Is a Canada Goose Outlet Store Legit?

Canada Goose review

Canada Goose is a premium Canadian brand known for its high-quality, stylish outerwear for women, men, and kids. Founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, the company initially designed clothing for the working class, but now it is considered a luxury brand.

Canada Goose offers parkas, coats, waterproof jackets, vests, and other stuff suited for extreme weather. The brand notes its outwear can endure temperatures as low as -30°C. Besides, the store’s catalog includes apparel, footwear, and accessories, which are in great demand worldwide.

The company got tremendous popularity after it appeared in The Day After Tomorrow and National Treasure in 2004. For now, Canada Goose has 1m followers on Instagram and over 700k on Facebook.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Canada Goose

People leave many positive reviews about Canada Goose clothing on Trustpilot and other reliable consumers websites. Many of them primarily underline the responsiveness and effectiveness of the site’s customer support, along with fast delivery:

“Bought a Carson parka And was delivered within 2 days, the excellent condition couldn’t be happier with it!” (source)

Canada Goose customers are also fond of exceptional clothing quality and practicality, which make this brand one of the most popular outerwear stores not only in Canada but across the world:

“Bought a pbi blue Canada goose lodge down jacket, it arrived the next day the coat is exactly how described, amazing quality, amazing service!”

However, even though most Canada Goose consumers emphasize the brand’s items high quality despite their high price, some still note these jackets are not the best clothing investments:

“Like many luxury brands (Rolex comes to mind), the quality of a Canada Goose jacket falls short of its high price. Yes, the jacket is warm, but I have other winter jackets at 25% the price just as warm…”

Canada Goose Shipping Review

Canada Goose provides Standard shipping and returns on all orders. As a rule, it takes the company 3-6 business days to deliver the order via this method. If you need to get your purchase faster, you can upgrade to Express or Next Day shipping.

Express delivery is available for $25 and usually ships orders within 1-3 business days. As for the Next Day shipping, it costs $35 and takes somewhere between 24 hours. If you place your order before 1 pm (EST), you’ll get your purchase by the end of the next business day. However, it may take more time to ship purchased items to some postal codes or rural addresses.

Note that for the rest of parcels delivery, timelines commence one business day following the date of purchase. In addition, Canada Goose processes and ships all orders Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, so if you need to get your outerwear instantly, you better do it beforehand.

Canada Goose Warranty Review

Canada Goose emphasizes the high quality of durability of its products. Still, the company provides a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on the items purchased from an Authorized Retailer. If a jacket fails due to a manufacturing defect, the store claims to repair or replace it for free. However, note the Canada Goose warranty program only relates to outerwear.

To return your purchase, you need to ensure the item has all the inside garment tags. Besides, you should clean out the clothing before shipment. Note that the company won’t cover the items damaged as a result of improper care or negligence.

How Much Is a Canada Goose Jackets and Parkas?

The outerwear prices on the site range from $500 to $2,200. For some consumers, it may seem too expensive, but consider the high quality of all the materials and parts. Besides, the brand successfully promotes products among celebrities, which also significantly increases the price tag for Canada Goose parkas, coats, and jackets.

Does Canada Goose Go on Sale?

Canada Goose invests a lot of time, money, and effort in clothing manufacturing; therefore, the company doesn’t have any sales or discounts. Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, or Black Friday, the Canada Goose outerwear doesn’t go on sale, so if you want to purchase anything from this brand, don’t waste your time on purpose.

Still, if you want to be informed about possible company promotions or discounts, you can subscribe to Canada Goose newsletters. This will help you always stay informed about all the brand’s news.

Where to Buy Canada Goose?

For now, you can buy Canada Goose clothing in more than 50 countries. The company has stores in Toronto, New York, Boston, Chicago, London, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and other big cities globally. Check out the website information to get the full list of Canada Goose retail locations.

If you prefer online shopping, you can visit the company’s site and order anything you want right from your apartment. The brand’s online store contains the same extensive collection of outerwear, apparel, and accessories as a retail one. Besides, the website managers will give you all the necessary details about any clothing you want to purchase for you to make the right decision without seeing the item in person.

