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Casetify Cases Quality Review

Casetify review

Casetify is a company that is rather famous for its protection cases’ quality. Every case is made to order, which gives the company’s representatives enough time to check the quality of each item. All cases are hand-inspected. They are made using drop-proof and shock-proof materials, which allows Casetify to offer truly durable cases.

Do Casetify Cases Protect Your Phone?

The short answer is yes.

The company uses shock-proof materials (double layer, in most cases) that are thoroughly tested before every sale. Casetify can protect your phone against accidental drops and scratches.

There are even special high-impact collections designed to offer “military-grade” protection, which means Casetify can withstand a lot of situations while keeping your phone safe.

Casetify Customer Reviews & Ratings

Casetify Review

There are plenty of Casetify reviews to browse through, as the company is becoming more and more popular every day.
Casetify has over 13,000 reviews on its official website. The comments (including the ones from international customers) include a lot of praise, which is why most Casetify products have a 4- and a 5-star rating.

The company has a 4.2-star rating on TrustPilot based on more than 19,000 reviews.

There are also over 200 Casetify reviews on Influenster, with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Now, I was very happy to discover that Casetify can really boast of an incredible number of satisfied customers. Most of them mention that the cases offer exceptionally good quality and do their job well – “The quality is the best so far for phone cases with high durability. It really protects your phone.” (source).

Many shoppers also note that Casetify prints are beautiful, crisp, and most importantly, long-lasting – “Their photo cases have the most beautiful print quality and hold up for years!”

It’s also worth mentioning that Casetify offers an impressive variety of styles and prints, including custom ones. Therefore, shoppers have a lot of options to choose from, which gives them more chances to enjoy using their phones.

The main issue among Casetify customers concerns the price of its products. While each case is quality-made and durable, some shoppers would prefer a lower price point – “It’s really good quality, really nice print, but damn, way too pricey.”

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At the time of writing this Casetify review, the company had plenty of phone cases on sale. This is a regular occurrence, which means you can save a few bucks any time by just browsing through the company’s website.

Casetify also has a referral program. You can get $10 in store credit by referring a friend (they get $10 as well). However, there are certain conditions to be met, which you can read about on the company’s official website –

Casetify Collections

What makes Casetify stand out from the competitors is the company’s ability to combine style with quality. You see, most cases available on the market are either protective but dull or pretty but low-quality. With Casetify, users don’t need to settle, as they can get both: style and high-quality protection for their phones.

The best-selling Casetify collections include:

  • Ultra Impact cases;
  • Leather Charm Strap collection (custom);
  • MagSafe cases;
  • Ultra Compostable Cases.

iPhone Customization Cases

Casetify iPhone

The Customization section for iPhones includes hundreds of styles and prints. You can choose among more than 20 colors, plus a ton of patterns and artistic designs. They include anime, animal prints, quotes, cartoons, zodiac signs, portraits, travel themes, and more.

You can also pick the collection (Compostable, Ultra Impact, MagSafe, and more). Plus, Casetify gives users the freedom to choose the desired material of the case. They include recycled plastic, leather, and compostable bamboo.

Prices start at $55.

Of course, the best part is that you can choose any word (up to 8 characters) to add to your case design. There are also different types of layouts and 6 stylish fonts available. Your text can be written in more than 15 colors, including the rainbow one.

When customizing your Casetify case, you are also free to choose the level of protection and the weight of the case. This means you can pick any model that would be the most convenient in use without giving up on your unique design.

Android Cases


Casetify carries an impressive variety of Android cases. The company works with such models as S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, S20 FE, S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, and Note 20 Ultra.

Prices start at $67. There are also customizable cases, so you can create your own design and get a unique Casetify case for your Android.

One of the best things about Android cases by Casetify is the variety of options. There’s a suitable design for any taste. Users especially like the animalistic prints and transparent cases with bright patterns (like Pink Leopard or Strawberries).

Another cool thing about Android cases by Casetify is their durability and protective capabilities – “I accidentally dropped it on an asphalt driveway but I do not notice any difference or scratches, so I’m happy.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Casetify uses sustainable materials for many of its Android cases, which is great news for eco-conscious shoppers.

Phone Case with a Strap

The Strap Leather cases by Casetify are available in 5 colors. While the selection might seem a bit limited to some, I think the situation is not that bad. The thing is, these cases can be customized as well. You can add your name (or any other word of up to 5 characters) to the leather strap for a unique, personalized look. And the best part is – the word won’t be printed. It’s added using stylish charms.

The Casetify leather cases with a strap cost $170. The price tag is based on their quality, of course. Each case is made using premium pebbled leather (cruelty-free). Additionally, these cases are compatible with wireless charging. And the strap serves to add grip, which can make using your phone much more comfortable.

Ultra Compostable Cases

The Ultra Compostable collection by Casetify features models made using plant-based materials. These cases are 100% compostable, which means they are completely safe for the environment.

The Compostable cases cost $55. However, the price may go up if you decide to customize your case.

At the time of writing this Casetify review, the company was offering Ultra Compostable cases for iPhones only.

The Ultra Compostable cases are available in different colors and styles. The number of designs is truly impressive, as this collection covers all: animal prints, minimalist options, florals, retro, nature, quotes, and many more.

My personal favorite is the Skeleton Yoga case, which offers strong protection but feels rather lightweight in the hand. Plus, it’s fun to look at.

Casetify Shipping Policy

Casetify Quality

The company offers free standard shipping on orders over $38. Given the fact that most cases cost $50 and up, you will be very likely to get free shipping with your order.

Casetify uses the national postal service of the destination location. The company typically takes 1-3 business days to process orders. The shipment time would depend on your location, but it usually takes around 6-12 business days.

You can also use the expedited shipping for an extra fee. It will be calculated during checkout based on your location and the size of your order.

Casetify also offers international shipping. On average, non-US orders take from 5 to 23 business days to arrive. International express shipping typically takes 3-5 business days. Again, the shipping fees would depend on your destination. So, the cost will be calculated during the checkout.

Casetify Return Policy

Casetify Reviews

Here’s the deal:

Because the company hand-checks all the cases before sending them out, Casetify would require you to take a picture of the defect in case you discover one.

To receive a refund, you will need to apply for a return within 10 days after the delivery date. If you apply for a return within 11-30 days, you will receive store credit instead of a full refund.

As for customized orders, Casetify requires a 50% processing fee.

Shipping fees are not refundable. You will also need to pay for the return shipping.

To apply for a return, you will need to email Casetify at If you qualify for a refund, you will receive it in your original form of payment.

Verdict: Are Casetify Cases Worth It?

Despite being pricier than average, Casetify cases are most certainly worth it. They deliver reliable protection and can withstand different conditions, which means your phone would be safe in various life scenarios.

Additionally, it’s hard to find a company that offers such a variety of designs and stylish prints. I mean, Casetify even had a collaboration with Louvre, and that says a lot about this phone case company.


  • an incredibly wide selection of styles, colors, patterns, and designs;
  • customization service available;
  • free shipping on orders over $38;
  • quality phone cases that last for years;
  • high protection levels to increase your phone’s lifespan;
  • international shipping available;
  • most of the Casetify models use sustainably-sourced and recycled/recyclable materials.


  • these cases belong to a more expensive price segment, which might not work for some shoppers;
  • Casetify offers cases for iPhones and Samsung only (and for a rather limited selection of models), which
  • may disappoint some users;
  • some of the cases can be pretty bulky and not ideal for users with petite hands.


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