancult often offers up to 50% off on all their products. To stay updated with any upcoming offers and available sales, the best way is to subscribe to a brand’s newsletter.

Shopping enthusiasts and sales hunters can also find Cleancult discount coupons on Couponchief, Dontpayfull, Dealspotr, and Knoji.

Cleancult Shipping Policy

The Cleancult is loyal not only to the environment, but also to its customers. All year-long free shipping on first order and all next orders over $70 definitely make a good shipping policy for USA customers. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t ship internationally.

The average delivery time is between 5 and 8 working days. The order can be tracked online by simply providing a tracking number that you can be easily found in the order confirmation email received after the purchase.

Cleancult Return Policy


As stated by Cleancult Return Policy, brands’ goods can’t be returned due to sanitary reasons.Nevertheless, in case you are not satisfied with the quality of Cleancult products, the brand encourages everyone to donate any unwanted products and inform the customer support team why a purchased product left you unhappy.

Verdict: Is Cleancult Worth It?

Is Cleancult Worth It

Cleancult is definitely the brand worth your money and loyalty.

With environmentally safe cruelty-free manufacturing, sustainability, effective plant-based formulas, and a transparent shopping experience, Cleancult is one of few brands on the market with a mission to preserve our nature and reverse climate change.

Shortly said, by investing in Cleancult products, you invest in a more sustainable environment. Seems like a fair deal to us.

In case, you are still doubting whether to change your cleaning routine towards Cleancult solutions, here is a list of pros and cons that might help you to make a decision.


  • Recyclable refill packaging
  • Wide selection of scents
  • Availability of fragrance-free products
  • All products free of palm-oil, dyes, triclosan, phosphates, and petroleum-based ingredients.
  • Carbon neutral delivery
  • Free delivery on first orders and orders over $70
  • Rich color palette for glass containers


  • Pricey
  • No international delivery

Cleancult vs Grove

There are not that many differences between Cleancult and Grove, as they similarly offer a selection of sustainable cleaning solutions on a flexible monthly schedule. Nevertheless, a variety of available products make these brands different.

Grove offers a visibly more extensive list of sustainable goods ranging from personal care cleaning products to household, pets, and baby products.

Both, Cleancult and Grove, have thousands of positive customer reviews and are raved to be effective and high quality.

It is quite difficult to compare these two brands in terms of price, as the range of products varies vastly. But let’s shed the light on the difference between household items only.

Grove ultra-concentrated liquid laundry detergent is designed for 33 loads and costs $9.95, while Cleancult sells for $9.99 and washed 64 loads of laundry. Based on this, Cleancult seems to be relatively cheaper.

Cleancult vs Blueland

Since both brands, Cleancult and Blueland, strive for the same purpose to save the environment by making plant-based cleaning solutions accessible, the difference between them lays in the way they sell their products and, of course, in cleaning formulas.

Both brands offer plastic-free reusable bottles and a variety of refills. While Cleancult mostly sells liquid refills in paper-based milk cartons, Blueland offers a range of refill tablets that have to be mixed in water to get a final cleaning solution.

Cleancult and Blueland both work on subscription terms so that you can have a monthly restock of preferable cleaning solutions. Both brands offer a range of starting kits that include cleaning formulas and reusable bottles.

In terms of price, Blueland seems to be a bit more expensive. For example, Cleancult laundry detergent refill sells for $9.99, while Blueland laundry refill pack for $14.

Also read our detailed Blueland soap review.


Is Cleancult actually eco friendly and safe?

Yes, Cleancult is an environmentally safe brand using high plant-derived formulas and only natural ingredients for producing non-toxic cleaning packaging for all products from the brand’s assortment.

Where are Cleancult products made?

Being based in two countries, the USA and Puerto Rico, the brand produces all their eco-friendly household cleaning products in New York, while designs and formulas are created in San Juan.

How much does Cleancult cost?

Cleancult offers a wide selection of cleaning products for different price, for example, liquid hand soap, laundry, and dish soap refills sell for $9.99, while all-purpose detergent – $6.99 and bar soap – $4.99.

How to contact Cleancult

In case this review hasn’t answered your questions about Cleancult, then feel free to contact brand’s customer support department at hello@cleancult.com, or by calling +1 833-437-3363. The brand also offers services of chatbot available on the official website during working hours.

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