Best Selling Women’s  Canada Goose Parkas

  • Shelburne Parka
  • Kensington Parka
  • Rossclair Parka
  • Lorette Parka
  • Mystique Parka
  • Solaris Parka
  • Victoria Parka
  • Dawson Parka
  • Rideau Parka
  • Trillium Parka
  • Merritt Parka
  • Ellison Jacket
  • Chelsea Parka

Shelburne Parka

Canada Goose Shelburne Parka review

The Shelburne Parka is an excellent solution for those living in extremely cold climates. This soft and comfortable jacket filled with white duck down provides maximum protection from harsh winds and temperatures between -10˚C to -20˚C. Yet, the Canada Goose outerwear won’t only keep you warm but become a real jewel of your winter coats collection.

The Shelburne Parka is represented in 11 colors and two fits: classic and fusion. Thus, you can definitely find the one that will meet your taste the most. Besides, you can customize your parka using interchangeable accessories available on the site.

This model is perfect both for hiking trails and urban adventures so it can suit you regardless of your activities and lifestyle. The parka has a down-filled hood, a chin guard, exterior cuffs, and other details necessary to make your winters more comfortable.

Kenton Parka

Kenton Parka review

If you’re looking for warm and comfy yet stylish daily outwear, pay attention to the fantastic Kenton Parka. Recommended by 92% of the Canada Goose customers, this jacket is considered one of the most popular and demanded clothing on the site.

Featured with duck down, this classic, long winter coat can withstand temperatures to -20℃, so you can use it even for long trips. Made from a durable, water-resistant outer material, the parka protects its owner from extreme weather conditions. Besides, thanks to the snap-open side vents for ventilation, you can always cool off when it becomes too warm in the coat.

The Kenton Parka is currently available in 8 trendy colors and 6 sizes. It also has a reflective webbing along the back to add visibility in low light, and 7 pockets: 4 exterior and 3 interior ones.

Rossclair Parka

Rossclair Parka review

The Rossclair Parka is a perfect combination of a classic design and a feminine silhouette. This outerwear model has a cinching at the waist that not only creates an elegant A-line shape but prevents icy drafts from blowing up into your torso. Thus, wearing this jacket, you will always feel secure and confident even while staying in countries with a relatively severe climate.

Canada Goose uses only premium quality materials for its outerwear clothing manufacturing, and this particular winter coat is not an exception. Made from Arctic-Tech fabric, this midlength parka differs in excellent durability, warmth, and comfort. Besides, the piece has many convenient features like a two-way adjustable hood, interior backpack straps, two capacious interior pockets, and more.

The Rossclair jacket comes with inline rib-knit cuffs and fleece-lined exterior pockets, which allow you to keep your hands warm even at the temperature of -10˚C to -20℃. Considering the parka’s design: it is represented in 12 colors and two fits (classic and fusion).

Best Selling Men’s Canada Goose Jackets

  • MacMillan Parka
  • Mountaineer Jacket
  • Langford Parka
  • Forester Jacket
  • Citadel Parka
  • Emory Parka
  • Carson Parka
  • Lodge
  • Dunham Jacket
  • Selkirk Parka


MacMillan review

The MacMillan Parka is a perfect solution for those who got used to active city living. No wonder this jacket is one of the best-selling pieces in the store as it is performance-tested at the South Pole by the National Science Foundation division of Polar Research. Do you know any other brand that can claim the same?

The MacMillan parka has a 2-way down-filled hood, soft tricot chin guard, and recessed rib-knit cuffs for added warmth in temperatures -20℃ and below. Thus, the jacket provides fundamental protection despite the weather conditions.

This parka is available in 10 different colors: classic black, gray, white, and graphite, and more exclusive navy, pacific blue, limestone, military green, and more. The MacMillan jacket also differs at a relatively affordable price, considering the high quality of the item.


Mountaineer review

Canada Goose pays much attention to details when designing its clothing, and the Mountaineer Parka is an excellent confirmation of this. The jacket has a hem drawcord to seal out the cold and mesh water bottle pocket. Besides, it features a special chin guard and fully seam-sealed construction for added protection.

This piece is available in 4 colors: Azurite Blue, Black, Red, Pacific Blue, and five sizes. In addition, there’re signature double-stripe reflective details at the back of the hood and upper front body, which add visibility in low light. Thus, you can feel free to use it for any outdoor activity.

The Mountaineer jacket is less popular among Canada Goose consumers; still, it is definitely worth your attention. This durable outerwear will serve you a long time, plus it is easy to clean out.


Langford review

The Langford Parka is among the most popular Canada Goose outerwear pieces. This winter coat is designed to keep you warm in temperatures of -25˚C and below. Besides, it has recessed cuffs that make your walks even more comfortable.

You can get this jacket in 11 colors and 7 sizes, from XS to 3XL. Each parka comes with six exterior pockets and three interior pockets, with snap closures on the front over a two-way zipper for your convenience.

With this stylish Langford Parka, you will feel warm and comfortable during long windy city walks. The jacket features a storm flap over the center front zipper and adjustable down-filled hood with removable fur ruff for better element protection. Overall, this durable, premium quality outerwear is an excellent investment in your winter wardrobe.

Canada Goose Sizing Review

Canada Goose has an extensive size chart so that everyone has an opportunity to get the desired jacket or parka. The brand offers eight different sizes for women (from 3XS to 2XL) and nine sizing options for men (from 3XS to 3XL). If you don’t know what size to get, you can check out the size charts that contain all measurements or contact the manager for personal assistance.

How Long Do Canada Goose Jackets Last?

Canada Goose uses high-quality materials for manufacturing outerwear so you can rely on their products long-lasting. Just make sure you treat your jacket carefully to wear it for years.

What Is the Warmest Canada Goose Parka?

The Snow Mantra is the warmest Canada Goose coat. It was developed for industrial and commercial work in the coldest regions on the planet with a temperature of -30˚C and below.

Is Canada Goose Cheaper in Canada?

The original Canada Goose jackets are sold at one price across the world. You can try to find cheaper Canada Goose coats in Canada, but these will be counterfeit ones.

How Much Does a Canada Goose Coat Weigh?

The warmest Canada Goose parka Snow Mantra weighs 7.5 lbs or 3.4 kilo, which is not that much considering the measurements of the jacket.

What Is the Most Expensive Canada Goose Jacket?

The most expensive women’s outerwear in the Canada Goose collection is Ryha Overcoat HUMANATURE, which costs $2,200. As for the men’s jackets, the item with the highest price is Standard Expedition Parka HUMANATURE for $1,900.

Are Canada Goose Jackets Waterproof?

Sure, all Canada Goose jackets are made of water-resistant materials to stay dry in extreme conditions and cold climates. Thus, you can be sure you’ll get a 100% waterproof parka or coat when buying Canada Goose outerwear.

Can You Hike in a Canada Goose?

Almost all Canada Goose outerwear models are designed for active living, so you can feel free to go hiking in the jackets of this brand. Besides, every piece is made of high-quality materials, resistant to severe conditions and extremely low temperatures. Thus, you won’t get frozen even during long walks.

Can You Use Canada Goose for Skiing?

Canada Goose parkas are known for their warmth in Arctic conditions. So, if you want to find a parka for skiing, you’ve picked the right place. Pay attention to the Mountaineer Jacket, which suits for -30˚C and below. Considering its length and other details, this item is perfect for skiing.

Verdict: Is Canada Goose Worth the Money

Canada Goose consumers share controversial opinions about the brand’s clothing. Yet, considering most reviews are positive, the brand is definitely worth the money.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, the Canada Goose jacket will keep you warm and comfy even at -20˚C. Each coat or parka features many details making the clothing functional and practical. Besides, regardless of what outerwear piece you choose, you will look stunning, as the company provides fantastic trendy designs.

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